Populism and the Crisis of Democracy

Editors: Fitzi, Gregor and Turner, Bryan S. and Mackert, Jurgen
Publication Year: 2018
Publisher: Routledge

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ISBN: 978-1-138-09135-1
Category: Social Sciences - Political science
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Table of Contents

This set of volumes will be an invaluable reference for students and scholars in the field of political theory, political sociology and European Studies.

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Table of Contents

  • Volume 1: Concepts and Theory
  • Figures and tables
  • Notes on contributors
  • Foreword
  • Introduction: Is there such a thing as populism? - Jürgen Mackert
  • Part I Conceptual debate
  • 1 Populism as a conceptual problem - Cathérine Colliot-Thélène
  • 2 Why populism? - Rogers Brubaker
  • 3 Populism: An ideal-typical assessment - Gregor Fitzi
  • 4 How to define populism?: Reflections on a contested concept and its (mis)use in the social sciences - Cristóbal Rovira Kaltwasser
  • 5 Populism and ‘unpolitics’ - Paul Taggart
  • Part II Theoretical approaches
  • 6 ‘We the people’: Liberal and organic populism, and the politics of social closure - Jürgen Mackert
  • 7 Past is prologue: Electoral events of spring 2012 and the old ‘new’ nationalism in post-security Europe - Mabel Berezin
  • 8 The coterminous rise of right-wing populism and superfluous populations - David A. Snow Colin Bernatzky
  • 9 Toward a strategy for integrating the study of social movement and populist party mobilisation - John D. McCarthy
  • Volume 2: Politics, Social Movements and Extremism
  • Figures and tables
  • Notes on contributors
  • Introduction: Political populism as a symptom of the great transformation of democracy - Gregor Fitzi
  • Part I Language, media and the law
  • 1 The micro-politics of right-wing populism - Ruth Wodak
  • 2 Populism 2.0: Social media and the false allure of ‘unmediated’ representation - Benjamin Moffitt
  • 3 From protecting individual rights to protecting the public: The changing parameters of populist-driven criminal law and penal policy - John Pratt Michelle Miao
  • Part II Dimensions of right-wing populism
  • 4 Right-wing populism in context: A historical and systematic perspective - Dieter Rucht
  • 5 Populism and the radical right in Europe The paradigmatic case of the French Front National - Dietmar Loch
  • 6 Ambivalences of cosmopolitanisms, elites and far-right populisms in twenty-first century Europe - Ulrike M. Vieten
  • Part III Regimes, party systems and political subjects
  • 7 The role of populist parties and movements in transitions to hybrid regimes in Europe - Klaus Bachmann
  • 8 Populism as a challenge for party systems: A comparison between Italy and Spain - Roberto Biorcio
  • 9 ‘Citizens’ or ‘people’?: Competing meanings of the political subject in Latin America - Jenny Pearce
  • Volume 3: Migration, Gender and Religion
  • Figures and tables
  • Notes on contributors
  • Introduction: Demography, democracy and right-wing populism - Bryan S. Turner
  • Part I Populism and migration
  • 1 The populist representation of the people in the Italian ius soli political debate: The Lega Nord and the Movimento Cinque Stelle - Giorgia Bulli
  • 2 The migration crisis between populism and post-democracy - Giovanna Campani
  • 3 Immigration and populist political strategies: The Swiss case in European perspectiv
  • Part II Populism and gender
  • 4 Autochthonic populism, everyday bordering and the construction of ‘the migrant’ - Nira Yuval-Davis
  • 5 Right-wing Western and Islamic populism: Reconsidering justice, democracy and equity - Haideh Moghissi
  • 6 ‘Gender(ed) nationalism’ of the populist radical right: An extreme typicality - Leila Hadj-Abdou
  • 7 Non-Western new populism: Religion, masculinity and violence in the East - Joshua M. Roose
  • Part III Populism and religion
  • 8 ‘Abendland in Christian hands’: Religion and populism in contemporary European politics - Rosario Forlenza
  • 9 The AKP and the new politics of the social: Fragile citizenship, authoritarian populism and paternalist family policies - Zafer Yilmaz
  • 10 Trump, religion and populism - Bryan S. Turner