Edinburgh Companion to the First World War and the Arts

Editors: Einhaus, Ann-Marie and Baxter, Katherine Isobel
Publication Year: 2018
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

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ISBN: 978-1-47-440163-0
Category: History - World history
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Table of Contents

This authoritative reference work examines literary and artistic responses to the war's upheavals across a wide range of media and genres, from poetry to pamphlets, sculpture to television documentary, and requiems to war reporting.

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Table of Contents

  • List of Illustrations
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction Ann-Marie Einhaus and Katherine Isobel Baxter
  • I. Literature
  • 1. The Uncertain War a Century on: The First World War in British and Irish Fiction Marie Stern-Peltz
  • 2. Poetry of the First World War in Britain Clara Dawson
  • 3. First World War Short Fiction Ann-Marie Einhaus
  • 4. Theatre: 1914 and After Andrew Maunder
  • 5. Words from Home: Wartime Correspondences Alice Kelly
  • 6. Transnational Lives: Colonial Life Writing and the First World War Anna Maguire
  • II. Visual Arts
  • 7. The ‘abysmal inexcusable middle class’, Painting, Commemoration and the First World War Matthew C. Potter
  • 8. ‘Varied to Infinity’: The First World War and Sculpture Laura Brandon
  • 9. Memorials: Embodiment and Unconventional Mourning Laura Wittman
  • 10. Posters, Advertising and the First World War in Britain James Thompson
  • III. Music
  • 11. ‘We think you ought to go’: Music Hall and Recruitment in the First World War Robert Dean
  • 12. British Soldiers’ Songs George Simmers
  • 13. The First World War in Popular Music since 1958 Peter Grant
  • 14. Requiems and Memorial Music Kate Kennedy
  • IV. Periodicals and Journalism
  • 15. Popular Periodicals: Wartime Newspapers, Magazines and Journals Kate Macdonald
  • 16. Evolving Wartime Print Cultures of the Anglo-American Modern Literary Renaissance Christopher J. La Casse
  • 17. Pamphlets and Political Writing Matthew Shaw
  • 18. ‘The whole of war is an atrocity’: Morgan Philips Price and First World War Reporting in the Ottoman/Russian Borderlands Jo Laycock
  • V. Film and Broadcasting
  • 19. Official War Films in Britain: The Battle of the Somme (1916), its Impact Then and its Meaning Today Toby Haggith
  • 20. Too Colossal to Be Dramatic: The Cinema of the Great War Michael Paris
  • 21. Representations of the First World War in Contemporary British Television Drama Emma Hanna
  • 22. The Sound of War: Audio, Radio and the First World War Richard J. Hand
  • VI. Publishing and Material Culture
  • 23. The British Publishing Industry and the First World War Jane Potter
  • 24. Photography and the First World War J. J. Long
  • 25. The Imperial War Museum and the Material Culture of the First World War, 1917–2014 Alys Cundy
  • 26. The Evolution of First World War Computer Games Chris Kempshall
  • Contributors
  • Images