Berkshire Encyclopedia of Extreme Sports

Editors: Booth, Douglas and Thorpe, Holly
Publication Year: 2007
Publisher: Berkshire Publishing Group

ISBN: 978-0-9770159-5-5
Category: Arts & Leisure - Sports
Image Count: 72
Book Status: Pending
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The Berkshire Encyclopedia of Extreme Sports offers a comprehensive dissection of this new and emerging phenomenon, and its characteristics, philosophy, ideology, functions, history and future. The Encyclopedia contextualizes extreme sports, especially their key component - risk - from a number of disciplinary perspectives including history, sociology, psychology, theology and physiology. In examining the history of individual extreme sports, the Encyclopedia explores ancient, feudal and cross-cultural forms while also looking at the appeal of modern extreme activities to entrepreneurs, marketers, advertisers and the media as they seek to connect with consumers in the critical 13-34-age cohort.

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