Food Health: Nutrition, Technology, and Public Health

Editor: Chrzan, Janet and Brett, John
Publication Year: 2017
Publisher: Berghahn Books

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ISBN: 978-1-78533-291-3
Category: Food, Drink, Nutrition
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Table of Contents

Nutritional Anthropology and public health research and programming have employed similar methodologies for decades; many anthropologists are public health practitioners while many public health practitioners have been trained as medical or biological anthropologists. Recognizing such professional connections, this volume provides in-depth analysis and comprehensive review of methods necessary to design, plan, implement and analyze public health programming using anthropological best practices.

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Table of Contents

  • List of Tables and Figures
  • Introduction to the Three-Volume Set Research Methods for Anthropological Studies of Food and Nutrition - Janet Chrzan
  • Introduction to Food Health: Nutrition, Technology and Public Health - Janet Chrzan
  • Research Ethics in Food Studies - Sharon Devine and John Brett
  • Section VII. Public Health and Nutrition
  • Chapter 1. Introduction to Public Health Nutrition Methods - Ellen Messer
  • Chapter 2. Identifying and Using Indicators to Assess Program Effectiveness: Food Intake, Biomarkers, and Nutritional Evaluation - Alyson Young and Meredith Marten
  • Chapter 3. Ethnography as a Tool for Formative Research and Evaluation - Gretel H. Pelto
  • Chapter 4. Methods for Community Health Involvement - David A. Himmelgreen, Sara Arias-Steele, and Nancy Romero-Daza
  • Chapter 5. Understanding Famine and Severe Food Emergencies - Miriam S. Chaiken
  • Chapter 6. Food Activism: Researching Engagement, Engaging Research - Joan Gross
  • Chapter 7. Food Praxis as Method - Penny Van Esterik
  • Section VIII. Technology and Analysis
  • Chapter 8. Using Technology and Measurement Tools in Nutritional Anthropology of Food Studies - John Brett
  • Chapter 9. Mapping Food and Nutrition Landscapes: GIS Methods for Nutritional Anthropology - Barrett P. Brenton
  • Chapter 10. Photo-Video Voice - Helen Vallianatos
  • Appendix: Key Steps in Designing a Photo-Video Voice Study
  • Chapter 11. Digital Storytelling: Using First-Person Videos about Food in Research and Advocacy - Marty Otañez
  • Chapter 12. Accessing and Using Secondary Quantitative Data from the Internet - James Wilson and Kristen Borre
  • Appendix: Nutrition, Food, and Agricultural Institutional Websites that Provide Secondary Data and Publications that can be Used in Research
  • Chapter 13. Using Secondary Data in Nutritional Anthropology Research: Enhancing Ethnographic and Formative Research - Kristen Borre and James Wilson
  • Chapter 14. Designing Food Insecurity Scales from the Ground Up: An Introduction and Working Example of Building and Testing Food Insecurity Scales in Anthropological Research - Craig Hadley and Lesley Jo Weaver