Wiley Blackwell Companions to Religion: The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to World Christianity

Editors: Sanneh, Lamin and McClymond, Michael
Publication Year: 2016
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-1-40-515376-8
Category: Religion & Theology - Christianity
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Table of Contents

The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to World Christianity presents a collection of essays that explore a range of topics relating to the rise, spread, and influence of Christianity throughout the world.

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Table of Contents

  • Notes on Contributors
  • Abbreviations
  • 1 Introduction Lamin Sanneh and Michael J. McClymond
  • I. Historical Section
  • A. The Roots (50-1750 ce)
  • 2 Jewish and Hellenic Worlds and Christian Origins John J. Collins
  • 3 The “Triumph” of Hellenization in Early Christianity Wendy Elgersma Helleman
  • 4 Ancient Eastern Christianity: Syria, Persia, Central Asia, and India Scott W. Sunquist
  • 5 Christianity and the European Conversions Tomás O'Sullivan
  • 6 Byzantium and Islam in the Mediterranean World James C. Skedros
  • 7 The Medieval Synthesis: Religion, Society, and Culture Joseph P. Huffmann
  • 8 Early Modern Missions and Maritime Expansion Felipe Fernandez-Armesto
  • 9 Bibles, Printing, Books, Churches Lori Ferrell
  • 10 The Protestant Reformation and the Catholic Reformation Jeffrey Klaiber
  • B. Issues in the Modern Period (1750-2000 ce)
  • 11 The Legacy of Christendom Philip Jenkins
  • 12 Slavery, Antislavery, and Christianity: Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean Christopher Schmidt-Nowara
  • 13 Medicine, Agriculture, and Technology in the Missionary Enterprise Christopher H. Grundmann
  • 14 Schools and Education in the Missionary Enterprise Norman Etherington
  • 15 Conversion, Converts, and National Identity J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu
  • 16 Church and State Relations in the Colonial Period Brian Stanley
  • 17 Ideologies, the Quest for a Just Society, and Christian Responses Govert Buijs
  • 18 The Ecumenical Movement: Why Violence, Why Not Peace? Jan van Butselaar
  • 19 Vatican II: Renewal, Accommodation, Inculturation Peter C. Phan
  • 20 Christian Revival and Renewal Movements Michael J. McClymond
  • II. Thematic Section
  • 21 Bible Translation, Culture, and Religion Lamin Sanneh
  • 22 Christianity and Interreligious Encounters Martin Ganeri
  • 23 Women in Church, State, and Society Angelyn Dries
  • 24 Worship, Liturgy, Sacraments Geoffrey Wainwright
  • 25 Freedom, Persecution, and the Status of Christian Minorities John Witte, Jr. and M. Christian Green
  • 26 Christianity and “Western Classical” Music (1700-2000) David Martin
  • 27 Music in the Newer Churches Brian Schrag
  • 28 Visual Arts in World Christianity Volker Küster
  • 29 Church Architecture Worldwide since 1800 David R. Bains
  • 30 Charismatic Gifts: Healing, Tongue-Speaking, Prophecy, and Exorcism Michael J. McClymond
  • 31 Changing Uses of Old and New Media in World Christianity Jolyon Mitchell and Jeremy Kidwell
  • 32 Global Evangelical and Pentecostal Politics Paul Freston
  • III. Christianity Since 1800: An Analysis by Regions and Traditions
  • 33 The Middle East and North Africa, I: Egypt and North Africa George Berbary
  • 34 The Middle East and North Africa, II: Christians in the Ottoman Empire and in Bilad al-Sham Souad Slim
  • 35 African Christianity: Historical and Thematic Horizons Lamin Sanneh
  • 36 Christianity in Western Europe Simon Coleman
  • 37 Russia and Eastern Europe Scott M. Kenworthy
  • 38 Latin America and the Caribbean Stephen Dove
  • 39 North America Amanda Porterfield
  • 40 South Asia Chandra Mallampalli
  • 41 China Daniel H. Bays
  • 42 Korea, Japan, the Philippines, and Southeast Asia J. Nelson Jennings, Yong Kyu Park, and Antolin V. Uy
  • 43 Christianity in Australia and Oceania (ca. 1800-2000) Stuart Piggin and Peter Lineham
  • 44 The Historical Development of Christianity in Oceania Manfred Ernst and Anna Anisi
  • 45 Roman Catholicism since 1800 Thomas P. Rausch
  • 46 Orthodoxy and Eastern Christianity John A. McGuckin
  • The Present Structure and Organization of the Eastern Orthodox Churches
  • 47 Anglicanism Kevin Ward
  • 48 Protestantism Alister McGrath
  • 49 Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity Allan H. Anderson
  • 50 Indigenous and Vernacular Christianity Michèle Miller Sigg, Eva M. Pascal, and Gina A. Zurlo
  • IV. Expansion and Secularization: A Demographic and Statistical Analysis
  • 51 The Transmission of Christian Faith: A Reflection Andrew Walls
  • 52 The Demographics and Dynamics of the World Christian Movement Todd M. Johnson
  • 53 Christianity in Europe and North America: Decline, Transition, or Pluralization? David Martin