Handbook of Research on Big Data Storage and Visualization Techniques

Editors: Segall, Richard S., Gupta, Neha and Cook, Jeffrey S.
Publication Year: 2018
Publisher: IGI Global

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ISBN: 978-1-52-253142-5
Category: Technology & Engineering - Technology
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Table of Contents

The Handbook of Research on Big Data Storage and Visualization Techniques is a critical scholarly resource that explores big data analytics and technologies and their role in developing a broad understanding of issues pertaining to the use of big data in multidisciplinary fields.

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Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgment
  • Section 1: Introduction to Big Data and Storage Systems
  • Chapter 1: Overview of Big Data and Its Visualization
  • Chapter 2: Overview of Big-Data-Intensive Storage and Its Technologies
  • Section 2: Big Data Technologies and Architectural Patterns
  • Chapter 3: Database Systems for Big Data Storage and Retrieval
  • Chapter 4: Hadoop Framework for Handling Big Data Needs
  • Chapter 5: Role of Open Source Software in Big Data Storage
  • Section 3: Big Data in Clouds, Clusters, and Grids
  • Chapter 6: Big Data Tools for Computing on Clouds and Grids
  • Chapter 7: A Review of Security Challenges in Cloud Storage of Big Data
  • Chapter 8: Architecture for Big Data Storage in Different Cloud Deployment Models
  • Section 4: Big Data Processing for Storage and Visualization
  • Chapter 9: Programming and Pre-Processing Systems for Big Data Storage and Visualization
  • Chapter 10: High Performance Storage for Big Data Analytics and Visualization
  • Chapter 11: Big Data in Massive Parallel Processing
  • Chapter 12: Distributed Streaming Big Data Analytics for Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Section 5: Applications of Big Data Storage
  • Chapter 13: Scalable Data Warehouse Architecture
  • Chapter 14: Resource Provisioning and Scheduling of Big Data Processing Jobs
  • Chapter 15: Issues and Methods for Access, Storage, and Analysis of Data From Online Social Communities
  • Chapter 16: Big Data Storage for the Modeling of Historical Time Series Solar Irradiations
  • Section 6: Visualization Tools and Techniques
  • Chapter 17: Big Data Visualization Tools and Techniques
  • Chapter 18: The Image as Big Data Toolkit
  • Chapter 19: Statistical Visualization of Big Data Through Hadoop Streaming in RStudio
  • Chapter 20: Visualization of Big Data Sets Using Computer Graphics
  • Chapter 21: Visualization of Predictive Modeling for Big Data Using Various Approaches When There Are Rare Events at Differing Levels
  • Chapter 22: Introduction to Smart City and Agricultural Revolution
  • Chapter 23: Mining Multimodal Big Data
  • Section 7: Applications of Big Data Visualization
  • Chapter 24: Big Data and Its Role in Facilitating the Visualization of Financial Analytics
  • Chapter 25: Visualization and Storage of Big Data for Linguistic Applications
  • Chapter 26: Big Data Analysis Techniques for Visualization of Genomics in Medicinal Plants
  • Chapter 27: The Artist's Move
  • Chapter 28: Visualizing Big Data From a Philosophical Perspective
  • Chapter 29: Big Data Analytics and Visualization of Performance of Stock Exchange Companies Based on Balanced Scorecard Indicators
  • Chapter 30: Visualization Tools for Big Data Analytics in Quantitative Chemical Analysis
  • Compilation of References
  • About the Contributors