The Ghetto in Global History

Editor/Author Goldman, Wendy and Trotter, Joe
Publication Year: 2017
Publisher: Routledge

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ISBN: 978-1-138-28229-2
Category: Social Sciences - Sociology
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Table of Contents

The Ghetto in Global History explores the stubborn tenacity of 'the ghetto' over time. As a concept, policy, and experience, the ghetto has served to maintain social, religious, and racial hierarchies over the past five centuries. Transnational in scope, this book allows readers to draw thought-provoking comparisons across time and space among ghettos that are not usually studied alongside one another.

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Table of Contents

  • List of figures
  • List of tables
  • Contributors
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction: The ghetto made and remade Wendy Z. Goldman and Joe William Trotter, Jr.
  • PART I The early modern Jewish ghetto
  • 1 Ghetto: Etymology, original definition, reality, and diffusion Benjamin Ravid
  • 2 The end to confessionalism: Jews, law and the Roman ghetto Kenneth Stow
  • 3 The early modern ghetto: A study in urban real estate Bernard Dov Cooperman
  • 4 Venice: A culture of enclosure, a culture of control: The creation of the ghetto in the context of the early Cinquecento city Samuel D. Gruber
  • PART II Nazi ghettos
  • 5 “There was no work, we only worked for the Germans”: Ghettos and ghetto labor in German-occupied Soviet territories Anika Walke
  • 6 Hunger in the ghettos Helene J. Sinnreich
  • 7 “Am I my brother's keeper?”: Jewish committees in the ghettos of the Mogilev district and the Romanian authorities in Transnistria, 1941–1944 Gali Mir-Tibon
  • 8 Jewish resistance in ghettos in the former Soviet Union during the Holocaust Zvi Gitelman and Lenore J. Weitzman
  • 9 When (and why) is a ghetto not a “ghetto”?: Concentrating and segregating Jews in Budapest, 1944 Tim Cole
  • PART III U.S. and African American ghettos
  • 10 Shifting “ghettos” Established Jews, Jewish immigrants, and African Americans in Chicago, 1880–1960 Tobias Brinkmann
  • 11 “Is a Negro district, in the midst of our fairest cities, to become connotative of the ghetto … ?” Using corpus analysis to trace the “ghetto” in the black press, 1900–1930 Avigail S. Oren
  • 12 Constrained but Not Contained: Patterns of everyday life and the limits of segregation in 1920s Harlem Stephen Robertson
  • 13 The American ghetto as an international human rights crisis: The fight against racial restrictive covenants, 1945–1948 Jeffrey D. Gonda
  • 14 Unmaking the ghetto: Community development and persistent social inequality in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia Brian Purnell
  • PART IV Urban locations, apartheid, and the ghetto in South Africa
  • 15 “Their world was a ghetto” Space, power, and identity in Alexandra, South Africa's squatters’ movement, 1946–1947 Dawne Y. Curry
  • 16 Citizens, not subjects Spatial segregation and the making of Durban's African working class Alex Lichtenstein
  • 17 Location culture in South Africa Gavin Steingo
  • Conclusion: Common themes and new directions Wendy Z. Goldman and Joe William Trotter, Jr.
  • Bibliography