Food Culture: Anthropology, Linguistics and Food Studies

Editor: Chrzan, Janet and Brett, John
Publication Year: 2017
Publisher: Berghahn Books

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ISBN: 978-1-78533-289-0
Category: Food, Drink, Nutrition
Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

This volume offers a comprehensive guide to methods used in the sociocultural, linguistic and historical research of food use. This volume is unique in offering food-related research methods from multiple academic disciplines, and includes methods that bridge disciplines to provide a thorough review of best practices.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction to the Three-Volume Set Research Methods for Anthropological Studies of Food and Nutrition - Janet Chrzan
  • Introduction to Food Culture: Anthropology, Linguistics, and Food Studies - Janet Chrzan
  • Research Ethics in Food Studies - Sharon Devine and John Brett
  • Section IV. Socio-Cultural Approaches
  • Chapter 1. The Anthropology of Food and Food Anthropology: A Sociocultural Perspective - Geraldine Moreno-Black
  • Chapter 2. Interviewing Epistemologies: From Life History to Kitchen Table Ethnography - Ramona Lee Pérez
  • Chapter 3. Studying Body Image and Food Consumption Practices - Nicole Taylor and Mimi Nichter
  • Chapter 4. Visual Anthropology Methods - Helen Vallianatos
  • Chapter 5. On the Lookout: The Use of Direct Observation in Nutritional Anthropology - Barbara A. Piperata and Darna L. Dufour
  • Chapter 6. Participant-Observation and Interviewing Techniques - Heather Paxson
  • Chapter 7. Focus Groups in Qualitative or Mixed-Methods Research - Ramona L. Pérez
  • Chapter 8. Studying Food and Culture: Ethnographic Methods in the Classroom
  • Appendix 1: Food Ethnography Course Syllabus
  • Appendix 2: Food Ethnographies - Carole Counihan
  • Section V. Linguistics and Food Talk
  • Chapter 9. Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology Food Research Methods - Jillian R. Cavanaugh and Kathleen C. Riley
  • Chapter 10. Food Talk: Studying Foodways and Language in Use Together - Jillian R. Cavanaugh and Kathleen C. Riley
  • Chapter 11. An Introduction to Cultural Domain Analysis in Food Research: Free Lists and Pile Sorts - Ariela Zycherman
  • Chapter 12. Food and Text(ual) Analysis - Kathleen C. Riley
  • Chapter 13. Analysis of Historic Primary Sources - Ken Albala
  • Section VI. Food Studies
  • Chapter 14. Introduction to Food Studies Methods - Amy B. Trubek
  • Chapter 15. Meaning-Centered Research in Food Studies - Lucy M. Long
  • Chapter 16. Food and Place - William Woys Weaver
  • Chapter 17. Sensory Ethnography: Methods and Research Design for Food Studies Research - Rachel E. Black
  • Chapter 18. Methods for Examining Food Value Chains in Conventional and Alternative Trade - Catherine M. Tucker
  • Chapter 19. The Single Food Approach: A Research Strategy in Nutritional Anthropology - Andrea S. Wiley and Janet Chrzan