The Palgrave Handbook of Asia Pacific Higher Education

Editors: Collins, Christopher S., Lee, Molly N.N. and Hawkins, John N.
Publication Year: 2016
Publisher: Macmillan Publishers Ltd

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ISBN: 978-1-137-48738-4
Category: Social Sciences - Education
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Table of Contents

This volume seeks to identify and explore the forces affecting higher education in the Asia Pacific region today. It includes a set of conceptually-rich organizing chapters followed by detailed country-specific studies that detail both the underlying dynamics of these forces and the manner in which they have affected specific countries.

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Table of Contents

  • Part I Asian Higher Education in the Era of Contemporary Globalization: Introduction
  • 1 Framing Essay Education in the Asia-Pacific Region: Historical Context - John N. Hawkins
  • 2 A Journey Back to the Center: Asian Higher Education in Global Context - Sheng-Ju Chan
  • 3 Asian Higher Education: Achievements, Challenges, Prospects - Anthony Welch
  • 4 Prospects for Higher Education in the Midst of Globalization - Deane E. Neubauer and John N. Hawkins
  • 5 Globalization and the Transformation of Asian Higher Education - Christopher Ziguras
  • 6 Public Good in Asian Higher Education - Christopher S. Collins
  • 7 Strategies for Higher Education in the Contemporary Era: Public–Private Partnerships and Regional Cooperation - Molly N. N. Lee
  • Part II Introduction to Part II: The Forces of Regionality in Asian Higher Education
  • 8 Regionalization of Higher Education in Asia: Functional, Organizational, and Political Approaches - Jane Knight
  • 9 Regional Trends in Asian Higher Education - Molly N. N. Lee
  • 10 Regionalization of Higher Education in Asia - Kazuo Kuroda
  • 11 The International Branch Campus: Cloistered Community or Agent of Social Change? - Michael Lanford and William G. Tierney
  • 12 China's Approach Toward HE Regional Cooperation with ASEAN - Wen Wen
  • 13 Transformation of Higher Education Systems in the Dynamics of Contemporary Globalization: The Case of Japan - Miki Sugimura
  • 14 Cross-Currents in Asian Higher Education - Edilberto C. de Jesús
  • 15 Prospects of Higher Education in the Asian Region with Specific Reference to China - Jinghuan Shi, Lyeong Jo and Jiayi Li
  • 16 Cultural Challenges Facing East Asian Higher Education: A Preliminary Assessment - Rui Yang
  • 17 Can East Asian Universities Break the Spell of Hierarchy? The Challenge of Seeking an Inherent Identity - Akiyoshi Yonezawa
  • 18 Reforms of University Governance and Management in Asia: Effects on Campus Culture - Molly N. N. Lee
  • 19 The Driving Forces of Higher Education: Westernization, Confucianism, Economization, and Globalization - Christopher S. Collins, Athena R. Castro and Tasha Kawamata Ryan
  • Part III Introduction to Part III: Access, Equity, Capacity, and Quality in the Overall Context of the Massification of Asia Higher Education
  • 20 Higher Education Inequality in East and Southeast Asia - Prompilai Buasuwan and Wanwisa Suebnusorn
  • 21 Higher Education in China: Massification, Accessibility, and Quality Issues - Yuchen Yang
  • 22 Equity and Higher Education in the Asia-Pacific - Peter D. Hershock
  • 23 Higher Education Capacity for What? Balancing Issues of Equity, Efficiency, Choice, and Excellence - W. James Jacob and Weiyan Xiong
  • 24 Higher Education in Cambodia: Challenges to Promote Greater Access and Higher Quality - Yuto Kitamura
  • 25 Quality Assurance in Asian Higher Education: Challenges and Prospects - Angela Yung Chi Hou
  • 26 Current Issues with Accreditation in the USA - Ralph A. Wolff
  • 27 Impact of Globalization on Japanese Higher Education Policy: Examining Government Control and Quality Assurance - Reiko Yamada
  • 28 After Massification and Response to Internationalization: Quality Assurance of Higher Education in Taiwan and Hong Kong - Ka Ho Mok and Sheng-Ju Chan
  • 29 The Paradigm Shift on Quality Assurance of Higher Education in Taiwan - Sheng Yao Cheng and Ming-li Yao
  • Part IV Introduction to Part IV: Country Studies
  • 30 Massification of Chinese Higher Education: Policies and Practices - Ma Wanhua
  • 31 Higher Education in Malaysia - Morshidi Sirat and Chang Da Wan
  • 32 Pushing for Globalized Higher Education in the Philippines: Advances and Challenges - Serafin L. Ngohayon and Julian B. Nangphuhan II
  • 33 Situating Higher Education in China: From Universal History to the Research Paradigm - Yuan Xun
  • 34 Thai Higher Education - Ekaphong Lauhathiansind and Nongnuch Chunbundit
  • 35 Higher Education in India: Against the Backdrop of the Evolving Political Economy - Shyam Menon
  • 36 Singapore: A Small Nation with Big Dreams of Being a Global Schoolhouse - Eng Thye Jason Tan
  • 37 Higher Education in Indonesia: Contemporary Challenges in Governance, Access, and Quality - Chiara Logli
  • 38 Australian Higher Education - Sarah French and Richard James
  • 39 New Zealand Universities: The Prospects and Pitfalls of Globalizing Higher Education - Francis L. Collins and Nick Lewis
  • 40 Higher Education Institutions and ASEAN: Current Trends and Implications for Future Innovation and Change - Peter Tan Keo and Alexander Jun
  • 41 The Rapid Growth of Higher Education in South Korea: Achievements, Dilemmas, and Resolutions - Minho Yeom
  • 42 Vietnam: The Demand for Change and the Direction Taken - Phuong Lan Bui
  • 43 Higher Education in Kazakhstan - Lyudmila Kovaleva and Jack T. Lee