The Palgrave Handbook of Criminology and War

Editors: McGarry, Ross and Walklate, Sandra
Publication Year: 2016
Publisher: Macmillan Publishers Ltd

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ISBN: 978-1-137-43169-1
Category: Social Sciences - Criminology & Law
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Table of Contents

This interdisciplinary Handbook brings together into one coherent volume a range of international authors, who firmly establish the relevance of war within the discipline of criminology. Edited by two leading experts in the field, this Handbook provides an original point of reference on the contemporary debates and applications of criminology and war and will be a key resource for academics and students across criminology, international relations, critical military studies, military sociology, peace studies and law.

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Table of Contents

    • Preface
    • Acknowledgements
    • List of Figures
    • List of Tables
    • List of Contributors
    • 1 Introduction: The Criminology of War, What Is It Good For? - Ross McGarry and Sandra Walklate
    • Part I The Criminogenic Contexts of War
    • 2 War, Criminal Justice and the Rebirth of Privatisation - John Lea
    • 3 Terrorism and War: Interrogating Discourses of Risk and Security - Gabe Mythen
    • 4 Corporate War Crimes - Vincenzo Ruggiero
    • 5 Criminology, War and Environmental Despoliation - Carmel O'Sullivan and Reece Walters
    • Part II Violence and Victimization at War
    • 6 Genocide in the Context of War - Alex Alvarez
    • 7 Sexual Violence During Armed Conflict - Christopher W. Mullins
    • 8 Soldiers and Victims: Conceptions of Military Service and Victimhood, 1914–45 - Zoe Alker and Barry Godfrey
    • 9 ‘I'm the Victim Here’: Intrastate Conflict and the Legacy of Political Violence - Neil Ferguson
    • 10 Framing Blame and Victimhood in Post-conflict Northern Ireland - Ruth Jamieson
    • Part III Violence, War and Security
    • 11 Private Military Contractors as Criminals/ Victims - Adam White
    • 12 Police Pluralisation and Private Security - Ruth Delaforce
    • 13 An Analysis of the War-Policing Assemblage: The Case of Iraq (2003–2015) - Teresa Degenhardt
    • 14 Violence, Policing, and War - Jude McCulloch
    • Part IV Perpetrators of Violence and the Aftermath of War
    • 15 The Dark Side of Defence: Masculinities and Violence in the Military - Ben Wadham
    • 16 Imprisonment in Military Realms - Barry Goldson
    • 17 The ‘Veteran Off ender’: A Governmental Project in England and Wales - Emma Murray
    • 18 The Forces in the Firing Line? Social Policy and the ‘Acceptable Face’ of Violent Criminality - James Treadwell
    • 19 Lethal Innovation: The Nexus of Criminology, War, and Malevolent Creativity - David H. Cropley
    • Part V Cultural and Methodological Developments for a Criminology of War
    • 20 Cultural Criminology of War - Josh Klein
    • 21 Reading Between the Lines: The Normalisation of Violence Within Military Memoirs - Rachel Woodward and K. Neil Jenkings
    • 22 Online Engagements: War and Social Media - Andrew Kirton
    • 23 The Violence You Were/n't Meant to See: Representations of Death in an Age of Digital Reproduction - Michael Mair, Chris Elsey, Paul V. Smith and Patrick G. Watson
    • 24 Conclusion: Taking Account of War, Making It Count - Sandra Walklate and Ross McGarry