Palgrave Studies in Creativity and Culture: The Palgrave Handbook of Creativity and Culture Research

Editor: Glaveanu, Vlad Petre
Publication Year: 2016
Publisher: Macmillan Publishers Ltd

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ISBN: 978-1-137-46343-2
Category: Social Sciences - Research Methods & Study Skills
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Table of Contents

This groundbreaking Handbook brings together leading international experts in creativity and culture research to provide an overview of current debates. It showcases the wealth of topics, approaches and definitions specific for this new, interdisciplinary field within creativity research. The theoretical and methodological innovations emerging from the joint study of creativity and culture highlight the role of creativity within today's innovation-based, multicultural societies.

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Table of Contents

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  • Notes on Contributors
  • 1 Introducing Creativity and Culture, the Emerging Field - Vlad Petre Glaăveanu
  • Part 1 Creativity and Culture in the Psychology of Creativity
  • 2 The Four-C Model of Creativity: Culture and Context - Max Helfand, James C. Kaufman and Ronald A. Beghetto
  • 3 When East Meets West - Pinar Celik and Todd Lubart
  • 4 Cultural Diversity and Team Creativity - Paul B. Paulus, Karen I. van der Zee and Jared Kenworthy
  • 5 Creativity, Intelligence, and Culture - Robert J. Sternberg
  • 6 Creative Cognition: How Culture Matters - Alessandro Antonietti and Barbara Colombo
  • 7 The Creativity–Motivation–Culture Connection - Beth A. Hennessey
  • 8 Culture and Psychometric Studies of Creativity - Maciej Karwowski
  • Part 2 Creativity in Socio-Cultural Psychology
  • 9 A Semiotic Approach to Creativity: Resources for Re-contextualization - Jaan Valsiner
  • 10 The Psychology of Creating: A Cultural-Developmental Approach to Key Dichotomies Within Creativity Studies - Vlad Petre Glaăveanu
  • 11 Imagination: Creating Alternatives in Everyday Life - Tania Zittoun and Alex Gillespie
  • 12 Position Exchange, Life Positioning, and Creativity - Jack Martin
  • 13 Encounters and Extended Collaborative Creativity: Mobilization of Cultural Resources in the Development of a Functional Food Product - Reijo Miettinen and Janne Lehenkari
  • 14 Creativity as a Practice of Freedom: Imaginative Play, Moral Imagination, and the Production of Culture - Jennifer A. Vadeboncoeur, Anthony Perone and Natalia Panina-Beard
  • 15 Dialogic Authorial Approach to Creativity in Education: Transforming a Deadly Homework into a Creative Activity - Eugene Matusov and Ana Marjanovic-Shane
  • Part 3 Creativity in Cultural Context
  • 16 Political Pathologies and Big-C Creativity: Eminent Polish Creators’ Experience of Restrictions Under the Communist Regime - Izabela Lebuda
  • 17 Rethinking Creativity from the “South”: Alternative Horizons Toward Strengthening Community-Based Well-Being - Zayda Sierra and Gerald Fallon
  • 18 Creativity with a Danish Edge - Lene Tanggaard
  • 19 Creativity and Indian Culture - Nandita Chaudhary and Punya Pillai
  • 20 Constructive Creativity in the Context of Singapore - Ai-Girl Tan
  • 21 Conceptual and Conditional (Im)possibilities of Creative Theorizing of Creativity and Culture: Critical Reflections from Turkey Toward Globally Transformative Praxis - Aydan Gülerce
  • 22 Envisioning the City in Africa: Anthropology, Creativity and Urban Culture - Till Förster
  • Part 4 Creativity and Culture in Applied Domains
  • 23 Creativity and Culture in Organizations - Saadi Lahlou and Valérie Beaudouin
  • 24 Giving Creative Credit Where Credit Is Due: A Socio-cultural Approach to Consumer Creativity - Marie Taillard and Benjamin Voyer
  • 25 Creativity, Culture, and the Digital Revolution: Implications and Considerations for Education - Jonathan A. Plucker, Jacob McWilliams and Rasis A. Alanazi
  • 26 Creativity and Culture for All? Enhancing Cultural Participation in Museums and Galleries - Eric A. Jensen
  • 27 Creativity and Culture in Engineering - David H. Cropley
  • 28 Creativity and Culture in Visual Art - Aaron Kozbelt
  • 29 Wonder Woman and the Polycultural Contexts of Everyday Creativity - Ian J. Grand
  • Part 5 Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives on Creativity and Culture
  • 30 Creativity as a Developmental Ecology - Matthew Walls and Lambros Malafouris
  • 31 Creativity and Culture: A Sociological Perspective - Janet Chan
  • 32 A Creative Industries Perspective on Creativity and Culture - Chris Bilton
  • 33 A Literary Studies Perspective: Creative Communities, 1750–1830 - David Higgins, Cassandra Ulph and John Whale
  • 34 Tropes and Tools of Creativity: The Ontology of Image and Its Unpredictable Operations - Nicoletta Isar
  • 35 Macro, Meso, and Micro Creativity: The Role of Cultural Carriers - Fathali M. Moghaddam and Lauren Covalucci
  • 36 The Creativity of Culture and the Culture of Creativity Research: The Promise of Integrative Transdisciplinarity - Alfonso Montuori and Gabrielle Donnelly