The Palgrave Handbook of Mass Dictatorship

Editors: Corner, Paul and Lim, Jie-Hyun
Publication Year: 2016
Publisher: Macmillan Publishers Ltd

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ISBN: 978-1-137-43762-4
Category: Social Sciences - Political science
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Table of Contents

This book offers a fresh and original approach to the study of one of the dominant features of the twentieth century. While confronting the immense complexities of repression and popular response under dictatorship, the volume also poses a series of wide-ranging questions about the political organization of present-day mass society.

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Table of Contents

    • Introduction
    • Dedication
    • Acknowledgements
    • List of Figures
    • Notes on Contributors
    • Part I Projects
    • 1 Introduction:​ Mass Dictatorship as Modernizing Project:​ Some Preliminary Reflections - Konrad Jarausch
    • 2 History of Future.​ Imagining the Communist Future:​ The Soviet and Chinese Cases Compared - S. A. Smith
    • 3 Sociopolitical Engineering - Guido Franzinetti
    • 4 Colonialism and Mass Dictatorship:​ The Imperial Axis and the Home Front in Japan, Italy and Germany - Daniel Hedinger
    • 5 Nation-Building and Development as Ideology and Practice - Michael Kim
    • 6 Political Religion - Charles Armstrong
    • 7 Science and Technology:​ National Identity, Self-reliance, Technocracy and Biopolitics - Sang-Hyun Kim
    • Part II Domination
    • 8 Introduction:​ Repression and Cooptation in Mass Dictatorship - António Costa Pinto
    • 9 Violence, Repression and Terror in Mass Dictatorships:​ A View from the European Margins - António Costa Pinto and Filipa Raimundo
    • 10 Policing and Surveillance - Jonathan Dunnage
    • 11 Inclusion and Exclusion as Instruments of Domination - Eve Rosenhaft
    • 12 The Archive as Blueprint:​ Information in Mass Dictatorships - Ioana Macrea-Toma
    • 13 Economic Control and Consent in Wartime Japan - Janis Mimura
    • 14 Maneuvering Memories of Dictatorship and Conflicts:​ The Baltic States, Central and Eastern Europe, and Russia - Nobuya Hashimoto
    • Part III Mobilization
    • 15 Introduction:​ Mobilization as the Key to Mass Dictatorships - Karen Petrone
    • 16 Historians, Authoritarian States and Spectator Sport, 1880–2020 - Robert Edelman
    • 17 Aesthetics, Propaganda and Culture in Mass Dictatorships - Karen Petrone
    • 18 Rituals, Emotions and Mobilization:​ The Leader Cult and Party Politics - Daniel Leese
    • 19 Populism and Dictatorship - Federico Finchelstein
    • 20 Gender Mobilization and Gender Panic:​ Soviet and Iranian Revolutionary Memoirs and the Exile's Imagination - Choi Chatterjee
    • 21 The Nature of the Hero in Mass Dictatorships - Catriona Kelly
    • 22 Banality in Vision:​ Cinema and Mass Dictatorship - Han Sang Kim
    • Part IV Militarization
    • 23 Introduction:​ Militarization and Dictatorship in the Age of Total War - Daniel Hedinger
    • 24 Mass Production and Mass Dictatorships:​ The Economics of Total War in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, 1933–1945 - Kenneth Slepyan
    • 25 Conscription and Military Education - David R. Stone
    • 26 Language, Discourse and Performativity - Marek Jeziński
    • 27 Women's Total War:​ Gender and Wartime Mobilization in the Japanese Empire, 1931–1945 - Ryuichi Narita
    • 28 Mobilizing Death:​ Bodies and Spirits of the Modern Japanese Military Dead - Akiko Takenaka
    • Part V Appropriation
    • 29 Introduction:​ The Agency of the “Masses” - Eve Rosenhaft
    • 30 “Unwilling to Work Under a ‘Zombie’”:​ Mass Dictatorship and Normative Choice in Japan, the United States and Canada During the Second World War - Takashi Fujitani
    • 31 Collaboration as a Transnational Formation of Modernity:​ The Conduct of Everyday Life and the Birth of the Modern Subject - Michael Kim
    • 32 Everyday Conformity in Nazi Germany - Elissa Mailänder
    • 33 Non-compliance, Indifference and Resistance in Regimes of Mass Dictatorship - Paul Corner
    • 34 Victimhood - Jie-Hyun Lim