The Palgrave International Handbook of Alternative Education

Editors: Lees, Helen E. and Noddings, Nel
Publication Year: 2016
Publisher: Macmillan Publishers Ltd

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ISBN: 978-1-137-41290-4
Category: Social Sciences - Education
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Table of Contents

This state-of-the-art, comprehensive Handbook fully explores the field of alternative education on an international scale. Global in its perspective and definitive in content, this one-stop volume will be an indispensable reference resource for a wide range of academics, students and researchers in the fields of Education, Education Policy, Sociology and Philosophy as well as educational practitioners.

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Table of Contents

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    • Contributors
    • 1 Introduction & This Handbook - Nel Noddings and Helen E. Lees
    • Part I Thinking Differently
    • 2 The Mind of the Educator - Kris De Meyer
    • 3 An Ordinary Day - Philipp Klaus
    • 4 Mother Nature's Pedagogy: How Children Educate Themselves - Peter Gray
    • 5 Using the Future in Education: Creating Space for Openness, Hope and Novelty - Keri Facer
    • 6 Promise and Peril of Neuroscience for Alternative Education - Clarence W. Joldersma
    • 7 What Might Have Been: Women's Traditional Interests - Nel Noddings
    • 8 Psychoanalysis and the Challenge of Educational Fantasies - Roger Willoughby and Hivren Demir-Atay
    • 9 Great Expectations: Agenda and Authority in Technological, Hidden and Cultural Curriculums - Harriet Pattison and Alan Thomas
    • 10 Alternatives to Education? Impotentiality and the Accident: New Bearings in the Ontology of the Present - Nick Peim
    • 11 Educational Mutuality - Helen E. Lees
    • Part II Doing Differently
    • 12 Home Education: Practices, Purposes, and Possibilities - Robert Kunzman
    • 13 School Ethics with Student Teachers in South Africa: An Innovative Educational Intervention - Karin Murris
    • 14 Innovative Experiences in Holistic Education Inspiring a New Movement in Brazil - Helena Singer
    • 15 Learning at the Edge of Chaos: Self-Organising Systems in Education - Sugata Mitra, Suneeta Kulkarni and James Stanfield
    • 16 Fostering Alternative Education in Society: The Caring Communities of “Children's Dream Park” and “Free Space En” in Japan - Yoshiyuki Nagata
    • 17 Teacher Education: Generator of Change or a Mechanism for Educational Conformity? - Ian Menter
    • 18 Philosophy with Children: An Imaginative Democratic Practice - Joanna Haynes
    • 19 Forest School: A Model for Learning Holistically and Outdoors - Sara Knight
    • 20 Creating Spaces for Autonomy: The Architecture of Learning and Thinking in Danish Schools and Universities - Max A. Hope and Catherine Montgomery
    • Part III Acting Differently
    • 21 Exploration and Rethinking: Student-Voice Studies in China - Kan Wei
    • 22 Islamic Education as Asymmetrical Democratic Interaction - Khosrow Bagheri Noaparast
    • 23 Is Low-fee Private Schooling in Developing Countries Really an “Alternative”? - Clive Harber
    • 24 Humanist Schools in the Face of Conflicting Narratives and Social Upheaval: The Case of Israel - Nimrod Aloni
    • 25 Geographies of Trust: A Politics of Resistance for an Alternative Education - John Smyth
    • 26 Alternatives to School Sex Education - Michael J. Reiss
    • 27 Critical Animal Pedagogies: Re-learning Our Relations with Animal Others - Karin Gunnarsson Dinker and Helena Pedersen
    • 28 Solitude and Spirituality in Schooling: The Alternative at the Heart of the School - Julian Stern
    • 29 German Kinderlaeden: From Alternative Projects to Professional Pedagogy - Robert Hamm
    • 30 Attachment Aware Schools: An Alternative to Behaviourism in Supporting Children's Behaviour? - Richard Parker, Janet Rose and Louise Gilbert