Palgrave Handbooks in IPE: The Palgrave Handbook of Critical International Political Economy

Editors: Cafruny, Alan, Talani, Leila Simona and Martin, Gonzalo Pozo
Publication Year: 2016
Publisher: Macmillan Publishers Ltd

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ISBN: 978-1-137-50017-5
Category: Social Sciences - Political science
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Table of Contents

This Handbook demonstrates the considerable value of critical theory to the discipline through a series of cutting-edge studies. Problematizing socioeconomic and political structures, and considering these as potentially transitory and subject to change, the contributors aim not simply to understand a world of conflict, but furthermore to uncover the ways in which purportedly objective analyses reflect the interests of those in positions of privilege and power.

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Table of Contents

  • 1 Introduction - Alan Cafruny
  • Part I Theory
  • 2 The Transatlantic Imperium After the Global Financial Crisis: Atlanticism Fractured or Consolidated? - Alan Cafruny
  • 3 Critical Global Political Economy and the Global Organic Crisis - Stephen Gill
  • 4 Marxism: and the Very Idea of Critical Political Economy - Alex Callinicos
  • 5 Neo-Gramscians and IPE: A Socio-Economic Understanding of Transnationalism, Hegemony and Civil Society - Leila Simona Talani
  • 6 Feminism and Critical International Political Economy - Anne E. Lacsamana
  • 7 Critical International Political Economy and Method - Johannes Jäger, Laura Horn and Joachim Becker
  • 8 Development and the Outer Periphery: The Logic of Exclusion - Robert Fatton Jr.
  • Part II Issues
  • 9 US Foreign Policy from a Critical International Political Economy Perspective: Capitalist Empire and the Social Sources of Grand Strategy - Bastiaan van Apeldoorn
  • 10 Being Critical About Security: What Critical Political Economy Says About Security and Identity - Everita Silina
  • 11 Inequality and Poverty in the Neoliberal Era - Roberto Roccu
  • 12 The Migration Crisis Before and After the Arab Spring: A Transnationalist Perspective - Leila Simona Talani
  • 13 Crises as Driving Forces of Neoliberal “Trasformismo”: The Contours of the Turkish Political Economy since the 2000s - Galip L. Yalman
  • 14 Energy, Capital as Power and World Order - Tim Di Muzio
  • 15 Coming in from the Cold: Intellectual Property Rights as a Key International Political Economy Issue - Valbona Muzaka
  • Part III Regional Analysis
  • 16 Globalizing China: A Critical Political Economy Perspective on China's Rise - Henk Overbeek
  • 17 Antinomies of the Indian State - Waquar Ahmed and Ipsita Chatterjee
  • 18 BRICS Within Critical International Political Economy - Patrick Bond
  • 19 East Central Europe in the European Union - Dorothee Bohle
  • 20 The Political Economy of Russia - Ruslan Dzarasov
  • 21 The EU-MENA Relationship Before and After the Arab Spring - Christos Kourtelis
  • 22 International Political Economy in Latin America: Redefining the Periphery - Ana Saggioro Garcia, Maria Luisa Mendonça and Miguel Borba de Sá