Palgrave Studies in Prisons and Penology: The Palgrave Handbook of Prison Tourism

Editors: Wilson, Jacqueline Z., Hodgkinson, Sarah and Piche, Justin
Publication Year: 2017
Publisher: Macmillan Publishers Ltd

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ISBN: 978-1-137-56134-3
Category: Business, Finance & Economics - Tourism & Hospitality
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Table of Contents

This extensive Handbook addresses a range of contemporary issues related to Prison Tourism across the world. Students and teachers from disciplines ranging from Criminology to Cultural Studies will find the text invaluable as the definitive work in the field of Prison Tourism.

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Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements
  • List of Figures
  • List of Tables
  • Contributors
  • 1 Introduction: Prison Tourism in Context - Jacqueline Z. Wilson, Sarah Hodgkinson, Justin Piché and Kevin Walby
  • Section 1 Ethics, Human Rights and Penal Spectatorship
  • 2 Iconic Power, Dark Tourism, and the Spectacle of Suffering - Eamonn Carrabine
  • 3 Remembering and Forgetting the Gulag: Prison Tourism Across the Post-Soviet Region - Gavin Slade
  • 4 “A Funny Place” for a Prison: Coastal Beauty, Tourism, and Interpreting the Complex Dualities of Trial Bay Gaol, Australia - Jillian Barnes and Julie McIntyre
  • 5 Juxtaposing Prison and Other Carceral Sites: Interrogating Taxonomic Differences and Empathetic Possibilities - Derek Dalton
  • 6 Mapping the Labyrinth: Preliminary Thoughts on the Definition of “Prison Museum” - J.C. Oleson
  • 7 Screening Tourist Encounters: Penal Spectatorship and the Visual Cultures of Auschwitz - Cassie Pedersen
  • 8 Penal Optics and the Struggle for the Right to Look: Visuality and Prison Tourism in the Carceral Era - Michelle Brown
  • Section 2 Carceral Retasking, Curation and Commodification of Punishment
  • 9 Layers of Violence: Coal Mining, Convict Leasing, and Carceral Tourism in Central Appalachia - Judah Schept and Jordan E. Mazurek
  • 10 Rottnest or Wadjemup: Tourism and the Forgetting of Aboriginal Incarceration and the Pre-colonial History of Rottnest Island - Glen Stasiuk and Lily Hibberd
  • 11 Taiwan's Former Political Prisons: From Incarceration to Curation - Hui-Wen Lin
  • 12 Representing the Maze/Long Kesh Prison in Northern Ireland: Conflict Resolution Centre and Tourist Draw or Trojan Horse in a Culture War? - William J.V. Neill
  • 13 The “Kresty” Prison and Tourism: The Past, the Present, and the Future - Olga Strelkova
  • 14 Prisons, Tourism, and Symbolism: Reflecting (on) the Past, Present, and Future of South Africa - Simon Howell and Clifford Shearing
  • 15 Rocking the Boat: The Hay Gaol Museum and the Disruptive Narratives of Forgotten Australians - Adele Chynoweth
  • Section 3 Meanings of Prison Life and Representations of Punishment in Tourism Sites
  • 16 Vagabonds and Rogues: The Prison Writing of Aboriginal Author Graeme Dixon and the Role of Literary Witnessing of Incarceration in Australian Prison Tourism - Lily Hibberd and Glen Stasiuk
  • 17 City of Women: The Old Melbourne Gaol and a Gender-specific Interpretation of Urban Life - Meighen Katz
  • 18 Constructed Inmates: Gender Constructions, Material Culture, and the Lived Experiences of Women in Fremantle Prison - Isa Menzies
  • 19 Commemorating Captive Women: Representations of Criminalized and Incarcerated Women in Canadian Penal History Museums - Ashley Chen and Sarah Fiander
  • 20 From Shame to Fame: “Celebrity” Prisoners and Canadian Prison Museums - Matthew Ferguson and Devon Madill
  • 21 Haunting Encounters at Canadian Penal History Museums - Alex Luscombe, Kevin Walby and Justin Piché
  • 22 In the Steps of Monte Cristo and the “Last Queen of France”: The French Revolution, Literature and Tourism - Gwenola Ricordeau and Fanny Bugnon
  • Section 4 Death and Torture in Prison Museums
  • 23 Penal Tourism and the Paradox of (In)Humane Punishment - Michael Welch
  • 24 Representing Political Oppression: The Stasi Prison as an Edifice of Cultural Memory in Modern Berlin - Jacqueline Z. Wilson and Ian Boyle
  • 25 Punishment as Sublime Edutainment: “Horrid Spectacles” at the Prison Museum - Laura Huey and Ryan Broll
  • 26 Representations of Capital Punishment in Canadian Penal History Museums - Justin Piché, Kevin Walby and Joshua Watts
  • 27 Ghost Hunting in Prison: Contemplating Death through Sites of Incarceration and the Commodification of the Penal Past - Sarah Hodgkinson and Diane Urquhart
  • 28 Don't Mess with Texas: Stories of Punishment from Lone Star Museums - Hannah Thurston
  • Section 5 Colonialism, Relics of Empire and Prison Museums
  • 29 Empire and Its Aftermath in Four (Post)Colonial Settings - Clare Anderson, Eureka Henrich, Sarah Longair and Katherine Roscoe
  • 30 Journeying Towards New Methods in Prison Tourism Research: Mobilizing Penal Histories at the Convict Ship Exhibition - Kimberley Peters and Jennifer Turner
  • 31 Remembering and Representing Imprisonment in Postcolonial Cities: Decommissioned Prisons in East Asia - Shu-Mei Huang
  • 32 Penal Tourism of the Carceral Other as Colonial Narrative - Vicki Chartrand
  • 33 Reversing Criminology's White Gaze: As Lombroso's Disembodied Head Peers Through a Glass Jar in a Museum Foreshadowed by Sara Baartman's Ghost - Viviane Saleh-Hanna
  • 34 Penal Transportation, Family History, and Convict Tourism - Hamish Maxwell-Stewart and Lydia Nicholson
  • 35 Inventing a Colonial Dark Tourism Site: The Derby Boab “Prison Tree” - Elizabeth Grant and Kristyn Harman
  • Section 6 Visitor Consumption and Experiences of Prison Tourism
  • 36 Explorations in Banality: Prison Tourism at the Old Melbourne Gaol - Laurajane Smith
  • 37 Visitor Experiences at Prison Museums: Fremantle Prison, Robben Island Museum, and Eastern State Penitentiary - James Rodgers
  • 38 Execution on Display: Visitor Reactions to Texas’ Electric Chair - Elizabeth Neucere
  • 39 In Their Own Words: Incorporating Graffiti into the Tourist Experience at the Adelaide Gaol - Rhiannon Agutter
  • 40 Interpretive Programing on Alcatraz Island: Balancing Increasing Demand, Changing Demographics and Preservation Priorities - Marcus Koenen, Katharina McAllister, John Moran, Kathryn Daskal and Benny Batom
  • 41 “Cannibals and Convicts”: Australian Travel Writing About New Caledonia - Nicholas Halter
  • Section 7 Tourism and Operational Prisons
  • 42 The Backpacker's Guide to the Prison: (In)Formalizing Prison Boundaries in Latin America - Jennifer Fleetwood and Jennifer Turner
  • 43 The Prison Tour as a Pedagogical Tool: Challenges and Opportunities - David Wilson
  • 44 Touring Operational Carceral Facilities as a Pedagogical Tool: An Ethical Inquiry - Tammi Arford
  • 45 Why and How Prison Museums/Tourism Contribute to the Normalization of the Carceral/Shadow Carceral State: The Primacy of Economic Realities - Jeffrey Ian Ross
  • 46 Punitive Healing and Penal Relics: Indigenous Prison Labour and the (Re)production of Cultural Artefacts - Jean-Philippe Crete
  • 47 Developing Pedagogies of Human Rights and Social Justice in the Prison Museum - Viv Golding
  • 48 Sport, Spectacle and Carceral Othering: The Angola Prison Rodeo and the Prison View Golf Course - Elissa Underwood Marek
  • 49 Erratum