Palgrave Handbook of Research in Historical Culture and Education

Editors: Carretero, Mario, Berger, Stefan and Grever, Maria
Publication Year: 2017
Publisher: Macmillan Publishers Ltd

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ISBN: 978-1-137-52907-7
Category: Social Sciences - Education
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Table of Contents

This volume comprises a broad interdisciplinary examination of the many different approaches by which contemporary scholars record our history. The Palgrave Handbook of Research in Historical Culture and Education provides state-of-the-art research, focusing on how citizens and societies make sense of the past through different ways of representing it.

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Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements
  • List of Figures
  • List of Tables
  • Notes on Contributors
  • 1 Introduction:​ Historical Cultures and Education in Transition - Mario Carretero, Stefan Berger and Maria Grever
  • Historical Culture: Conceptualizing the Public Uses of History
  • 2 History Writing and Constructions of National Space:​ The Long Dominance of the National in Modern European Historiographies​ - Stefan Berger
  • 3 Historical Consciousness and Historical Thinking - Peter Seixas
  • 4 Historical Culture:​ A Concept Revisited - Maria Grever and Robbert-Jan Adriaansen
  • 5 Historical Rights to Land:​ How Latin American States Made the Past Normative and What Happened to History and Historical Education as a Result - Tamar Herzog
  • 6 ‘The Times They Are a-Changin’.​ On Time, Space and Periodization in History - Chris Lorenz
  • 7 Democracy and History Museums.​ Museo de América - Marisa González de Oleaga
  • 8 Illustrating National History - Peter Burke
  • 9 Film, the Past, and a Didactic Dead End:​ From Teaching History to Teaching Memory - Wulf Kansteiner
  • 10 Historical Edutainment:​ New Forms and Practices of Popular History?​ - Barbara Korte and Sylvia Paletschek
  • 11 The Jurassic Park of Historical Culture - Antonis Liakos and Mitsos Bilalis
  • The Appeal of the Nation in History Education of Postcolonial Societies
  • 12 Teaching National History to Young People Today - Jocelyn Létourneau
  • 13 Echoing National Narratives in English History Textbooks - Tina van der Vlies
  • 14 Colonial and Postcolonial Contexts of History Textbooks - Susanne Grindel
  • 15 History in French Secondary School:​ A Tale of Progress and Universalism or a Narrative of Present Society?​ - Nicole Tutiaux-Guillon
  • 16 National Narratives and the Invention of Ethnic Identities:​ Revisiting Cultural Memory and the Decolonized State in Morocco - Norah Karrouche
  • 17 Constructing Identity and Power in History Education in Ukraine:​ Approaches to Formation of Peace Culture - Karina V. Korostelina
  • 18 Postcolonial Discourses and Teaching National History.​ The History Educators’ Attempts to Overcome Colonialism in the Republic of Korea - Sun Joo Kang
  • 19 History for Nation-Building:​ The Case of Greece and Turkey - Hercules Millas
  • 20 Conflicting Narratives about the Argentinean ‘Conquest of the Desert’:​ Social Representations, Cognitive Polyphasia, and Nothingness - Alicia Barreiro, José Antonio Castorina and Floor van Alphen
  • 21 After Empire:​ The Politics of History Education in a Post-Colonial World - Andrew Mycock
  • Reflections on History Learning and Teaching
  • 22 What to Teach in History Education When the Social Pact Shakes?​ - Alberto Rosa and Ignacio Brescó
  • 23 The Power of Story:​ Historical Narratives and the Construction of Civic Identity - Helen Haste and Angela Bermudez
  • 24 Shared Principles in History and Social Science Education - Keith C. Barton
  • 25 Concept Acquisition and Conceptual Change in History - María Rodríguez-Moneo and Cesar Lopez
  • 26 Social Representations of the Past and Competences in History Education - Darío Páez, Magdalena Bobowik and James Liu
  • 27 Teaching History Master Narratives: FosteringImagi-Nations - Mario Carretero
  • 28 Organizing the Past:​ Historical Accounts, Significance and Unknown Ontologies - Lis Cercadillo, Arthur Chapman and Peter Lee
  • 29 Historical Reading and Writing in Secondary School Classrooms - Jeffery D. Nokes
  • 30 Engaging Students in Historical Reasoning:​ The Need for Dialogic History Education - Carla van Boxtel and Jannet van Drie
  • Educational Resources: Trends in Curricula, Textbooks, Museums and New Media
  • 31 Bridging the Gap.​ Comparing History Curricula in History Teacher Education in Western Countries - Nicola Brauch
  • 32 Cultural Wars and History Textbooks in Democratic Societies - Tony Taylor and Stuart Macintyre
  • 33 Trends and Issues Surrounding the Reading of Historical Texts in the Republic of Korea - Ho Hwan Yang
  • 34 History Education Reform in Twenty-First Century China - Side Wang, Yueqin Li, Chencheng Shen and Zhongjie Meng
  • 35 Tools in Teaching Recent Past Conflicts:​ Constructing Textbooks Beyond National Borders - Robert Maier
  • 36 Emotional, Moral, and Symbolic Imagery of Modern History Textbooks - Tatyana Tsyrlina-Spady and Michael Lovorn
  • 37 Educational Websites on the Memory of Slavery in Europe:​ The Ongoing Challenge of History Teaching - Stephan Klein
  • 38 Social Media, New Technologies and History Education - Terry Haydn and Kees Ribbens
  • 39 The Never-ending Story About Heritage and Museums:​ Four Discursive Models - Mikel Asensio and Elena Pol