The Palgrave Handbook of Age Diversity and Work

Editor: Parry, Emma and McCarthy, Jean
Publication Year: 2017
Publisher: Macmillan Publishers Ltd

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ISBN: 978-1-137-46779-9
Category: Social Sciences - Sociology
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Table of Contents

This Handbook incorporates a variety of disciplines and approaches in order to provide a comprehensive and authoritative examination of the issues that result from increasing age diversity at work.

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Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements
  • List of Figures
  • List of Tables
  • About the Editors and Notes on Contributors
  • 1 Introduction - Emma Parry and Jean McCarthy
  • Part I Perspectives on Age, Ageing, and Age Diversity
  • 2 What Is Old at Work? Moving Past Chronological Age - Jeanette N. Cleveland and Madison Hanscom
  • 3 Towards an Identity-Based Approach for Examining Age in the Workplace: Perspectives and Implications - Michael J. Urick
  • 4 An Integrative Psychological Perspective on (Successful) Ageing at Work - Josje Dikkers, Annet De Lange and Beatrice Van der Heijden
  • 5 Age, Generations, and the Labour Market - Peter Urwin and Emma Parry
  • 6 From Age Diversity to Embedded Ageing: Exploring and Addressing Aged Assumptions in Organisational Practices - Sophie Hales and Kathleen Riach
  • 7 Promoting Workability for Our Ageing Population - Deirdre FitzGerald, Alex Reid and Desmond O'Neill
  • Part II Older Workers
  • 8 Healthy Ageing and Well-Being at Work - Kristina Potočnik
  • 9 Innovative Pathways to Meaningful Work: Older Adults as Volunteers and Self-Employed Entrepreneurs - Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes, Tay McNamara, Jacquelyn James and Cal Halvorsen
  • 10 Bridge Employment: Transitions from Career Employment to Retirement and Beyond - Carlos-María Alcover
  • 11 Understanding Retirement Processes: The Role of Life Histories - Marleen Damman
  • 12 Interventions in Life and Retirement Planning - Anthony Chiva
  • Part III Younger Workers
  • 13 Millennials in Canada: Young Workers in a Challenging Labour Market - Eddy S. Ng, Sean T. Lyons and Linda Schweitzer
  • 14 Tripartite Responses to Young Workers and Precarious Employment in the European Union - Caroline Murphy and Melanie Simms
  • 15 Young Workers in Europe: Perceptions and Discourses on the Labour Market - Luis Enrique Alonso and Carlos J. Fernández Rodríguez
  • Part IV Ageist Attitudes
  • 16 Ageist Attitudes - Jean McCarthy and Noreen Heraty
  • 17 Millennials, Media, and Research: Ageism and the Younger Worker - Joel T. Nadler, Rosey Morr and Samantha Naumann
  • 18 Age Discrimination at Work - Donald M. Truxillo, Franco Fraccaroli, Lale M. Yaldiz and Sara Zaniboni
  • Part V Age Diversity in Context
  • 19 Employment of Workers Aged 65 and Over: The Importance of Policy Context - David Lain
  • 20 The Impact of National Context on Age Diversity and Age Management: The Case of the UK and Hong Kong - Matt Flynn, Heike Simone Schröder and Alfred C. M. Chan
  • 21 Age-Based Generations at Work: A Culture-Specific Approach - Emmanouil F. Papavasileiou
  • 22 Young at Heart, but What About My Body? Age and Aesthetic Labour in the Hospitality and Retail Industries - Dennis Nickson and Tom Baum
  • 23 Gender, Age, and Labour Market Experiences - Caroline Murphy and Christine Cross
  • Part VI Managing an Age-Diverse Workforce
  • 24 Designing a HR System for Managing an Age-Diverse Workforce: Challenges and Opportunities - Edel Conway and Kathy Monks
  • 25 Considering Age Diversity in Recruitment and Selection: An Expanded Work Lifespan View of Age Management - Cort W. Rudolph, Eileen C. Toomey and Boris B. Baltes
  • 26 Designing Effective Training for Older Workers - Kurt Kraiger
  • 27 ‘When You Grew Up …’ or ‘How Old Are You? ’ A Review of Theory and Evidence on Generational and Age Differences in Psychological Contracts - Xander D. Lub, Melanie De Ruiter and Rob Blomme
  • 28 Career Management Over the Life-Span - Ulrike Fasbender and Jürgen Deller
  • 29 Age Diversity and Leadership: Enacting and Developing Leadership for All Ages - Michelle M. Hammond, Gretchen Lester, Rachel Clapp-Smith and Michael Palanski