Small Business in a Global Economy: Creating and Managing Successful Organizations

Editor: Newbert, Scott L.
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: Praeger

ISBN: 978-1-44-083015-0
Category: Business, Finance & Economics - Business
Image Count: 38
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Table of Contents

Written by leading researchers from around the world, the set presents a broad view of the small business sector, focusing on conception, ownership, financing, and growth strategies. A look at external factors features the impact of political and environmental influences; extant regulations affecting small firms; and programs for promoting this sector.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Volume 1
  • Introduction - Scott L. Newbert
  • 1. Small Businesses’ Share of Employment: Charting the Course over the Last Three Decades - Brian Headd
  • 2. The Motivations Underlying Small Business Formation: An Overview and Empirical Examination of Self-Efficacy and Commitment - Narda R. Quigley, Scott L. Newbert, and Kevin D. Clark
  • 3. The Irrational Benefits of Small Business Ownership: Constructing Economic Well-Being in Business-Owning Households - Sara Carter, Gry Agnete Alsos, and Elisabet Ljunggren
  • 4. Effectual Decision Making: Applications for Small Business - Gaylen N. Chandler
  • 5. Women- and Ethnic Minority–Owned Businesses: An Overview of Current Research and Future Trends - Susan Marlow and Maura McAdam
  • 6. The A-GES Framework: Understanding the Family Business Difference - Justin B. Craig and Ken Moores
  • 7. Institutional Influences on Entrepreneurial Orientation in Small Businesses: A Nine-Country Investigation of Political and Economic Risk - Brian S. Anderson, Patrick M. Kreiser, and K. Mark Weaver
  • 8. Opportunity Unchained: Seeking Success - Charles H. Matthews, Mark T. Schenkel, and Mariah C. Yates
  • 9. Entrepreneurial Storytelling: An Institutional Tale - Lianne M. Lefsrud and P. Devereaux Jennings
  • 10. Personal Networks and Networking Behavior of Small Business Owner-Managers: How to Make Networks Work for You - Erno T. Tornikoski, Alexandra Gerbasi, and Greg Molecke
  • 11. Thinking like MacGyver: Substituting Resourcefulness for Resources in Small Businesses - Craig E. Armstrong
  • 12. Market Entry Timing Decisions: A Formal Modeling Perspective - Moren Lévesque
  • Volume 2
  • Introduction to Volume 2
  • Managing the Small Firm for Growth: Cocreating Stakeholder Value Propositions - Douglas A. Bosse
  • Technology-Driven Innovation: Roles and Implications of Technology Capabilities and the Environment for the Success and Survival of Small Businesses - Larry Tribble
  • The Effect of Top Management Team Networks on Innovation: A Comparison of Large and Small Organizations - Kevin D. Clark, Scott L. Newbert
  • Balancing Institutional Forces and 
Strategic Demands in Adopting HPWS 
Practices in Small Innovative Firms: 
An Overview and Empirical Analysis - Pankaj C. Patel
  • Family Businesses and How They Internationalize: A Review - Manuel Eberhard, Justin B. Craig
  • Strategizing by Social Entrepreneurs: 
A Longitudinal Analysis - David Gras, G. T. Lumpkin and Robert S. Nason
  • Small Business Exit: Review of Past Research, Theoretical Considerations, and Suggestions for Future Research - Dawn R. DeTienne, Karl Wennberg
  • Geographic Cluster Region Influences on Innovation: Outcomes for Small Businesses - Brett Anitra Gilbert, Mika Tatum Kusar
  • Institutional Impact on Small Venture Exporting: Differences between Developed and Emerging Market Economies - Joseph LiPuma, Christiane Prange
  • Regional Banking Development and Small Business Growth: Evidence from China - Iftekhar Hasan, Haizhi Wang and Mingming Zhou
  • Small Firms in Transition Economies: 
Challenges and Opportunities - David Smallbone
  • Overcoming Hurdles for Commercializing Emerging Technologies: The Harbingers of Schumpeterian Cycles for Superior Economic Rent - Victor A. Chavez, Jonathan D. Linton, Regan Stinnett and Steven T. Walsh
  • Public Policy Assistance for American Small Business: Promoting Supports and Reducing Impediments - William J. Dennis Jr.
  • About the Editor and Contributors