Religious Diversity Today: Experiencing Religion in the Contemporary World

Editor: Goulet, Jean-Guy A.
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: Praeger

ISBN: 978-1-44-083331-1
Category: Religion & Theology
Image Count: 8
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Table of Contents

Written in accessible and inviting language, each volume focuses on a particular dimension of religion. The first book examines religious experience in the modern world and explores suffering in religious faiths, the second volume centers around ritual and pilgrimage, and the last book analyzes the controversial relationship between religion and societies.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface: Religious Diversity and Absolute Truth - Jean-Guy A. Goulet
  • Introduction: The Meaning of It All—Suffering and Misfortune through the Anthropological Lens - Liam D. Murphy
  • Volume 1 Suffering and Misfortune
  • 1. Ritual, Social Change, and Globalization: The Catholic Liturgy in Modern Australia - Andrew P. Lynch
  • 2. From the Pit to the Pulpit: Testimonies of Suffering in a Charismatic Community - Christophe Monnot
  • 3. The Fear of Islam in Italy: The Muslim Migration Debate after the Arab Spring - Rayed Khedher
  • 4. Managing Witchcraft: Healing Ukuhanjwa Illness in South Africa - Kholekile Hazel Ngqila
  • 5. Harvest Festivals, Generations, and Well-Being in South India - Reddi Sekhara Y
  • 6. Power-Laden Words: Taoist and Buddhist Healing Mantras in Jinzhuang Village - Dong Zhao
  • 7. Living Saints, Dead Saints, and Ordinary Women in Northeast Brazil - Linda-Anne Rebhun
  • 8. Indigenous Religions and Healing Traditions: From the Outside In and the Inside Out - Jean-Guy A. Goulet
  • 9. Magic and Divination Practices in Contemporary Paganism: Changing Life Circumstances through the Web of Wyrd - Hanneke Minkjan
  • 10. Echoes of Hope: When Bad Things Happen to Spiritual-But-Not-Religious People - Tom Sherwood
  • 11. Suffering and Meaning in Contemporary Pilgrimage: Healing the Wounded Warrior - Jill Dubisch
  • Contributors
  • Volume 2 Ritual and Pilgrimage
  • Introduction: Exploring Ritual and Pilgrimage—Inquiries for a New Millennium - Anastasia Panagakos
  • 1. Ritual Transformation and Selfhood in Urban Marathon Running - Jon P. Mitchell
  • 2. “Hitting a Waypoint”: A Story of Faith Transition - Jamie Barnes
  • 3. From Past to Present: Visiting Religious Shrines to Enhance Social Justice - May Al-Fartousi
  • 4. “Let Me Be as Christ to You”: Pilgrimage and Volunteer Caregiving at Lourdes - Michael Agnew
  • 5. Shared Religious Rituals and Pilgrimage Sites: A Movement beyond the Christian-Muslim Divide - Nour Farra-Haddad
  • 6. A Darker Shade of Green? An Inquiry into Growing Preferences for Natural Burial - Albertina Nugteren
  • 7. Space, Ritual, and the Seeing and Making of Selves - Ramon Felipe A. Sarmiento
  • 8. Battles of Good versus Evil in Contemporary Manifestations of Pre-Christian Traditions: The Catalan Correfoc - Jo Farb Hernández
  • 9. Legitimate and Illegitimate Vernacular Religions in Colonial and Postcolonial Times: Historical and Anthropological Explorations of Ritual Indeterminacy - Raquel Romberg
  • 10. Religion and Identity: Ritual, Pilgrimage, and Frontier Encounters - Pnina Werbner
  • 11. Seeking the Saint, Finding Community: Celebrating the Hillula of Baba Sali - Samuel R. Thomas
  • 12. African-Inspired Rituals in the Atlantic World, Oriente, Cuba - Sonya Maria Johnson
  • 13. Does Ritual Make Religion? The Case of Soccer in Europe - Lionel Obadia
  • Contributors
  • Volume 3 Religion Transforming Societies and Social Lives
  • Introduction: The Power of Social and Religious Aspirations - Jean-Guy A. Goulet
  • 1. Is Religious Soft Power of Consequence in the World Today? - Sherrie Steiner
  • 2. Doing Christianity: Intentional Communities and Social Justice in the Early 21st Century - Amy Cox Hall
  • 3. Western Apocalyptic Narratives in the International Arena: Falun Gong and the Chinese Apocalypse - Clement Tong
  • 4. True Colors: Religion and Secularism in Post-Conflict Belfast - Liam D. Murphy
  • 5. Persecution and Response: The Hutterites and Communal Practices Associated with Peace Building - Peter H. Stephenson
  • 6. Separation of Church and Soccer: The Impact of Secularization on Religion-Based Violence in Sports - Leah E. Robinson
  • 7. Religion and the State after the Fall of State Socialism in Central and Eastern Europe - Miroslav Tížik
  • 8. Same-Sex Marriage and the Christian Conservative Reaction - Alphia Possamai-Inesedy and Bryan S. Turner
  • 9. Faith, Dance, and Intentional Fellowship in Contemporary Diasporas - Anastasia Panagakos
  • 10. Story Performance and the Creation of New Jewish Communities - Miria Kano
  • 11. The Religious Dimension of Constituting Bodily Images among Youth: A Matter of Doctrine at Madrasa Warda - Zahraa McDonald
  • 12. The Gender and Religious Dimensions of Human Trafficking in Sub-Saharan Africa - Oghoadena Clementina Osezua
  • Contributors