The Race Controversy in American Education

Editor: Drakeford, Lillian Dowdell
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: Praeger

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ISBN: 978-1-44-083263-5
Category: Social Sciences - Education
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Table of Contents

Addressing K-12 education and higher education in historically black as well as predominantly white institutions, the work probes the impact of race and racism on education policies and reforms to determine the role schools, school processes, and school structures play in the perpetuation of racial inequality in American education. Each section validates the impact of race on teaching and learning and exposes the ways in which racism manifests itself in U.S. schools.

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Table of Contents

  • Series Foreword by Brian D. Behnken
  • Preface
  • Introduction to Volume 1
  • Volume 1
  • I. The Face of Racism and Color Blindness in American Education
  • 1. Legal and Educational Foundations in Critical Race Theory - Evelyn Young
  • 2. The Pathology of Color Blindness: A Historical Account - Lillian Dowdell Drakeford
  • 3. Schools as Conduits of Racism: How Mind-Sets, Policies, and Practices Impact Historically Marginalized Students - Ayana Allen, Marcia Watson, Cherese D. Childers-McKee, Laurie Garo, and Chance W. Lewis
  • II. The Crackdown
  • 4. Classrooms, “Crimes,” Color, and the Power of Community Resistance - Alexi Freeman
  • 5. Criminalization and Medicalization: The School-to-Prison Pipeline and Racialized Double Standards of Disciplinary Control - Nancy A. Heitzeg
  • 6. Housing Segregation and the Prison Industrial Complex: Looking at the Roots of Today's School-to-Prison Pipeline - Mei-Ling Malone and Hui-Ling Malone
  • 7. Race-Based Stereotypes, Expectations, and Exclusion in American Education - Tennisha Riley, Aysha Foster, and Zewelanji Serpell
  • 8. Disrupting the School-to-Prison Pipeline through Disability Critical Race Theory - Subini Ancy Annamma
  • III. Race and Racialization in Schools and Curriculum
  • 9. The Race Problem: Its Perpetuation in the Next Generation of Science Standards - Eileen Carlton Parsons and Dana N. Thompson Dorsey
  • 10. The Racialization of Mathematics Education - Joi A. Spencer and Victoria M. Hand
  • 11. Bridging the Gap and Diversifying Teaching Education - Donald Easton-Brooks
  • IV. Race and “Cost” Debate in School Reform
  • 12. The Opportunity for Equity: School Improvement Grants - Theresa Saunders
  • 13. What Do Students “Deserve”? Narratives of Merit and Worth in Public Discussions of Educational Controversies - Sabrina Zirkel
  • 14. A Racial Opportunity Cost Analysis of Charter Schools and Parental Involvement - Ramon M. Griffin, Elizabeth Gil, Stefanie Marshall, Gregory J. White, James Wright, Muhammad Khalifa, and Terah T. Venzant Chambers
  • V. Beyond High School
  • 15. Affirmative Action in Higher Education - Julie A. Helling
  • 16. The Beauty and Burden of Historically Black Colleges and Universities and the Extant Challenges Confronting These Institutions - F. Erik Brooks
  • 17. Mentoring Matters: A Proactive Approach for Mentoring Black Men for Collegiate Success - Ronald C. Williams and Adriel A. Hilton
  • About the Editor and Contributors
  • Volume 2
  • Introduction to Volume 2
  • I. Students on the Margins
  • 1. Waiting for the World to Change: Racism and Immigrant Education since 1965 - Christine Brigid Malsbary
  • 2. Bringing Students Back from the Margin - Steve Grineski and Julie Landsman
  • 3. The Other Story: The Truth about Black Teen Mothers in Education - Christine Stroble, Melissa Pearson, and Greg Wiggan
  • II. Answers Inside the Arts and the Extracurriculum
  • 4. Confronting Social Justice Issues through the Lens of Arts Integration - M. Francine Jennings
  • 5. How Race Mediates the Predictors and Impacts of School-Based Activity Participation - Jeffrey O. Sacha
  • III. Moving toward an Antiracist Education
  • 6. Science as a Critical Method for Deconstructing Diversity Discourse: Toward an Antiracist Teacher Education - Anthony Ash and Greg Wiggan
  • 7. Increasing Achievement by Strengthening Resilience: An Ecologically Based Intervention for African American Students - Cheryl P. Talley, John E. Fife, Toni S. Harris, and Oliver W. Hill Jr.
  • 8. Critical Management Studies’ Role in Productive Conversations about Racism - Laura M. Harrison
  • 9. Moving beyond the Urban Initiative: Programmatic Efforts to Foster Critical Counternarratives - Anthony Collatos
  • 10. Addressing Inequity in Education: Transformative Leadership - Carolyn M. Shields
  • 11. Afrikan American Identity Reconstruction: A Case for Independent Schools - Duane L. Davis
  • 12. African American Racial Solidarity as a Solution to Educational Inequality - Candice Jimerson-Johnson
  • 13. The Case for a Social Justice Context - Tema Okun
  • 14. Critical Ethnic Studies and Women and Gender Studies: Education for Justice, Transformation, and Progressive Social Change - Margo Okazawa-Rey
  • 15. Race and Antiracist Practices: The Problem of Decolonization - George J. Sefa Dei
  • 16. Living with the Dark and the Dazzling: Unlearning Racism - Joan T. Wynne
  • About the Editor and Contributors