Guns and Contemporary Society: The Past, Present, and Future of Firearms and Firearm Policy

Editor: Utter, Glenn H.
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: Praeger

ISBN: 978-1-44-083217-8
Category: Social Sciences - Criminology & Law
Image Count: 18
Book Status: Pending
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Table of Contents

In this hard-hitting compilation, experts delve into various aspects of firearms in America-from gun control and gun rights to militia movements, to school-related shootings, and to the recent trends in gun ownership by women. Authors from varied backgrounds and viewpoints share their perspectives on the pros and cons of firearm ownership as all of the following: a constitutional right, a key instrument of self-defense, a guarantee of political freedoms, and as a major factor in crime and personal injury.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction- Glenn H. Utter
  • Volume 1: Background to the Current Debate over Firearms
  • Chapter One: The Early History of Guns: From Colonial Times to the Civil War - Tom Lansford
  • Chapter Two: The Struggle over Gun Control at the National Level - Keith Rollin Eakins and Loren Gatch
  • Chapter Three: A History of Firearms Legislation at the State and Local Levels - Robert H. Wood
  • Chapter Four: Heller as Miller: Court Decisions Dealing with Firearms - Nicholas J. Johnson
  • Chapter Five: Gun Rights and the World's Constitutions - Zachary Elkins
  • Chapter Six: Locks, Stocks, and Barrels: The History of the American Firearms Industry - Roger Pauly
  • Chapter Seven: Evolution of the National Rifle Association and Other Gun Rights Organizations - David T. Hardy
  • Chapter Eight: Organizations Advocating Gun Control - Walter F. Carroll
  • Chapter Nine: The Failure of “Operation Fast and Furious” and the Complexity of Firearms Trafficking into Mexico - Jason C. Sides, James M. Vanderleeuw, and Joanna Melissa Joseph
  • About the Editor and Contributors
  • Volume 2: Cultural Issues Related to Firearms in the United States
  • Chapter One: International Law Sources on Gun Control and Human Rights - David B. Kopel
  • Chapter Two: U.S. Import and Export of Firearms - Henry B. Sirgo
  • Chapter Three: Gun Ownership: Who Owns Guns and Who Does Not? - Ted G. Jelen
  • Chapter Four: Militia Movements - Saundra J. Ribando and Amanda J. Reinke
  • Chapter Five: Public Health Approaches to Gun Violence - Matthew A. Butkus
  • Chapter Six: Guns, Suicide, and Suicide Prevention - Elizabeth P. Aronson and Maxwell T. Smith
  • Chapter Seven: Ritual and Controversy at Deer Camp - Simon J. Bronner
  • Chapter Eight: A Big Bang for “the Little Woman”: Firearms and Feminism in Contemporary America - Mary Zeiss Stange
  • Chapter Nine: Cultural Anatomy of a Gun Show - Joan Burbick
  • About the Editor and Contributors
  • Volume 3 Current Controversies and Policy Recommendations
  • Chapter One: Weapons in School - Ronald D. Stephens
  • Chapter Two: Concealed Carry of Firearms on University Campuses - Robert L. Spinks and Michael C. Powell
  • Chapter Three: Psychological Factors in Legal Firearms Usage - Glenn E. Meyer
  • Chapter Four: Terrorism and the Ownership of Firearms - Saundra J. Ribando and Amanda J. Reinke
  • Chapter Five: How Stand-Your-Ground Laws Hijacked Self-Defense - Mary Anne Franks
  • Chapter Six: Gun Violence Reduction Strategies - Sean Maddan
  • Chapter Seven: Background Checks for Purchasing Firearms - Glenn H. Utter
  • Chapter Eight: Seeking Common Ground: Perspective of a Gun Control Supporter - Paul Helmke
  • Chapter Nine: Seeking Common Ground: Perspective of a Gun Rights Supporter - Richard Feldman
  • About the Editor and Contributors