Feeling Lonesome: The Philosophy and Psychology of Loneliness

Editor/Author Mijuskovic, Ben Lazare
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: Praeger

ISBN: 978-1-44-084028-9
Category: Psychology
Book Status: Pending
Predicted Release Month:
Table of Contents

This book explains why the drive to avoid loneliness and secure intimacy is the most powerful psychological need in all human beings; documents how human beings gravitate between two motivational poles: loneliness and intimacy; and advocates for an understanding of loneliness through the principles of idealism, rationalism, and insight. Readers will understand the underlying theory of consciousness that explains why people are lonely, thereby becoming better equipped to recognize sources of loneliness in themselves as well as others.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1. Historical and Conceptual Overview
  • Chapter 2. Philosophical Roots: Self-Consciousness/Reflexivity
  • Chapter 3. Philosophical Roots: Intentionality/Transcendence
  • Chapter 4. Loneliness and Phenomenology
  • Chapter 5. Psychological Roots of Loneliness
  • Chapter 6. Loneliness and Language
  • Chapter 7. The Unconscious and the Subconscious
  • Chapter 8. Therapeutic Measures
  • Afterword