Electronic Church in the Digital Age, The: Cultural Impacts of Evangelical Mass Media

Editor: Ward Sr., Mark
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: Praeger

ISBN: 978-1-44-082990-1
Category: Religion & Theology
Image Count: 9
Book Status: Pending
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Table of Contents

The work reveals the ways that the Christian broadcast community affects evangelical traditions and influences American society in general. It explores how electronic media shapes today's Christian subculture, while the second volume describes how the electronic church impacts the wider American culture, analyzing what key figures in evangelical mass media are saying about today's religious, political, economic, and social issues. The set concludes by addressing criticism about religious media and the prospects of American public discourse to accomodate both secular and religious voices.

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Table of Contents

  • Foreword by Daniel A. Stout
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction by Mark Ward Sr.
  • Volume 1: How Evangelical Media Shape Evangelical Culture
  • Chapter One: A Research Agenda for the Electronic Church in the Digital Age - Mark Allan Steiner
  • Part I: Constructing the Evangelical Identity
  • Chapter Two: The Flesh and the Spirit: Communicating Evangelical Identity via “Christian Radio” - Deborah Clark Vance
  • Chapter Three And on the Eighth Day, God Created TBN: Evangelical Television in the Digital Age - Phillip E. Wagner
  • Chapter Four: The Electronic Church Goes Online: Evangelical Identity and Technology - Stephanie Bennett
  • Part II: Constructing the Evangelical Community
  • Chapter Five: Medium, Message, and Ministry: How Music Radio Shapes Evangelical Culture - L. Ripley Smith and Mark H. Seignious
  • Chapter Six: The Medium Is the Ministry: Televangelism and the Electronic Age Church - Brent C. Sleasman
  • Chapter Seven: Not Your Average Church: Communal Narratives in an Evangelical Video Game Guild - Gregory Perreault
  • Part III: Constructing the Other
  • Chapter Eight: Setting the Evangelical Agenda: The Role of “Christian Radio” - Jason S. Wrench
  • Chapter Nine: In Spirit or in Truth? The Great Evangelical Divide, from Analog to Digital - Mark Ward Sr.
  • Chapter Ten: Jesus? There's an App for That! Tablet Media in the “New” Electronic Church - Jim Y. Trammell
  • Appendix A: Chronology of the Electronic Church
  • Appendix B: Major Networks and Personalities
  • About the Editor and Contributors
  • Volume 2: How Evangelical Media Engage American Culture
  • Chapter One: What If? A Counterfactual Reconsideration of the Electronic Church - Mark Ward Sr.
  • Part I: Engaging American Life
  • Chapter Two: Focus on the (Changing) Family: A Hot Message Encounters a Cool Medium - Christy Mesaros-Winckles and Andrew O. Winckles
  • Chapter Three: Money and the Electronic Church: Decoding Dave Ramsey's Debt-Free Gospel - Stephanie A. Martin
  • Chapter Four: The Electronic Church Goes to School: Evangelical Media Discourses on Education - Casey Hart
  • Part II: Engaging American Discourse
  • Chapter Five: Conservative Talk Radio, Religious Style: When You Need Some Moral Outrage - John Sumser
  • Chapter Six: Resisting Pluralism: Evangelical Media Framing of the Role of Faith in American Politics - Scott W. Dunn and J. Adam Tyler
  • Chapter Seven: A Faithful Remnant: Evangelical Media and the Choice between “God and Man” - John Katsion
  • Part III: Engaging the American Idea
  • Chapter Eight: The “Christian Nation” Thesis and the Evangelical Echo Chamber - Sean Connable
  • Chapter Nine: The “War on Christianity” and the Construction of Identity in Evangelical Media - Christopher M. Duerringer
  • Chapter Ten: American Apocalypse: Portrayals of Islam and Judaism in the Post-9/11 Electronic Church - Shaheen Pasha
  • Appendix A: Chronology of the Electronic Church
  • Appendix B: Major Networks and Personalities
  • About the Editor and Contributors