The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Business and Management Research Methods

Editors: Cassell, Catherine, Cunliffe, Ann L. and Grandy, Gina
Publication Year: 2017
Publisher: Sage UK

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ISBN: 978-1-47-392662-2
Category: Business, Finance & Economics - Business
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Table of Contents

The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Business and Management Research Methods provides a state-of-the-art overview of qualitative research methods in the business and management field.

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Table of Contents

  • Volume 1: The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Business and Management Research Methods: History and Traditions
  • List of Figures
  • List of Tables
  • Notes on the Editors and Contributors
  • 1 Introduction: Qualitative Research in Business and Management Catherine Cassell, Ann L. Cunliffe and Gina Grandy
  • 2 Positivist Qualitative Methods Ning Su
  • 3 Qualitative Research as Interpretive Social Science Robert P. Gephart, Jr.
  • 4 Pragmatism: A Philosophy of Practice Barbara Simpson
  • 5 Critical Management Studies Wharerata Writing Group
  • 6 Poststructuralism Angelo Benozzo
  • 7 Mixed Methods Jose F. Molina-Azorin
  • 8 Resisting Colonization in Business and Management Studies: From Postcolonialism to Decolonization Alia Weston and J. Miguel Imas
  • 9 Feminist Methodologies Nancy Harding
  • 10 Indigenous Qualitative Research Bettina Schneider and Bob Kayseas
  • 11 An Introduction to Constructionism for Qualitative Researchers in Business and Management Gina Grandy
  • 12 Hermeneutics: Interpretation, Understanding and Sense-making Leah Tomkins and Virginia Eatough
  • 13 Critical Realism and Qualitative Research: An Introductory Overview Steve Vincent and Joe O'Mahoney
  • 14 Ethnomethodology Andrea Whittle
  • 15 From Grounded Theory to Grounded Theorizing in Qualitative Research Judith A. Holton
  • 16 Researching Bodies: Embodied Fieldwork for Knowledge Work, Which Turns Out to Be Embodied Alexandra Michel
  • 17 Organizational Ethnographies Sylwia Ciuk, Juliette Koning and Monika Kostera
  • 18 Action Research: Knowing and Changing (in) Organizational Contexts Giuseppe Scaratti, Mara Gorli, Laura Galuppo and Silvio Ripamonti
  • 19 Researching Organizational Concepts Processually: The Case of Identity Fernando F. Fachin and Ann Langley
  • 20 Designing Strategy as Practice Research Chahrazad Abdallah, Joëlle Basque and Linda Rouleau
  • 21 The Case Study in Management Research: Beyond the Positivist Legacy of Eisenhardt and Yin? Rebecca Piekkari and Catherine Welch
  • 22 Achieving Critical Distance Simon Hayward and Catherine Cassell
  • 23 Reflexivity and Researcher Positionality Sandra Corlett and Sharon Mavin
  • 24 Muted Masculinities – Ethical and Personal Challenges for Male Qualitative Researchers Interviewing Women Fahad M. Hassan, Caroline Gatrell and Carolyn Downs
  • 25 Writing through the Body: Political, Personal, Practical Amanda Sinclair and Donna Ladkin
  • 26 Intersectionality and Qualitative Research Jenny K. Rodriguez
  • 27 Access and Departure Chris Land and Scott Taylor
  • 28 Choosing Participants Mark N.K. Saunders and Keith Townsend
  • 29 Qualitative Research across Boundaries: Indigenization, Glocalization or Creolization? Giampietro Gobo
  • 30 Conducting and Publishing Rigorous Qualitative Research Alexandra Rheinhardt, Glen E. Kreiner, Dennis A. Gioia and Kevin G. Corley
  • 31 Writing for Different Audiences Michael D. Myers
  • 32 Ethics Creep from the Core to the Periphery Emma Bell and Nivedita Kothiyal
  • 33 Digital Ethics Rebecca Whiting and Katrina Pritchard
  • Volume 2: The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Business and Management Research Methods: Methods and Challenges
  • List of Figures
  • List of Tables
  • 2 Autoethnography Kathryn Haynes
  • 3 Archival Research Albert J. Mills and Jean Helms Mills
  • 4 Rhetoric Peter Hamilton
  • 5 Stories and Narratives Yiannis Gabriel
  • 6 Organizational Discourse Analysis Gail T. Fairhurst and François Cooren
  • 7 Towards the Wholesome Interview: Technical, Social and Political Dimensions Bill Lee and Usman Aslam
  • 8 Group Methods Tracey M. Coule
  • 9 Sociomateriality and Qualitative Research: Method, Matter and Meaning Olivia Davies and Kathleen Riach
  • 10 Analysing Fiction: The Example of Women's Work in Disney Animations (1937–2013) Mark Learmonth and Martyn Griffin
  • 11 Dramaturgical Methods Peter Birch†
  • 12 Capturing the Complexity of Daily Workplace Experiences Using Qualitative Diaries Laura S. Radcliffe
  • 13 Going with the Flow: Shadowing in Organisations Seonaidh McDonald
  • 14 Thematic Analysis in Organisational Research Nigel King and Joanna Brooks
  • 15 Photography in Qualitative Organizational Research: Conceptual, Analytical and Ethical Issues in Photo-Elicitation Inspired Methods Samantha Warren
  • 16 Drawing Jenna Ward and Harriet Shortt
  • 17 Analysing Web Images Katrina Pritchard and Rebecca Whiting
  • 18 Making Meaning from Multimodality: Embodied Communication in a Business Pitch Setting Rowena Viney, Jean Clarke and Joep Cornelissen
  • 19 Collage Visual Data: Pathways to Data Analysis Emmanuella Plakoyiannaki and Georgia Stavraki
  • 20 Qualitative Research through Documentary Filmmaking: Questions and Possibilities Rachel Morgan, Annilee M. Game and Natasha Slutskaya
  • 21 Aesthetics: Working With the Senses Martyna S´liwa
  • 22 Sewing in Management and Organisation Research: The Subversive Stitch and the Politics of Cloth Revisited Ann Rippin and Paula Hyde
  • 23 Netnography for Management and Business Research Robert V. Kozinets
  • 24 Ethnomusicology Nic Beech and Stephen Broad
  • 25 Advances in Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA): Application of Fuzzy Set in Business and Management Research Ursula F. Ott, Rudolf R. Sinkovics and Samia Ferdous Hoque
  • 26 ANTi-History: An Alternative Approach to History Gabrielle Durepos and Albert J. Mills
  • 27 ‘Use Your Feelings’: Emotion as a Tool for Qualitative Research Kendra Dyanne Rivera
  • 28 Pattern Matching in Qualitative Analysis Noemi Sinkovics
  • 29 Metaphorizing the Research Process Mats Alvesson and Jörgen Sandberg