Handbook of Research on Emerging Innovations in Rail Transportation Engineering

Editor: Rai, B. Umesh
Publication Year: 2016
Publisher: IGI Global

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ISBN: 978-1-5225-0084-1
Category: Technology & Engineering - Motor vehicles
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Table of Contents

The Handbook of Research on Emerging Innovations in Rail Transportation Engineering presents the latest research on next-generation public transportation infrastructures. Emphasizing a diverse set of topics related to rail-based transportation such as funding issues, policy design, traffic planning and forecasting, and engineering solutions, this comprehensive publication is an essential resource.

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Table of Contents

  • Advances in Civil and Industrial Engineering (ACIE) Book Series
  • Dedication
  • Editorial Advisory Board
  • Section 1 General
  • Chapter 1 Past Futures: Innovation and the Railways of Nineteenth-Century London and Paris
  • Chapter 2 The Potential for Rail Transit as a Way to Mitigate Accident Risk: A Case Study in Chennai
  • Chapter 3 Planning Transit System for Indian Cities: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Section 2 Finance
  • Chapter 4 Railway Investment Appraisal Techniques
  • Chapter 5 Railway Demand Forecasting
  • Chapter 6 Emerging Value Capture Innovative Urban Rail Funding and Financing: A Framework
  • Chapter 7 Analyzing Intercity Modal Choice and Competition Between High Speed Rail (HSR) and Other Transport Modes in Indian Context
  • Chapter 8 Welfare Economic Principles of (Urban) Rail Network Pricing: First-Best and Second-Best Solutions
  • Section 3 Safety
  • Chapter 9 Challenges of Railway Safety Risk Assessment and Maintenance Decision Making
  • Chapter 10 Formal Assurance of Signaling Safety: A Railways Perspective
  • Chapter 11 Automatic Static Software Testing Technology for Railway Signaling System
  • Chapter 12 Automated Testing: Higher Efficiency and Improved Quality of Testing Command, Control and Signaling Systems by Automation
  • Chapter 13 Alertness Monitoring System for Vehicle Drivers using Physiological Signals
  • Section 4 Operation
  • Chapter 14 Railway Operations Models: The OR Approach
  • Chapter 15 A General Simulation Modelling Framework for Train Timetabling Problem
  • Chapter 16 Intelligent Transportation Systems: The State of the Art in Railways
  • Chapter 17 Integrated Traffic Management using Data from Traffic, Asset Conditions, Energy and Emissions
  • Chapter 18 Disruption Management in Urban Rail Transit System: A Simulation Based Optimization Approach
  • Section 5 Engineering
  • Chapter 19 Steady State Modeling of Electric Railway Power Supply Systems for Planning and Operation Purposes
  • Chapter 20 Online Condition Monitoring of Traction Motor
  • Chapter 21 Dynamic Analysis of Steering Bogies
  • Chapter 22 Ventilation and Air Conditioning in Tunnels and Underground Stations