Digital Defense: A Cybersecurity Primer

Editor/Author Pelton, Joseph and Singh, Indu B.
Publication Year: 2016
Publisher: Springer Science+Business Media

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ISBN: 978-3-31-919952-8
Category: Technology & Engineering - Engineering
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Table of Contents

Outlines the three major categories of cyber attack: personal attacks, such as malware installation or identity theft; attacks on company or community infrastructure; and attacks on a national government.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • 1 What Is at Stake? What Should You Do? Why Should You Care?
  • Houston, Texas, and the “Hacked Baby Cam” in the Nursery
  • The Sum of 22,000 lb Transferred from Elderly Mother's Bank Account in London, England
  • Couple Sentenced for False Tax Refund Conspiracy
  • Teens and Cyber Identity Theft
  • Kaitlin Jackson's Campaign Against Cyberbullying Trolls
  • Hacking into Aircraft Communications and IT Wireless Communications Networks
  • Level One Attacks
  • Level Two Attacks
  • Level Three Attacks
  • Level One Threats to Be Taken Seriously
  • Handle with Care!
  • CryptoWall 2. 0
  • The Trade in Swipeable Credit Card Information
  • The Cyber Criminal Bazaar
  • Cyber Thieves and Medical Records
  • Nigerian Prince Come-Ons and the Latest in Targeted Online Scams
  • Protecting Against Personal Cyber Attacks
  • Phishing and Pharming
  • Level Two Cyber-Attacks
  • Trojans on the Attack Against Banks
  • Insurance Collapse Due to Massive Cyber Attacks
  • The “Internet of Things”: A World in Which Cars, Appliances, and Almost Everything Is Connected to the Net
  • Level Three Attacks
  • GPS Resilience and Vulnerability
  • Attack on Water and Sewage Systems via SCADA Systems
  • Transit Systems and Aircraft Safety at Risk
  • A Recap of Why You Should Care
  • References
  • 2 Where to Go for Assistance
  • Help Available
  • Electronic Filters That Protect Against Malware Intrusions
  • Recommended Websites
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Firewalls and Backup Memory
  • Common Features That Personal Firewall Can Offer
  • Limitations of Firewalls
  • Insurance Offerings
  • What to Do
  • And Now How to Protect Your Family Against Cyberbullies, Pornography, Online Hate Messages, and Other Cyber-Related Maladies
  • What to Do About Protecting Your Family's Computers from Cyber Criminals, Stalkers and Bullies
  • What to Do About Pornographic Sites and Sexting
  • Protective Strategies for the Over-50 Crowd
  • Conclusions
  • References
  • 3 Is Anyone Looking Out for You? Your Government? Businesses Where You Trade? Your Neighbor? or Just Yourself?
  • Governmental Issues: The “Snowden Factor”
  • Corporate and Industrial Issues
  • Individual Transgressions and Cyber-World Concerns
  • Conclusions
  • References
  • 4 Ten Key Things to Protect
  • Introduction
  • The Top Ten Things for You and Your Family to Protect Against and How
  • #1. Protect Stocks, Bonds, and Retirement Accounts
  • #2. Protect Your Bank Account and Credit Card Account Records
  • #3. Protect Your Social Security, Medicare/ Medicaid Accounts and Medical Records
  • #4. Protect Desktop Computers, Wi-Fi, and Computer Routing Systems (LANS and WANS)
  • #5. Protect Personal Cell Phones/ Smart Phones
  • #6. Upgrade Cyber Security Systems for Vital Infrastructure
  • #7. Protect Big Data and Social Media: And At Least Some of Your Privacy
  • #8. Don't Put All of Your Eggs in One Basket
  • #9. Protect Yourself by Doing Audits
  • #10. Protect Your Personal Things, Your Family, and Your Business Interests, Including Your Last Will and Testament, Plus Donations and Legacy
  • Conclusions
  • References
  • 5 Cybersecurity for Smart Phones, Mobile Apps, and “The Cloud”
  • Introduction
  • The Dangers of Wi-Fi Access to the Internet
  • Mobile Applications on Smart Phones
  • Mobile Phone Security and Access
  • Making Your Smart Phone More Secure
  • Cybersecurity and Banking Apps
  • The Cloud
  • Evaluating Personal Cloud Services (Fig. 5. 3)
  • Conclusions
  • References
  • 6 Protecting Vital Cyber Infrastructure
  • Introduction
  • SCADA Networks in Our Lives that We Never See
  • SCADA Systems Security in a Community
  • Satellite Networks and Cyber Risks
  • Satellites and Cybersecurity
  • Satellite Technology and Systems
  • Application Satellites with Cybersecurity Implications
  • Fixed Satellite Systems and High Throughput Satellites
  • Mobile Satellite Systems
  • Conventional Mobile Satellite Communications
  • Mobile Satellite Systems with ATC Ancillary Terrestrial Component
  • Conclusions
  • References
  • 7 Who Will Control the Future, Black Hat Hackers or the Hacked?
  • The Viral Cyber World
  • How Do We Protect Ourselves from Cyber-Attacks Going Forward?
  • Coping with Current and Future Cyber Threats
  • Nearer Term Threats: Computer Fraud, Wi-Fi, Wireless LANs, and the Cloud
  • Wireless Local Area Networks (LANs) and Satellite Networking
  • Security Flaws in The Cloud
  • Best Practices for Companies in the Cloud
  • Cyber Protection of Vital Infrastructure Under U. S. Government and Corporate Management
  • The Smart Grid
  • Vulnerable Apps on Smart Phones and Desktop Computers
  • The Internet of Things
  • Hololens and Cybersecurity
  • Conclusions
  • Post-conclusions: Cyber Opportunities vs. Cyber Threats to Our Lives?
  • References
  • 8 Ten Essential Rules for Your Cyber Defense
  • #1. Protect Your Personal Records and Your Passwords
  • #2. Obtain a Secure Place to Store Vital Information
  • #3. Shred All Financial, Medical, and Other Personal Information that You Discard
  • #4. Get AntiVirus Software Protection
  • #5. Prevent Your Identity from Being Stolen
  • #6. Obtain at Least the Basic Personal Firewall Protection
  • #7. Recognize Warning Signs and Respond Quickly to Threats
  • #8. Consider Getting Comprehensive Insurance Against Financial and Cyber-Loss
  • #9. Support the Adoption of Stricter Governmental Legislation and Standards for Cybersecurity
  • #10. Take Common Sense Steps to Guard Against Cyber-Attacks
  • References
  • Appendix A Glossary of Definitions and Acronyms
  • Appendix B Current U. S. Priorities on Cybersecurity
  • Appendix C The U.S. Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI)
  • Appendix D Cybersecurity Activities and Policies Around the World
  • About the Authors