Teen Finance Series: Savings and Investment Information for Teens

Editor: Jones, Keith
Publication Year: 2017
Publisher: Omnigraphics, Inc.

ISBN: 978-0-7808-1553-7
Category: Business, Finance & Economics - Finance, Personal
Image Count: 7
Book Status: Pending
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Table of Contents

Savings and Investment Information for Teens, Third Edition, provides information that can help young adults learn how to save money and invest for the future. It explains how the economy works and how factors such as interest rates and inflation impact personal wealth. It offers practical suggestions for developing a financial plan and describes the risks and rewards associated with bank accounts, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Part One: How The Economy Works
  • Chapter 1 —The History Of Money
  • Chapter 2—The American Experience With Money
  • Chapter 3—The Federal Reserve System And How It Affects You
  • Chapter 4—Measuring The Economy: Gross Domestic Product (GDP) And National Income And Product Accounts (NIPAs)
  • Chapter 5—Small Businesses And Corporations In The U.S. Economy
  • Chapter 6—Strong Dollar, Weak Dollar: Foreign Exchange Rates And The U.S. Economy
  • Chapter 7—What Determines Interest Rates?
  • Chapter 8—Inflation And The Consumer Price Index (CPI)
  • Part Two: Keys To Wealth Development
  • Chapter 9—Financial Literacy And Capability
  • Chapter 10—Develop A Financial Plan
  • Chapter 11—Savings And Investing
  • Chapter 12—RiskTolerance
  • Chapter 13—Advice For Investing Wisely
  • Chapter 14—Defining Asset Allocation, Diversification, And Rebalancing
  • Chapter 15—A Beginner's Guide To Financial Statements
  • Chapter 16—Working With Financial Professionals
  • Chapter 17—Understanding Securities Analyst Recommendations
  • Chapter 18—How To Avoid The Most Common Investment Scams
  • Chapter 19—Beware Of Online Perils And Internet Fraud
  • Part Three: Banks And Bonds
  • Chapter 20—Basic Facts About Banks And Banking
  • Chapter 21 —Internet And Tech-Based Banking Options
  • Chapter 22—Pros And Cons Of Different Savings Options
  • Chapter 23—Account Choices To Consider For Saving Money
  • Chapter 24—A Guide To Deposit Insurance Coverage
  • Chapter 25—What You Should Know About Certificates Of Deposit (CD)
  • Chapter 26—What Are Bonds?
  • Chapter 27—Understanding Savings Bonds
  • Chapter 28—Treasury Bonds And Other Treasury Instruments
  • Chapter 29—Municipal And Corporate Bonds
  • Part Four: Stocks And Mutual Funds
  • Chapter 30—Understanding Stocks
  • Chapter 31 —How The Stock Market Works
  • Chapter 32—Types Of Investment Companies
  • Chapter 33—Understanding Mutual Funds And Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Chapter 34—Types Of Mutual Funds: Index Funds, Stock Funds, Bond Funds, And Money Market Funds
  • Chapter 35—What Is A Hedge Fund?
  • Chapter 36—What To Expect When You Invest In Stocks
  • Chapter 37—Placing An Order To Buy Or Sell A Stock
  • Chapter 38—Day Trading
  • Chapter 39—What Are Direct Investment Plans?
  • Chapter 40—Investing In Foreign Stocks
  • Chapter 41 —Microcap Stocks: Among The Most Risky
  • Part Five: If You Need More Information
  • Chapter 42—Directory Of Savings And Investment Organizations
  • Chapter 43—Additional Resources For Saving And Investing