A Companion to Modern Chinese Literature

Editor: Zhang, Yingjin
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-1-11-845162-5
Category: Language & Literature - Literature
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Table of Contents

This wide-ranging Companion provides a vital overview of modern Chinese literature in different geopolitical areas, from the 1840s to now. It reviews major accomplishments of Chinese literary scholarship published in Chinese and English and brings attention to previously neglected, important areas.

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Table of Contents

  • Notes on Contributors
  • Acknowledgments
  • 1 General Introduction - Yingjin Zhang
  • Part I History and Geography
  • 2 Literary Modernity in Perspective - Zhang Longxi
  • 3 Late Qing Literature, 1890s–1910s - Hu Ying
  • 4 War, Revolution, and Urban Transformations: Chinese Literature of the Republican Era, 1920s–1940s - Nicole Huang
  • 5 Socialist Literature Driven by Radical Modernity, 1950–1980 - Chen Xiaoming (translated by Qin Liyan)
  • 6 Thirty Years of New Era Literature: From Elitization to De-Elitization - Tao Dongfeng (translated by Angie Chau)
  • 7 Building a Modern Institution of Literature: The Case of Taiwan - Sung-sheng Yvonne Chang
  • 8 Sinophone Literature - Ping-hui Liao
  • Part II Genres and Types
  • 9 Modern Poetry in Chinese: Challenges and Contingencies - Michelle Yeh
  • 10 Modern Chinese Theater Study and its Century-Long History - Xiaomei Chen
  • 11 Literariness (Wen) and Character (Zhi): From Baihua to Yuluti and Dazhongyu - Qian Suoqiao
  • 12 Fiction in Modern China: Modernity through Storytelling - Yiyan Wang
  • 13 Modern China's Translated Literature - Zha Mingjian
  • 14 Writing Chinese Feminism(s) - Amy Dooling
  • 15 The World of Twentieth-Century Chinese Popular Fiction: From Shanghai Express to Rivers and Lakes of Knights-Errant - Yi Zheng
  • 16 Ethnic Minority Literature - Mark Bender
  • Part III Cultures and Media
  • 17 Use in Uselessness: How Western Aesthetics Made Chinese Literature More Political - Ban Wang
  • 18 The Linguistic Turns and Literary Fields in Twentieth-Century China - Jianhua Chen
  • 19 The Significance of the Northeastern Writers in Exile, 1931–1945 - Haili Kong
  • 20 Writing Cities - Weijie Song
  • 21 Divided Unities of Modern Chinese Literature and Visual Culture: The Modern Girl, Woodcuts, and Contemporary Painter–Poets - Paul Manfredi
  • 22 All the Literature That's Fit to Print: A Print Culture Perspective on Modern Chinese Literature - Nicolai Volland
  • 23 The Proliferating Genre: Web-Based Time-Travel Fiction and the New Media in Contemporary China - Jin Feng
  • Part IV Issues and Debates
  • 24 The Persistence of Form: Nation, Literary Movement, and the Fiction of Ng Kim Chew - Carlos Rojas
  • 25 The Modern Girl in Modern Chinese Literature - Tze-lan D. Sang
  • 26 Body as Phenomenon: A Brief Survey of Secondary Literature of the Body in Modern Chinese Literature and Culture - Ari Larissa Heinrich
  • 27 The Post-Maoist Politics of Memory - Yomi Braester
  • 28 Writing Historical Traumas in the Everyday - Lingchei Letty Chen
  • 29 A Brief Overview of Chinese-Language Scholarship on Modern Chinese Literature - Chen Sihe (translated by Alvin Ka Hin Wong)
  • 30 Toward a Typology of Literary Modernity in China: A Survey of English Scholarship on Modern Chinese Literature - Yingjin Zhang
  • Bibliography
  • Glossary