A Companion to Celebrity

Editor/Author Marshall, P. David and Redmond, Sean
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-1-11-847501-0
Category: Arts & Leisure - Popular culture
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Table of Contents

Companion to Celebrity presents a multi-disciplinary collection of original essays that explore myriad issues relating to the origins, evolution, and current trends in the field of celebrity studies.

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Table of Contents

  • List of Figures and Tables
  • Notes on Contributors
  • Acknowledgments
  • 1 Introduction- P. David Marshall and Sean Redmond
  • Part One The Genealogy of Celebrity
  • Introduction - P. David Marshall
  • 2 The Moral Concept of Celebrity: A Very Short History Told as a Sequence of Brief Lives - Fred Inglis
  • 3 Brand Names: A Brief History of Literary Celebrity - Loren Glass
  • 4 The Changing Face of Celebrity and the Emergence of Motion Picture Stardom - Gaylyn Studlar
  • Part Two The Publics of Celebrity
  • Introduction - Sean Redmond
  • 5 Celebrity, Participation, and the Public - Graeme Turner
  • 6 Celebrity, Convergence, and the Fate of Media Institutions - Nick Couldry
  • 7 Barack Obama, Media Spectacle, and Celebrity Politics - Douglas Kellner
  • 8 Construction of the Public Memory of Celebrities: Celebrity Museums in Japan - Saeko Ishita
  • Part Three Celebrity Value
  • Introduction - P. David Marshall
  • 9 Hope Springs Eternal? The Illusions and Disillusions of Political Celebrity - Andrew Tolson
  • 10 Winning Isn't Everything. Selling Is: Sports, Advertising, and the Logic of the Market - Ellis Cashmore
  • 11 From Celebrity to Influencer: Tracing the Diffusion of Celebrity Value across the Data Stream - Alison Hearn and Stephanie Schoenhoff
  • Part Four Global Celebrity
  • Introduction - Sean Redmond
  • 12 Recognition, Gratification, and Vulnerability: The Public and Private Selves of Local Celebrities - Kerry O. Ferris
  • 13 “Tweeting the Good Causes”: Social Networking and Celebrity Activism - Liza Tsaliki
  • 14 Celebrity Diplomats: Differentiation, Recognition, and Contestation - Andrew F. Cooper
  • 15 Brand Bollywood Care: Celebrity, Charity, and Vernacular Cosmopolitanism - Pramod K. Nayar
  • Part Five Celebrity Screens/Technologies of Celebrity
  • Introduction - P. David Marshall
  • 16 Celevision: Mobilizations of the Television Screen - Misha Kavka
  • 17 Stardom, Celebrity, and the Moral Economy of Pretending - Barry King
  • 18 You May Know Me from YouTube: (Micro-)Celebrity in Social Media - Alice E. Marwick
  • Part Six Emotional Celebrity
  • Introduction - Sean Redmond
  • 19 Frontierism: “The Frontier Thesis,” Affect, and the Category of Achieved Celebrity - Chris Rojek
  • 20 The Democratization of Celebrity: Mediatization, Promotion, and the Body - Olivier Driessens
  • 21 Sensing Celebrities - Sean Redmond
  • Part Seven Celebrity Embodiment
  • Introduction - Tamara Heaney and Sean Redmond
  • 22 The Ambivalent Irishness of Denis Leary and Kathy Griffin- Diane Negra
  • 23 Neymar: Sport Celebrity and Performative Cultural Politics - David L. Andrews, Victor B. Lopes, and Steven J. Jackson
  • 24 Digital Shimmer: Popular Music and the Intimate Nexus between Fan and Star - Toija Cinque
  • Part Eight Celebrity Identification
  • Introduction - P. David Marshall
  • 25 From Para-social toMultisocial Interaction: Theorizing Material/Digital Fandom and Celebrity - Matt Hills
  • 26 The Everyday Use of Celebrities - Joke Hermes and Jaap Kooijman
  • 27 Exposure: The Public Self Explored - P. David Marshall