The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of the Psychology of Occupational Safety and Workplace Health

Editor/Author Clarke, Sharon, Probst, Tahira M. and Guldenmund, Frank W.
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-1-11-897898-6
Category: Psychology
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Table of Contents

The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Organizational Psychology provides comprehensive coverage of the major contributions that psychology can make toward the improvement of workplace safety and employee health.

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Table of Contents

  • About the Editors
  • About the Contributors
  • Foreword by Professor Lois E. Tetrick
  • Series Editor Preface
  • Railway Children
  • 1 The Psychology of Occupational Safety and Workplace health - Sharon Clarke, Tahira M. Probst, Frank Guldenmund, and Jonathan Passmore
  • Part I Occupational Safety
  • 2 Personality and Individual Differences - Mickey B. Smith, Patti Jordan, and J. Craig Wallace
  • 3 The Mediating Effects of Behavior - Jeff Foster and Stephen B. Nichols
  • 4 The Influence of Peer Norms - Sílvia Agostinho Silva and Carla Santos Fugas
  • 5 Safety Leadership - Jennifer H. K. Wong, E. Kevin Kelloway, and Daniel W. Makhan
  • 6 Trust-Based Approaches to Safety and Productivity - Stacey M. Conchie, Helena E. Woodcock, and Paul J. Taylor
  • 7 Jobs and Safety Behavior - Nik Chmiel and Isabelle Hansez
  • Part II Workplace Health and Well-Being
  • 8 The Job Demands-Resources Model - Toon W. Taris and Wilmar B. Schaufeli
  • 9 Working Hours, Health, and Well-Being - Michael P. O'Driscoll and Maree Roche
  • 10 Exposure to Aggression in the Workplace - Morten Birkeland Nielsen, Helge Hoel, Dieter Zapf, and Ståle Einarsen
  • 11 Proactivity for Mental Health and Well-Being - Francesco Cangiano and Sharon K. Parker
  • 12 Employee Well-Being and Safety Behaviors - Jonathon R. B. Halbesleben and Tom Bellairs
  • 13 Organizational Climate - Sara Guediri and Mark A. Griffin
  • Part III Improving Occupational Safety and Workplace Health in Organizations
  • 14 Behavior-Based Approaches to Occupational Safety - E. Scott Geller and Zechariah J. Robinson
  • 15 Safety Training - Michael J. Burke and Caitlin E. Smith Sockbeson
  • 16 Safety Climate and Supervisory-Based Interventions - Gil Luria
  • 17 Workplace Health Promotion - Arla Day and Thomas Helson
  • 18 Psychosocial Safety Climate - Amy Zadow and Maureen F. Dollard
  • 19 Organizational Safety Culture - Frank Guldenmund
  • 20 Patient Safety Culture - Andrea Bishop, Mark Fleming, and Rhona Flin
  • 21 Managing Uncertainty in High-Risk Environments - Gudela Grote
  • 22 Risk Management - A. Ian Glendon