The SAGE Handbook of Mentoring

Editors: Clutterbuck, David A., Kochan, Frances K. and Lunsford, Laura,
Publication Year: 2017
Publisher: Sage UK

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ISBN: 978-1-47-394282-0
Category: Leadership
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Table of Contents

The SAGE Handbook of Mentoring provides a scholarly, comprehensive, and critical overview of mentoring theory, research, and practice across the world. Internationally renowned authors map out the key historical and contemporary research, before considering modern case study examples and future directions for the field.

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Table of Contents

    • List of Figures
    • List of Tables
    • Notes on the Editors and Contributors
    • Acknowledgements
    • 1 Introduction - David A. Clutterbuck, Frances Kochan, Laura Gail Lunsford, Nora Dominguez and Julie Haddock-Millar
    • 2 Philosophical Origins of Mentoring: The Critical Narrative Analysis - Bob Garvey
    • 3 Critical Issues on Democracy and Mentoring in Education: A Debate in the Literature - Carol A. Mullen
    • 4 Critical Issues in Mentoring Research - Julie Haddock-Millar
    • 5 A Research Analysis of the Underpinnings, Practice, and Quality of Mentoring Programs and Relationships - Nora Dominguez
    • 6 Developmental Networks: Enhancing the Science and Practice of Mentoring - Jeffrey Yip and Kathy E. Kram
    • 7 Ethical Considerations for Mentors: Toward a Mentoring Code of Ethics - W. Brad Johnson
    • 8 New Horizons for Mentoring Research: Exploring the Present and Past to Frame the Future - Beverly J. Irby, Jennifer Boswell, Nahed Abdelrahman, Rafael Lara-Alecio and Fuhui Tong
    • 9 The Effective Mentor, Mentee and Mentoring Relationship - Chandana Sanyal
    • 10 The Mentoring Cycle - Julie Haddock-Millar
    • 11 Working with Goals in Mentoring - David A. Clutterbuck and David Megginson
    • 12 Design of Effective Mentoring Programmes - Lis Merrick
    • 13 A Case Study of the Operations and Perceived Attributes of Successful Multi-Country Mentoring Programmes - Sadhana Bhide
    • 14 Organizational Contexts: Aligning Individual and Organizational Outcomes - Vicki L. Baker
    • 15 Measuring the Effectiveness of Mentoring Programmes - Eileen Murphy and Jane Lewes
    • 16 The Role of the Mentoring Programme Co-ordinator - Terezia Koczka
    • 17 Supervision of Mentoring - Rodney K. Goodyear, Tony Rousmaniere and Jeff Zimmerman
    • 18 Keeping Emotions IN It: Emotionally Intelligent Mentoring - Rose Opengart and Laura Bierema
    • 19 Mentoring Disadvantaged Youth - Stella S. Kanchewa, Sarah E.O. Schwartz and Jean E. Rhodes
    • 20 Mentoring in Higher Education - Laura Gail Lunsford, Gloria Crisp, Erin L. Dolan and Brad Wuetherick
    • 21 The Terrors of Judgementoring and the Case for ONSIDE Mentoring for Early Career Teachers - Andrew J. Hobson
    • 22 Mentoring Newcomer Immigrants: Tactics of and Recommendations for Successful Mentors - Roxanne B. Reeves
    • 23 Race, Gender and Mentoring in Higher Education - Deirdre Cobb-Roberts, Talia Esnard, Ann Unterreiner, Vonzell Agosto, Zorka Karanxha, Makini Beck and Ke Wu
    • 24 Mentoring Diverse Populations - Nora Dominguez and Faith Sears
    • 25 Mentoring Executives at the Workplace: A View of Practice and Research - Kirsten M. Poulsen
    • 26 Early Career Faculty Mentoring: Career Cycles, Learning and Support - Vicki L. Baker and Aimee LaPointe Terosky
    • 27 Mentoring in Educational Leadership for Organizational Transformation - Gary M. Crow and Margaret Grogan
    • 28 Mentoring in the Military - Diane M. Ryan and Jeffrey D. Peterson
    • 29 An Historical Exploration of the Research and Practice of Familial Mentoring - Donnel Nunes and Leslie Dashew
    • 30 eMentoring: Computer Mediated Career Development for the Future - Laura Bierema
    • 31 Ubuntu and Transformational Mentoring in South Africa: 7 Principles of a Culturally Integrated Mentoring Response - Hilary Geber and Moyra Keane
    • 32 E-mentoring Women in Resources: Lessons Learned from an Australian Programme - Melissa Richardson
    • 33 Mentoring Novice Teachers: An Online Experience in Brazil - Aline Maria de Medeiros Rodrigues Reali, Maria da Graça Nicoletti Mizukami and Regina Maria Simões Puccinelli Tancredi
    • 34 Mowgli Foundation – Mentoring to Empower Entrepreneurial and Economic Development - Kathleen Bury and Amanda Edwards
    • 35 Rhea Challenge Mentoring Learning Alliance Program for Female Entrepreneurs in Finland - Mikaela Nyström and Eeva-Liisa Heinaro
    • 36 Intercultural Relationships and Mentoring: The Italian Air Force on an Afghanistan NATO Training Mission, Shindand - Matteo Perchiazzi
    • 37 The Virtual Māori Mentoring Programme, Massey Business School, New Zealand - Vasudha B and Farah Palmer
    • 38 Statoil Mentoring Program for Leaders in Projects - Jennybeth Ekeland and Åse Velure
    • 39 A Case Study of Mentoring in a Military Context - Wendy Baker and Warrant Officer Viti Flanagan
    • 40 Sanofi Aventis Case Study, Poland - Mariola Czechowska-Fraczak, Anna Jarze˛bska and Malgorzata Jastrzebska
    • 41 The WomenWinWin Mentoring Programme (WWWMP), Portugal - Ana Oliveira Pinto
    • 42 Youth Business International - Hoang Anh Thi Le and Laura Rana
    • 43 Mentoring in Music and the City: A Comparison of Schemes for City Businesswomen and High-Performing Early-Career Professional Musicians - Esther Cavett
    • 44 Mentoring Irish Rugby Players For Life After Rugby - Paula King
    • 45 Peer Mentoring: A Powerful Tool to Accelerate the Learning Experience - Mariano Ulanovsky and Patricia Pérez
    • 46 A Multi-country Mentoring Programme across Eurasia with Anadolu Efes - Tim Bright and David Megginson
    • 47 Mentoring Women in Canada's Financial Sector - Joanne Leck and Catherine Mossop
    • 48 Coaching and Mentoring Doctors and Dentists – A Case Study - Rebecca Viney and Denise Harris
    • 49 Swarovski Case Study - Emily Cosgrove and Petra Lockhart
    • 50 Mentoring across an Industry – the Recruitment Industry in Australia and New Zealand - Vanessa Fudge and Akram Sabbagh
    • 51 Commonwealth of Australia Statutory Authority - Anna Blackman
    • 52 UCLan, Centre for Volunteering and Community Leadership: Mentoring Practice - Ridwanah Gurjee
    • 53 The Bacchus Mentoring Scheme: Enhancing the Alumni and Student Experience - Judie Gannon
    • 54 How Might Mentoring Work? Starting to Lift the Lid on the Black Box - Sally Lawson
    • 55 Crossing Thresholds Career-Mentoring Programme for Women in the UK Civil Service - Fiona McInnes-Craig
    • 56 A Self-managed Mentee-Led Mentoring Programme for Vodafone Turkey - Tim Bright