Routledge Research Companion to Security Outsourcing

Editor/Author Berndtsson, Joakim and Kinsey, Christopher
Publication Year: 2016
Publisher: Routledge

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ISBN: 978-1-47-242683-3
Category: Social Sciences - Criminology & Law
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Table of Contents

Routledge Research Companion to Outsourcing Security offers an overview of the different ways in which states have come to rely on private contractors to support interventions.

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Table of Contents

  • List of Figures and Tables
  • List of Contributors
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction - joakim berndtsson and christopher kinsey
  • PART I The Outsourcing Context: The Evolution of Security Outsourcing
  • 1 Supporting the Troops: Military Contracting in the United States - martha lizabeth phelps
  • 2 Outsourcing Military Logistics and Security Services: The Case of the United Kingdom - Christopher Kinsey
  • 3 Dissecting Military and Security Outsourcing in Canada's Expeditionary Culture: Afghanistan and the Future - Christopher Spearin
  • 4 Coercion and Capital in Afghanistan: The Rise, Transformation and Fall of the Afghan Commercial Security Sector - Christian Olsson
  • 5 A ‘Pacifist’ Approach to Military Contracting: How German History Explains Its Limited Use of Private Security Companies - Birthe Anders
  • PART II Theorising Security Outsourcing
  • 6 The Evolution of Private Force - Sean McFate
  • 7 Money for Nothing? Contractor Support from an Economic Perspective - Eugenio Cusumano
  • 8 Critical Perspectives on Military Markets - Anna Leander
  • 9 Outsourcing and Risk: From the Known to the Unknown - Elke Krahmann
  • 10 Merchants of Security: Private Security Companies, Strategy and the Quest for Power - Marcus Mohlin
  • PART III The Law, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility of Outsourcing Security
  • 11 Contractors and the Law of Armed Conflict - Malcolm Hugh Patterson
  • 12 Contract Law as Cover: Curtailing the Scope of Private Military and Security Contractor Responsibilities - Hin-Yan Liu
  • 13 Socially Responsible Security Providers? Analysing Norm Internalisation among Private Security Providers - Aileen Acheson
  • 14 Regulating Human Rights in the Context of Outsourcing Military Logistics and Armed Security - Sorcha MacLeod
  • 15 Democratic States, War and Private Security Companies: The Ethical Puzzles - Mervyn Frost
  • 16 The Contractor as the New Cosmopolitan Soldier - Andreas Krieg
  • 17 Is It Ethical for States to Prevent Their Citizens from Working as TCN Military and Security Contractors? - Deane-Peter Baker
  • PART IV Armed Security Contractors and Military Contractors: Drivers, Politics and Consequences
  • 18 What Is Driving the Outsourcing of Diplomatic Security? - Eugenio Cusumano and Christopher Kinsey
  • 19 Reconfiguring Power and Insecurity in the Afghan Context: The Consequences of Outsourcing Security in High-risk Societies - Åse Gilje Østensen
  • 20 Industry and Support to UK Contemporary Military Operations: A Practitioner's Strategic Military Perspective - David Shouesmith
  • 21 The Politics of Outsourcing Military Support Services - Mark Erbel
  • 22 The Consequences of Outsourcing Military Support Functions - Molly Dunigan
  • PART V Emerging Perspectives: Issues of Gender, Military Professionals and Maritime Private Security
  • 23 The Culture of Whiteness in Private Security - Amanda Chisholm
  • 24 The Issue of Gender and Armed Contractors - Jutta Joachim and Andrea Schneiker
  • 25 Security Outsourcing and Critical Feminist Inquiry: Taking Stock and Looking Forward - Maria Stern
  • 26 Private Maritime Security: Assemblage in a Space of Exception? - Alex Gould
  • 27 Private Security, Military Professionals and the State - Joakim Berndtsson
  • Conclusion - Joakim Berndtsson and Christopher Kinsey