Routledge Environmental Humanities: A Cultural History of Climate Change

Editors: Bristow, Tom and Ford, Thomas H.
Publication Year: 2016
Publisher: Routledge

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ISBN: 978-1-13-883816-1
Category: Science - Environmental sciences
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Table of Contents

Charting innovative directions in the environmental humanities, this book examines the cultural history of climate change under three broad headings: history, writing and politics.

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Table of Contents

  • List of figures
  • List of contributors
  • Acknowledgements
  • Climates of history, cultures of climate - TOM BRISTOW AND THOMAS H. FORD
  • PART I Climates of history
  • 1 Voices of endurance: climate and the power of oral history - DEB ANDERSON
  • 2 Rethinking seasons: changing climate, changing time - CHRIS O'BRIEN
  • 3 The terrestrial envelope: Joseph Fourier's geological speculation - JEROME WHITINGTON
  • 4 Melancholy and the continent of fire - TOM BRISTOW AND ANDREA WITCOMB
  • 5 The Anthropocene and the long seventeenth century: 1550–1750 - LINDA WILLIAMS
  • PART II Climates of writing
  • 6 Change beyond belief: fictions of (the) Enlightenment and Simpson's ‘climate change suite’ - JAYNE LEWIS
  • 7 Fuels and humans, bíos and zōē - KAREN PINKUS
  • 8 The ‘foreign grave’ motif in Victorian medicine and literature - ROSLYN JOLLY
  • 9 Climate change and literary history - THOMAS H. FORD
  • PART III Climates of politics
  • 10 Climate change: politics, excess, sovereignty - NICK MANSFIELD
  • 11 Para-religions of climate change: humanity, eco-nihilism, apocalypse - S. ROMI MUKHERJEE
  • 12 Litigation, activism, and the paradox of lawfulness in an age of climate change - NICOLE ROGERS
  • 13 This is not my beautiful biosphere - TIMOTHY MORTON