Women, War, and Violence: Topography, Resistance, and Hope

Editors: Kurtz, Mariam M. and Kurtz, Lester R.
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: ABC-CLIO

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ISBN: 978-1-44-082880-5
Category: Social Sciences - Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
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Table of Contents

This work brings women's voices to the fore, highlighting new scholarship and journalism to offer a realistic understanding of this timely topic. Including both historical context and contemporary issues, the volumes explore types of violence affecting women and girls as victims of war and as combatants in and perpetrators of war.

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Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgments
  • Volume 1
  • 1. Introduction: Women, War, and Violence - Mariam M. Kurtz and Lester R. Kurtz
  • 2. Gender and Conflict: What Do We Know? - Sandra I. Cheldelin
  • 3. Gendering Vulnerability: Are Women Victims of Systemic Violence? - Mariam M. Kurtz
  • 4. Women, War, and Violence: Some Holistic Points - Johan Galtung
  • 5. Structural Violence against Women - Kathleen Maas Weigert
  • 6. International Violence against Women: Prevalence, Outcomes, and Prevention - Danielle Dirks and Emily Troshynski
  • 7. Women or Weapons: The Militarist Sexist Symbiosis - Betty A. Reardon
  • 8. Gender, War, and the Search for Peaceful Coexistence - Diana Francis
  • 9. Are Women the Peacemakers? Are Men the Warmakers? Exploring the Intersection of Gender and Militarization - Lynne M. Woehrle
  • 10. Violence against Immigrant Women - Pilar Rodríguez Martínez
  • 11. Trafficking in Women: Dynamics, Debates, and Disconnects - Maryann Bylander
  • 12. Wartime Rape: A Case Study of the Democratic Republic of Congo - Mariam M. Kurtz and Mwamini Thambwe Diggs
  • 13. Women's Roles in Everyday Armed Violence and Cease-Fire Pacts in a Caracas Barrio - Manuel Llorens, Verónica Zubillaga, and John Souto
  • 14. When Daughters Are Unwanted: Sex Determination Tests in India - Madhu Purnima Kishwar
  • 15. Banalization of Violence as a Self-Protection of the Psychism - Miriam Gutiérrez-Otero
  • 16. Sharia Law and Its Implications for Women's Status and Rights - Saira Yamin
  • 17. Lebanese Women's Nonviolence: Action and Discourse - Rita Stephan and Nicole Khoury
  • 18. The Syrian Revolution as Lived and Led by Women Activists - Rajaa Altalli and Anne-Marie Codur
  • 19. Women and the Egyptian Revolution: A Dream Deferred? - Althea M. Middleton-Detzner, Jillian M. Slutzker, Samuel F. Chapple-Sokol, and Sana A. Mahmood
  • 20. The Egyptian Revolution Empowers Women - Mariam M. Kurtz
  • 21. Women in Combat: The Quest for Full Inclusion - Meredith Kleykamp and Molly Clever
  • 22. Spousal PTSD: Eradicating the Cycle of Violence - Jonathan Edmunds
  • Volume 2
  • 23. Preventing Violence against Women: Four Strategies - Riane Eisler
  • 24. Women in Civil Resistance - Anne-Marie Codur and Mary Elizabeth King
  • 25. Women and Civil Rights: A Personal Reflection - Mary Elizabeth King
  • 26. UN Women: Holistic Global Advocacy to Address Violence against Women - Erin M. Stephens
  • 27. Violence against Women - Dorota Gierycz
  • 28. Establishing Rape as a Crime against Humanity: Innovations and Reactions from African Nations - Susan F. Hirsch and Caroline Sarkis
  • 29. India's Anti-Rape Law Reform: The Need for a Surgeon's Precision - Madhu Purnima Kishwar
  • 30. Women and Diplomacy: The Case for Inclusive Security - Swanee Hunt and Deborah Cavin
  • 31. Fighting Violence against Women: A Toolkit - Lester R. Kurtz
  • 32. Trafficking in Human Beings: A Gender- and Rights-Based Approach - Dorota Gierycz
  • 33. Patriarchy, Pedagogy, and Learning toward a Culture of Peace - Betty A. Reardon
  • 34. Human Rights Education: A Key to Eliminating Violence against Women in India - Anamika Gupta
  • 35. “Conduct Unbecoming”: Prosecuting Sexual Assault in the Military - Ashley M. Belyea
  • 36. Violence against the Environment: Women Taking Action - Leeanne E. Alonso, Shivani Bhalla, Alexis Bermudez, Mary K. Cline, Christina M. E. Ellis, Ana Liz Flores, Renée González Montagut, Martha M. Hurley, Rebecca Kormos, Patricia Moreno-Casasola, and Annette L. Tjon Sie Fat
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