Perspectives on Verbal and Psychological Abuse

Editor: Maiuro, Roland
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

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ISBN: 978-0-82-619465-7
Category: Social Sciences - Contemporary Issues & Controversies
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Table of Contents

This book, a collection of acclaimed articles from the peer-reviewed journal Violence and Victims, addresses how psychological aggression can be reliably measured, as well as the challenges inherent in alleging or proving that these non-physical violent acts have occurred. Authors--experts on these forms of abuse from a variety of social science disciplines--present research related to perpetrators of psychological and verbal abuse, victims of this abuse, and effective interventions.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The Nature and Prevalence of Partner Psychological Abuse in a National Sample of Adults - Diane R. Follingstad and M. Jill Rogers
  • Chapter 2: Psychological Abuse: A Variable Deserving Critical Attention in Domestic Violence - K. Daniel O'Leary
  • Chapter 3: Perceived Verbal Conflict Behaviors Associated With Physical Aggression and Sexual Coercion in Dating Relationships: A Gender-Sensitive Analysis - Jennifer Katz, Andrew Carino, and Angela Hilton
  • Chapter 4: Stalking and Psychological Abuse: Common Factors and Relationship-Specific Characteristics - Melanie Livet Dye and Keith E. Davis
  • Chapter 5: Psychological Intimate Partner Violence During Pregnancy and Birth Outcomes: Threat of Violence Versus Other Verbal and Emotional Abuse - Jacqueline Gentry and Beth A. Bailey
  • Chapter 6: Measuring Interference With Employment and Education Reported by Women With Abusive Partners: Preliminary Data - Stephanie Riger, Courtney Ahrens and Amy Blickenstaff
  • Chapter 7: Effects of Men's Subtle and Overt Psychological Abuse on Low-Income Women - Linda L. Marshall
  • Chapter 8: The Impact of Different Forms of Psychological Abuse on Battered Women - Leslie A. Sackett and Daniel G. Saunders
  • Chapter 9: The Development of a Measure of Psychological Maltreatment of Women by Their Male Partners - Richard M. Tolman
  • Chapter 10: Psychologists’ Judgments of Psychologically Aggressive Actions When Perpetrated by a Husband Versus a Wife - Diane R. Follingstad, Dana D. DeHart, and Eric P. Green
  • Chapter 11: Abused Women or Abused Men? An Examination of the Context and Outcomes of Dating Violence - Melanie S. Harned
  • Chapter 12: Psychological Abuse: Implications for Adjustment and Commitment to Leave Violent Partners - Ileana Arias and Karen T. Pape
  • Chapter 13: Psychological and Physical Dating Violence Perpetrated by Pregnant and Parenting Latina Adolescents - Michelle L. Toews and Ani Yazedjian
  • Chapter 14: Interpersonal and Systemic Aspects of Emotional Abuse at Work: The Target's Perspective - Loraleigh Keashly