Perspectives on College Sexual Assault: Perpetrator, Victim, and Bystander

Editor: Maiuro, Roland
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

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ISBN: 978-0-82-619464-0
Category: Social Sciences - Contemporary Issues & Controversies
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Table of Contents

This collection of highly acclaimed research articles, published in the peer-reviewed journal Violence and Victims, disseminates state-of-the-art information about sexual violence on campus. It addresses the controversy surrounding statistics on the prevalence of college sexual assault and its tendency to go unreported, as well as contention regarding university policies and response (or lack thereof) by administrators.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: College Students’ Social Reactions to the Victim in a Hypothetical Sexual Assault Scenario: The Role of Victim and Perpetrator Alcohol Use - Amy S. Untied, Lindsay M. Orchowski, Nadine Mastroleo and Christine A. Gidycz
  • Chapter 2: Gender Differences in Sexual Assault Victimization Among College Students - Denise A. Hines, Jessica L. Armstrong, Kathleen Palm Reed and Amy Y. Cameron
  • Chapter 3: College Women’s Perceived Risk to Experience Sexual Victimization: A Prospective Analysis - Lindsay M. Orchowski, Suzannah K. Creech, Madhavi K. Reddy, Nicole M. Capezza and Tanya Ratcliff
  • Chapter 4:Fear of Rape Among College Women: A Social Psychological Analysis - Douglas W. Pryor and Marion R. Hughes
  • Chapter 5:Objectification Among College Women in the Context of Intimate Partner Violence - Sarah J. Gervais and M. Meghan Davidson
  • Chapter 6: Factors Associated With College Women’s Labeling of Sexual Victimization - Lindsay M. Orchowski, Amy S. Untied and Christine A. Gidycz
  • Chapter 7:Sexual Assault Prevention With College-Aged Women: A Bibliotherapy Approach - Elizabeth A. Yeater, Amy E. Naugle, William O’Donohue and April R. Bradley
  • Chapter 8: Impulsivity and Sexual Assault in College Men - Emily R. Mouilso, Karen S. Calhoun and Thomas G. Rosenbloom
  • Chapter 9: Female-Perpetrated Intimate Partner Violence and Romantic Attachment Style in a College Student Sample - Holly K. Orcutt, Marilyn Garcia and Scott M. Pickett
  • Chapter 10: Administrators’ Perceptions of College Campus Protocols, Response, and Student Prevention Efforts for Sexual Assault - Angela F. Amar, Tania D. Strout, Somatra Simpson, Maria Cardiello and Sania Beckford
  • Chapter 11: Bystander Education Training for Campus Sexual Assault Prevention: An Initial Meta-Analysis - Jennifer Katz and Jessica Moore
  • Chapter 12: Bystander Perceptions: Implications for University Sexual Assault Prevention Programs - Lori E. Koelsch, Amy L. Brown and Leah Boisen