Perspectives on Stalking: Victims, Perpetrators, and Cyberstalking

Editor: Maiuro, Roland
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

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ISBN: 978-0-82-619468-8
Category: Social Sciences - Contemporary Issues & Controversies
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Table of Contents

Stalking--characterized by harassment, repeated calling, sending inappropriate letters or gifts, unsuitable use of social media, confrontation, and other unwanted behaviorsis a worldwide problem that is on the rise, especially the incidence and prevalence of cyberstalking. This book presents a collection of prominent articles published in the peer-reviewed journal Violence and Victims, written by experts on stalking from a variety of social science disciplines. Authors present research related to stalking victims and perpetrators, cyberstalking, how to identify stalking, and stalking in a variety of settings with a focus on college campuses.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Stalking and Obsessive Behaviors in Everyday Life: Assessments of Victims and Perpetrators - Irene Hanson Frieze and Keith Davis
  • Chapter 2: An Empirical Study of Stalking Victimization - Beth Bjerregaard
  • Chapter 3: Coping With Stalking Among University Students - Katja Björklund, Helinä Häkkänen-Nyholm, Lorraine Sheridan, and Karl Roberts
  • Chapter 4: Do Men and Women Differ in Their Perceptions of Stalking: An Exploratory Study Among College Students - Eric G. Lambert, Brad Smith, James Geistman, Terry Cluse-Tolar, and Shanhe Jiang
  • Chapter 5: Initial Courtship Behavior and Stalking: How Should We Draw the Line? - H. Colleen Sinclair and Irene Hanson Frieze
  • Chapter 6: The Personality of Pursuit: Personality Attributions of Unwanted Pursuers and Stalkers - Brian H. Spitzberg and Alice E. Veksler
  • Chapter 7: A Pattern of Violence: Analyzing the Relationship Between Intimate Partner Violence and Stalking - Sarah M. Norris, Matthew T. Huss, and Russell E. Palarea
  • Chapter 8: Experiences of Stalking in Same-Sex and Opposite-Sex Contexts - Lorraine P. Sheridan, Adrian C. North, and Adrian J. Scott
  • Chapter 9: Stalking Perpetrators and Psychological Maltreatment of Partners: Anger-Jealousy, Attachment Insecurity, Need for Control, and Break-Up Context - Keith E. Davis, April Ace and Michelle Andra
  • Chapter 10: The Assessment of Cyberstalking: An Expanded Examination Including Social Networking, Attachment, Jealousy, and Anger in Relation to Violence and Abuse - Jenna Strawhun, Natasha Adams, and Matthew T. Huss
  • Chapter 11: The Impact of Severe Stalking Experienced by Acutely Battered Women: An Examination of Violence, Psychological Symptoms and Strategic Responding - Mindy B. Mechanic, Mary H. Uhlmansiek, Terri L. Weaver, and Patricia A.Resick
  • Chapter 12: Coping With Obsessive Relational Intrusion and Stalking: The Role of Social Support and Coping Strategies - Linda Kim Nguyen, Brian H. Spitzberg, and Carmen M. Lee