Multicultural Neurorehabilitation: Clinical Principles for Rehabilitation Professionals

Editor/Author Uomoto, Jay M.
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

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ISBN: 978-0-82-611515-7
Category: Health & Medicine - Rehabilitation & Therapy
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Table of Contents

This resource includes contributions from prominent scientists and practitioners who bring to the book their expertise in neurorehabilitation with culturally diverse populations and settings. Chapters address diversity and the epidemiology of acquired brain injury, specific populations in the neurorehabilitation setting, the process of neurorehabilitation as it is affected by cultural variables, training in cultural competency, disability culture, military and veteran culture, and other special topics that range from indigenous healers to spirituality and religious diversity.

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Table of Contents

  • About the Author
  • Contributors
  • Foreword Stanley Sue, PhD
  • Preface
  • Part I: Diversity and the Wider Context of Multicultural Neurorehabilitation
  • 1 Neuroepidemiology and Racial Disparities in Neurorehabilitation Care - Jay M. Uomoto and Jennifer Loughlin
  • 2 Working With People With Disabilities Within a Multiculturalism Framework - Eun-Jeong Lee and Nicole Ditchman
  • Part II: Multicultural Issues in the Neurorehabilitation Setting
  • 3 Cultural Variables and the Process of Neuropsychological Assessment in the Neurorehabilitation Setting After Brain Injury - Anthony H. Lequerica and Ivan Panyavin
  • 4 Language, Ethnicity, Culture, and the Neurorehabilitation Patient Experience - Aida Saldivar, Fernando Gonzalez, Marlene Vega, and Charlotte Sykora
  • 5 Layers of Culture: Its Influence in a Milieu-Oriented Holistic Neurorehabilitation Setting - Kavitha R. Perumparaichallai and Pamela S. Klonoff
  • 6 The Effects of Acculturation on Neuropsychological Rehabilitation of Ethnically Diverse Persons - Janet P. Niemeier, Joseph Keawe'aimoku Kaholokula, Juan Carlos Arango-Lasprilla, and Shawn O. Utsey
  • Part III: Special Topics in Multicultural Neurorehabilitation>
  • 7 Disability Culture: An Ethics Perspective - Thomas R. Kerkhoff and Stephanie L. Hanson
  • 8 The Effective Use of Certified Medical Interpreters in the Neurorehabilitation Setting - Julie Alberty and Jay M. Uomoto
  • 9 Rehabilitation in Military and Veteran Populations: The Impact of Military Culture - Alison N. Cernich, Heather G. Belanger, Michael Pramuka, and William L. Brim
  • 10 Racial and Ethnic Microaggressions in the Neurorehabilitation Setting - Fred Loya and Jay M. Uomoto
  • 11 Spirituality, Religiousness, and Culture in Neurorehabilitation - Vicky T. Lomay and Brick Johnstone
  • 12 On New Directions to Advance the Field of Multicultural Neurorehabilitation - Jay M. Uomoto
  • Afterword