Fast Facts for the Triage Nurse: An Orientation and Care Guide in a Nutshell

Editor/Author Montejano, Ed and Sivo, Anna
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

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ISBN: 978-0-82-612265-0
Category: Health & Medicine - Nursing
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Table of Contents

This is a concise, user-friendly orientation guide and reference for new and seasoned nurses, paramedics, preceptors, educators, management teams, and anyone else working in the triage environment. It offers guidelines covering key processes and practices triage nurses use daily.

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Table of Contents

  • Reviewers
  • Foreword: - Rebecca S. McNair, RN, CEN
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Part I: Setting the Stage for Success at Triage
  • 1. Orienting to Triage: Lynn Sayre Visser
  • 2. Precepting at Triage: Lynn Sayre Visser
  • 3. Tips for Success at Triage: Lynn Sayre Visser and Anna Sivo Montejano
  • 4. Personal Awareness for the Triage Nurse: Anna Sivo Montejano
  • Part II: Point-of-Entry Processes in Triage Nursing
  • 5. The Patient Arrival: Anna Sivo Montejano
  • 6. Customer Service in Triage Nursing: Lynn Sayre Visser
  • 7. Legal Concerns in Triage Nursing: Deb Jeffries
  • Part III: Nursing Essentials for Effective Triage
  • 8. Triage Acuity Scales: Deb Jeffries
  • 9. Documentation: Rebecca S. McNair
  • 10. Core Measures: Lynn Sayre Visser
  • Part IV: Current Trends Impacting Triage Nursing
  • 11. Urgent Care Triage: Valerie Aarne Grossman
  • 12. Electronic Medical Record Considerations: Dawn Friedly Gray
  • 13. Provider in Triage: Lynn Sayre Visser
  • 14. Advanced Triage Protocols: Dawn Friedly Gray
  • Part V: “Red Flag” Patient Presentations
  • 15. Introduction to “Red Flag” Presentations: Lynn Sayre Visser
  • 16. Respiratory Emergencies: Polly Gerber Zimmermann and Lynn Sayre Visser
  • 17. Cardiac Emergencies: Polly Gerber Zimmermann
  • 18. Neurological Emergencies: Reneé Semonin Holleran
  • 19. Abdominal Emergencies: Polly Gerber Zimmermann
  • 20. Obstetric and Gynecological Emergencies: Polly Gerber Zimmermann and Lynn Sayre Visser
  • 21. Psychiatric Emergencies: Anna Sivo Montejano
  • 22. Ocular Emergencies: Anna Sivo Montejano and Lynn Sayre Visser
  • 23. Musculoskeletal Emergencies: Reneé Semonin Holleran
  • 24. Environmental Emergencies: Anna Sivo Montejano
  • 25. Contagious Presentations: Anna Sivo Montejano and Lynn Sayre Visser
  • 26. Trauma at Triage: Reneé Semonin Holleran
  • Part VI: Special Considerations in Triage Nursing
  • 27. Special Populations: Anna Sivo Montejano
  • 28. Pediatric Triage: Deb Jeffries
  • 29. Geriatric Triage: Anna Sivo Montejano
  • 30. Patient and Staff Safety: Anna Sivo Montejano
  • 31. Case Studies: Anna Sivo Montejano and Lynn Sayre Visser
  • Abbreviations
  • Resources
  • Additional Reading