Nursing Research Using Historical Methods: Qualitative Designs and Methods in Nursing

Editor: De Chesnay, Mary
Publication Year: 2014
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

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ISBN: 978-0-82-612617-7
Category: Health & Medicine - Nursing
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Table of Contents

This is a concise, step-by-step guide to conducting qualitative nursing research using various forms of historical analysis. It is part of a unique series of books devoted to seven different qualitative designs and methods in nursing, written for both novice researchers and specialists seeking to develop or expand their competency. Historical research is a qualitative research method that systematically examines past events from existing documents or other data, or by interviewing individuals who lived through those events, in order to understand the past.

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Table of Contents

  • About the Author
  • Contributors
  • Foreword - Lynda P. Nauright, EdD, RN
  • Series Foreword
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • 1 Learning the Historical Method: Step by Step Sandra B. Lewenson and Annemarie McAllister
  • 2 Essay on Sources Patricia D'Antonio
  • Commentary: Interview With Dr. Barbra Mann Wall Mary de Chesnay
  • 3 Inside Track of Doing Historical Research: My Dissertation Story Annemarie McAllister and Sandra B. Lewenson
  • 4 History in the Making: Organizing a Nursing History Dissertation Jeannine Uribe
  • 5 Conducting Oral History Research in Community Mental Health Nursing Geertje Boschma
  • 6 Celluloid Angels: The Power of Stories David Stanley
  • 7 The Navajo Experience of Elizabeth Forster, Public Health Nurse Mary Ann Ruffing-Rahal
  • 8 Sojourner: Life Stories of a Global Health Nurse Barbara A. Anderson
  • 9 Aviation Pioneers: World War II Air Evacuation Nurses Susan Y. Stevens
  • Commentary: History Through the Lens of a Nurse Susan Y. Stevens
  • Appendix A List of Journals That Publish Qualitative Research Mary de Chesnay
  • Appendix B Essential Elements for a Qualitative Proposal Tommie Nelms
  • Appendix C Writing Qualitative Research Proposals Joan L. Bottorff
  • Appendix D Outline for a Research Proposal Mary de Chesnay