Visual Research Methods in Educational Research

Editor/Author Moss, Julianne and Pini, Barbara
Publication Year: 2016
Publisher: Macmillan Publishers Ltd

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ISBN: 978-1-349-68602-5
Category: Social Sciences - Education
Image Count: 37
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Table of Contents

This book addresses the gap in the literature and brings together some of the leading educational researchers engaging and reflecting on the visual from Australia, the UK and Canada. Encapsulated in a single volume, this book sets out theoretically grounded discussions of the possibilities and challenges of the approach for educational researchers around four key themes: images of schooling, performing pedagogy, power and representation and ethical issues in educational research.

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Table of Contents

  • List of Figures
  • List of Tables
  • Notes on Contributors
  • 1 Introduction - Julianne Moss and Barbara Pini
  • Part I Images of Schooling: Representations and Historical Accounts
  • 2 Reading Images of School Buildings and Spaces: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue on Visual Research in Histories of Progressive Education - Julie McLeod, Philip Goad, Julie Willis and Kate Darian-Smith
  • 3 On Using Found Object Photographs in School Research - Jeremy Rowe and Eric Margolis
  • 4 Reading the Visual in the Marketing of Elite Schooling - Barbara Pini, Paula McDonald and Jennifer Bartlett
  • Part II Performing Pedagogy Visually
  • 5 The Use of the Visual to Interpret School Cultures: Producing Knowledge and Knowing When You Are Learning to Teach - Kim Senior and Julianne Moss
  • 6 Pedascapes: New Cartographies of Pedagogy - Mary Dixon
  • 7 Using Film to Show and Tell: Studying/Changing Pedagogical Practices - Pat Thomson and Christine Hall
  • 8 Visual Language, Visual Literacy: Education à la Modes - Dawnene D. Hassett
  • Part III Power and Representation in Visual Educational Research
  • 9 Repeat Photography and Educational Research - Amy Scott Metcalfe
  • 10 Children Framing Childhoods and Looking Back - Wendy Luttrell
  • 11 On ‘Gods’ and ‘Kings’ in the Tutorial Industry: A ‘Media Spectacle’ Analysis of the Shadow Education in Hong Kong - Aaron Koh
  • 12 The Abductive Leap: Eliding Visual and Participatory in Research Design - Elaine Hall and Kate Wall
  • Part IV Ethical Issues in Visual Educational Research
  • 13 Ethical Challenges in Visual Educational Research - Kitty te Riele and Alison Baker
  • 14 The Gaze and the Gift: Ethical Issues When Young Children Are Photographers - Patricia Tarr and Sylvia Kind
  • 15 Conclusion - Barbara Pini and Julianne Moss