The Palgrave International Handbook of Healthcare Policy and Governance

Editor/Author Kuhlmann, Ellen, Blank, Robert H. and Bourgeault, Ivy Lynn,
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: Macmillan Publishers Ltd

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ISBN: 978-1-349-48112-5
Category: Health & Medicine - Health
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Table of Contents

Starting with more general issues of healthcare policy and governance in a global perspective and using the lens of national case studies of healthcare reform, this handbook addresses key themes in the debates over changing healthcare policy.

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Table of Contents

  • List of Tables and Figures
  • List of Boxes
  • Notes on Contributors
  • Introduction
  • 1 Healthcare Policy and Governance in International Perspective - Ellen Kuhlmann, Robert H. Blank, Ivy Lynn Bourgeault, and Claus Wendt
  • Part I Healthcare Policy and Global Governance
  • 2 Healthcare Policy and Innovation - Richard B. Saltman
  • 3 Global Healthcare Policy and the Austerity Agenda - Arne Ruckert, Ronald Labonté, and Rylan H. Parker
  • 4 Healthcare Policy and Finance - Claus Wendt
  • 5 Primary Healthcare as a Global Healthcare Concept - Robin Gauld
  • 6 Maternity Care as a Global Health Policy Issue - Cecilia Benoit, Eugene Declercq, Susan F. Murray, Jane Sandall, Edwin van Teijlingen, and Sirpa Wrede
  • 7 Typologies of Healthcare Systems and Policies - Viola Burau, Robert H. Blank, and Emmanuele Pavolini
  • 8 Comparison of Healthcare Systems Performance - Irene Papanicolas and Jonathan Cylus
  • Part II Health Policy Reform: Global Trends, Local Road Maps
  • 9 Health Policy Reform in China - Vivian Lin and Hongwen Zhao
  • 10 Health Policy in India: Some Critical Concerns - Gita Sen and Aditi Iyer
  • 11 Health Policy Reform in Low-Income and Lower Middle-Income Countries in Southeast Asia - Göran Tomson and Olivia Biermann
  • 12 Health Policy Reform in Sub-Saharan Africa - Alex E. Asakitikpi
  • 13 Health Policy Reform in South America - Ligia Giovanella and Mariana Faria
  • 14 Health Policy Reform in North America - Antonia Maioni and Theodore R. Marmor
  • 15 Health Policy Reform in the Countries of the Former Soviet Union - Bernd Rechel
  • 16 Health Policy in the European Union - Scott L. Greer and Margitta Mätzke
  • Part III Health Human Resources Policy and Workforce Governance
  • 17 Bringing the Health Workforce Challenge to the Policy Agenda - Gilles Dussault
  • 18 Health Human Resources Policy in Europe - Ellen Kuhlmann, Peter P. Groenewegen, Ronald Batenburg, and Christa Larsen
  • 19 Deploying and Managing Health Human Resources - Ivy Lynn Bourgeault and Katelyn Merritt
  • 20 Clinical Management and Professionalism - Ian Kirkpatrick, Kathy Hartley, Ellen Kuhlmann, and Gianluca Veronesi
  • 21 Health Worker Migration in Context - James Buchan
  • Part IV Concepts of Health Policy and Governance
  • 22 Mixed Governance and Healthcare Finance in East Asian Healthcare Systems - Robert H. Blank and Shou-Hsia Cheng
  • 23 Public-Private Partnerships in Healthcare - A. Venkat Raman and James Warner Björkman
  • 24 Financial Incentives and the Governance of Performance - Ruth McDonald
  • 25 Decentralization and Health System Governance - Scott L. Greer and Elize Massard da Fonseca
  • 26 Leadership and Innovation in Healthcare Governance - Jean-Louis Denis and Nicolette van Gestel
  • Part V Areas of Health Policy and Governance
  • 27 Governing Public Hospitals - Antonio Durán and Richard B. Saltman
  • 28 Long-Term Care Policies - Emmanuele Pavolini and Hildegard Theobald
  • 29 Mental Health Policy and Governance - Joan Busfield
  • 30 Health Policy and Complementary and Alternative Medicine - Mike Saks
  • 31 Governing Regenerative Medicine - Andrew Webster and Alex Faulkner
  • 32 E-Health Policy and Benchmarking in the European Union - Wendy L. Currie and Jonathan J. M. Seddon
  • Part VI Healthcare Policy and the Equality Gap
  • 33 Equity in Health Reform - Marc J. Roberts
  • 34 Citizenship and Healthcare Policy - Sigrun Olafsdottir and Elyas Bakhtiari
  • 35 Gender and Healthcare Policy - Ellen Kuhlmann and Ellen Annandale
  • 36 Addressing Violence against Women in Health Policies - Avni Amin, Eszter Kismödi, and Claudia García-Moreno
  • 37 Ethnic Minority Groups in Healthcare Governance - Hurriyet Babacan and Narayan Gopalkrishnan
  • 38 European Policies on Healthcare for Undocumented Migrants - Ewout van Ginneken and Bradford H. Gray
  • 39 Ethics of Healthcare Policy and the Concept of Solidarity - Barbara Prainsack and Alena Buyx