The Palgrave Handbook of Global Philanthropy

Editor/Author Wiepking, Pamala and Handy, Femida
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: Macmillan Publishers Ltd

Price: Core Collection Only
ISBN: 978-1-137-34323-9
Category: Social Sciences
Image Count: 20
Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

An essential resource for all scholars of philanthropy, The Palgrave Handbook of Global Philanthropy seeks to understand the practice of philanthropy across twenty six nations and regions.

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Table of Contents

  • List of Tables and Figures
  • Acknowledgments
  • Notes on Contributors
  • Part I Introduction
  • 1 Introduction - Pamala Wiepking and Femida Handy
  • 2 Explanations for Cross-National Differences in Philanthropy - Pamala Wiepking and Femida Handy
  • Part II Countries: Philanthropy across the World
  • 3 Giving in Canada: Strong Philanthropic Traditions Supporting a Large Nonprofit Sector - David Lasby and Cathy Barr
  • 4 Giving in the United States: Generous Philanthropy in a Classic Liberal Regime - Eleanor Brown, Christopher J. Einolf and Mark Ottoni-Wilhelm
  • 5 Giving in Mexico: Generosity, Distrust and Informality - Michael D. Layton and Valérie Mossel
  • 6 Giving in the Caribbean: Building upon Cultures of Generosity to Strengthen the Nonprofit Sector - Sharilyn Hale
  • 7 Giving in Austria: A Corporatist Relationship between the Nonprofit Sector and the State - Michaela Neumayr
  • 8 Giving in Bulgaria: A Nonprofit Sector in Transition - Franziska Bieri and Neven T. Valev
  • 9 Giving in France: A Philanthropic Renewal after Decades of Distrust - Arthur Gautier, Anne-Claire Pache and Valérie Mossel
  • 10 Giving in Finland: The Multidimensional Role of Giving in a Context of a Changing Welfare Model - Henrietta Grönlund and Anne Birgitta Pessi
  • 11 Giving in Germany: Toward Systematic Information on a Fragmented Nonprofit Sector - Marius Mews and Silke Boenigk
  • 12 Giving in Ireland: A Nation of Givers in a Largely Unregulated Arena - Oonagh B. Breen and James Carroll
  • 13 Giving in the Netherlands: A Strong Welfare State with a Vibrant Nonprofit Sector - Pamala Wiepking and René Bekkers
  • 14 Giving in Norway: An Ambitious Welfare State with a Self-Reliant Nonprofit Sector - Karl Henrik Sivesind
  • 15 Giving in Russia: The Difficult Shaping of the New Nonprofit Regime - Irina Mersianova, Lev Jakobson and Irina Krasnopolskaya
  • 16 Giving in Switzerland: High Engagement and International Outreach - Georg von Schnurbein and Steffen Bethmann
  • 17 Giving in the United Kingdom: Philanthropy Embedded in a Welfare State Society - Beth Breeze, Peter Halfpenny and Karl Wilding
  • 18 Giving in Egypt: Evolving Charitable Traditions in a Changing Political Economy - Catherine Herrold
  • 19 Giving in Israel: From Old Religious Traditions to an Emerging Culture of Philanthropy - Hagai Katz and Itay Greenspan
  • 20 Giving in Lebanon: Traditions and Reality in an Unstable Environment - Khaldoun AbouAssi
  • 21 Giving in China: An Emerging Nonprofit Sector Embedded within a Strong State - Wang Xinsong, Liu Fengqin, Nan Fang, Zhao Xiaoping and Zhang Xiulan
  • 22 Giving in Hong Kong: A Growing Sector Evading Regulation - Elaine Chan and Wai Fung Lam
  • 23 Giving in Indonesia: A Culture of Philanthropy Rooted in Islamic Tradition - Una Osili and Çaǧla Ökten
  • 24 Giving in Japan: The Role of Philanthropy in Strengthening Civil Society - Naoko Okuyama and Naoto Yamauchi
  • 25 Giving in South Korea: A Nation of Givers for the Population under Public Assistance - Chulhee Kang, Erica Yoonkyung Auh and Younghye Hur
  • 26 Giving in Taiwan: On the Rise following Economic Growth and Political Democratization - Kuang-Ta Lo and Shih-Ying Wu
  • 27 Giving in Vietnam: A Nascent Third Sector with Potential for Growth - Phuong Anh Nguyen and Dana R.H. Doan
  • 28 Giving in Australia: Philanthropic Potential Beginning to Be Realized - Wendy Scaife, Katie McDonald, Alexandra Williamson and Valérie Mossel
  • Part III Themes and Findings
  • 29 The Social Origins of the Nonprofit Sector and Charitable Giving - Christopher J. Einolf
  • 30 The Influence of Government Support for the Nonprofit Sector on Philanthropy across Nations - Phuong Anh Nguyen
  • 31 The Influence of Fiscal Incentives on Philanthropy across Nations - Michael D. Layton
  • 32 The Influence of Religion on Philanthropy across Nations - Henrietta Grönlund and Anne Birgitta Pessi
  • 33 Encouraging Generosity: The Practice and Organization of Fund-Raising across Nations - Beth Breeze and Wendy Scaife
  • 34 The Practice of Philanthropy: The Facilitating Factors from a Cross-National Perspective - Pamala Wiepking and Femida Handy