Palgrave Macmillan's Digital Education and Learning: The Politics of Education and Technology: Conflicts, Controversies, and Connections

Editor/Author Selwyn, Neil and Facer, Keri
Publication Year: 2013
Publisher: Macmillan Publishers Ltd

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ISBN: 978-1-349-44095-5
Category: Social Sciences - Education
Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

This book examines the struggles over technology's use in education, digging into what the purpose of education is, how we should achieve it, who the stakeholders are, and whose voices win out.

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Table of Contents

  • Series Foreword
  • Chapter 1 Introduction: The Need for a Politics of Education and Technology - Neil Selwyn and Keri Facer
  • Part I Recognizing the Politics of “Learning” and Technology
  • Chapter 2 Educational Technology and the “New Language of Learning”: Lineage and Limitations - Norm Friesen
  • Chapter 3 Networked Cosmopolitanism? Shaping Learners by Remaking the Curriculum of the Future - Ben Williamson
  • Part II The Politics of Technological Opportunity and Risk
  • Chapter 4 Becoming the Future: The “Lake Highlands” Middle School Laptop and Learning Initiative - David Shutkin
  • Chapter 5 The Politics of Online Risk and the Discursive Construction of School “E-Safety” - Andrew Hope
  • Part III The Global Politics of Education and Technology
  • Chapter 6 “Empowering the World's Poorest Children”? A Critical Examination of One Laptop per Child - Neil Selwyn
  • Chapter 7 Changing Narratives of Change: (Un)intended Consequences of Educational Technology Reform in Argentina - Inés Dussel, Patricia Ferrante, and Julian Sefton-Green
  • Chapter 8 The Ideological Appropriation of Digital Technology in UK Education: Symbolic Violence and the Selling and Buying of the “Transformation Fallacy” - Timothy Rudd
  • Part IV The Politics of Education and Technology: Extending beyond “the Digital”
  • Chapter 9 Mobile Technologies and an Ethical Digital Literacy in the Face of Empire - Richard Hall
  • Chapter 10 Tweak: Biosocial Imaginations and Educational Futures - Nick Lee and Johanna Motzkau
  • Chapter 11 Epilogue: Building Allegiances and Moving Forward - Keri Facer and Neil Selwyn
  • Bibliography
  • List of Contributors