The SAGE Handbook of Early Childhood Research

Editors: Farrell, Ann, Kagan, Sharon L., and Tisdall, E. Kay M.
Publication Year: 2016
Publisher: Sage UK

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ISBN: 978-1-44-627219-0
Category: Social Sciences - Research Methods & Study Skills
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Table of Contents

The Handbook of Early Childhood Research will provide a landmark overview of the field of early childhood research and will set an agenda for early childhood research into the future.

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Table of Contents

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  • List of Tables
  • Notes on the Editors and Contributors
  • 1 Early Childhood Research: An Expanding Field - Ann Farrell, Sharon Lynn Kagan and E. Kay M. Tisdall
  • Part I Situating Early Childhood Research
  • 2 Parenting and the Home Environment - Marisa Morin, Jennifer Glickman and Jeanne Brooks-Gunn
  • 3 Group-Based Early Childhood Education and Care for Under-2-Year-Olds: Quality Debates, Pedagogy and Lived Experience - Carmen Dalli, E. Jayne White
  • 4 Young Children in Their Local Communities - Bronwen Cohen, Marta Korintus
  • Part II Theorizing Early Childhood Research
  • 5 Participation, Rights and ‘Participatory’ Methods - E. Kay M. Tisdall
  • 6 Where Am I? Position and Perspective in Researching Early Childhood Education - Peter Moss
  • 7 Theorizing Identities in Early Childhood - Katrien De Graeve
  • 8 Theorizing Young Children's Spaces - Lesley Anne Gallacher
  • 9 Converting the Science of Early Human Development into Action: Closing the Gap Between What We Know and What We Do - Mary E. Young
  • 10 Theoretical Insights from Neuroscience in Early Childhood Research - Mike Anderson, Corinne Reid
  • 11 Understanding Systems Theory and Thinking: Early Childhood Education in Latin America and the Caribbean - Sharon Lynn Kagan, Maria Caridad Araujo and Analía Jaimovich, Yyannú Cruz Aguayo
  • Part III Conducting Early Childhood Research
  • 12 Ethics in Early Childhood Research - Ann Farrell
  • 13 Longitudinal Research: Applications for the Design, Conduct and Dissemination of Early Childhood Research - Stephen R. Zubrick
  • 14 Conducting Ethnographic Research in Early Childhood Research: Questions of Participation - Kristina Konstantoni, Marlies Kustatscher
  • 15 Narrative Inquiry: Conducting Research in Early Childhood - D. Jean Clandinin, Janice Huber, Jinny Menon, M. Shaun Murphy and Cindy Swanson
  • 16 A Conversation Analytic Approach to Research on Early Childhood - Jack Sidnell
  • 17 Documentation in Early Childhood Research: Practice and Research Informing Each Other - Margaret Carr, Bronwen Cowie and Linda Mitchell
  • 18 Understanding Complexity in Play Through Interpretivist Research - Elizabeth Wood
  • 19 Econometrics and the Study of Early Childhood: A Guide for Consumers - Gordon Cleveland
  • Part IV Applying Early Childhood Research
  • 20 Contexts of Risk and Exploitation - Sibnath Deb, Anjali Gireesan
  • 21 Children in Conflict Situations: Applying Childhood Research with a Focus on the Early Years - Claire O'Kane
  • 22 Dual Language Learners - Eugene E. Garcia
  • 23 Early Childhood Research in Africa: The Need for a Chorus of Voices - Alan Pence, Emily Ashton
  • 24 Early Learning and Healthy Development in a Digital Age - Jason C. Yip, Michael H. Levine and Alexis R. Lauricella, Ellen Wartella
  • 25 Using Early Childhood Research to Inform and Influence Public Policy: An Example from Brazil - Irene Rizzini, Malcolm Bush
  • 26 Rethinking Epistemology and Methodology in Early Childhood Research in Africa - Auma Okwany, Hasina Banu Ebrahim
  • 27 Cognitive Research in Developing Countries - Nirmala Rao, Jin Sun and Ying Wang
  • Part V Considering the Future of Early Childhood Research
  • 28 Social and Political Landscapes of Childhood - Helen Penn
  • 29 Researching Technologies in Children's Worlds and Futures - Jackie Marsh
  • 30 What Is the Future of Sustainability in Early Childhood? - Ingrid Pramling Samuelsson
  • 31 Future Directions in Early Childhood Research: Addressing Next-Step Imperatives - Sharon Lynn Kagan, E. Kay M. Tisdall and Ann Farrell