The Edinburgh Companion to Nineteenth Century American Letters and Letter-Writing

Editors: Bernier, Celeste-Marie, Newman, Judie and Pethers, Matthew
Publication Year: 2016
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

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ISBN: 978-0-7486-9292-7
Category: Language & Literature - American literature
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Table of Contents

This book breaks new ground by mapping the voluminous correspondence of these figures and other important American writers and thinkers. Rather than treating the letter as a spontaneous private document, the contributors understand it as a self-conscious artefact, circulating between friends and strangers and across multiple genres in ways that both make and break social ties.

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Table of Contents

  • Prologue: Networks of Nineteenth-Century Letter-Writing - Elizabeth Hewitt
  • Introduction: Epistolary Studies and Nineteenth-Century American Letters and Letter-Writing - Celeste-Marie Bernier, Judie Newman, and Matthew Pethers
  • Part I: Material, Social, and Institutional Contexts
  • 1. From Mind to Hand: Paper, Pens, and the Materiality of Letter-Writing - Graham Thompson
  • 2. The Business of Letter-Writing - Michael Zakim
  • 3. Name and Address: Letters and Mass Mailing in Nineteenth-Century America - David M. Henkin
  • 4. Paper Evidence: Handwriting, Print, Letters, and the Law - Christopher A. Hunter
  • 5. Nineteenth-Century American Science and the Decline of Letters - Robin Vandome
  • 6. The Means and the End: Letters and the Work of History - Alea Henle
  • 7. Letters, Telegrams, News - Richard R. John
  • 8. Dead Letters and the Secret Life of the State in Nineteenth-Century America - Matthew Pethers
  • 9. The Spider and the Dumpling: Threatening Letters in Nineteenth-Century America - Leon Jackson
  • Part II: Travel, Migration, and Dislocation
  • 10. Longing in Long-Distance Letters: The Nineteenth Century and Now - William Merrill Decker
  • 11. Working Away, Writing Home - David M. Stewart
  • 12. Letters from America: Themes and Methods in the Study of Irish Emigrant Correspondence - Emma Moreton
  • 13. The Usual Problems: Sickness, Distance, and Failure to Acculturate in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Emigrant Letters - Janet Floyd
  • 14. Indigenous Epistolarity in the Nineteenth Century - Phillip H. Round
  • 15. Dueling Epistles: Enslaved Letter-Writers and the Discourse of (Dis)Honor - Ben Schiller
  • 16. Home and Belonging in the Letters of Sarah Hicks Williams - Rebecca J. Fraser
  • 17. ‘An Oblique Place’: Letters in the Civil War - Rebecca Weir
  • 18. Social Action in Cross-Regional Letter-Writing: Ednah Cheney's Correspondence with Postbellum Teachers in the U.S. South - Sarah R. Robbins
  • Part III: Politics, Reform, and Intellectual Life
  • 19. Founding Friendship: John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and the American Experiment in Republican Government, 1812-26 - Peter S. Onuf
  • 20. Corresponding Natures: Ralph Waldo Emerson's Letters - David Greenham
  • 21. ‘This Epistolary Medium’: Friendship and Civil Society in Margaret Fuller's Private Letters - Magdalena Nerio
  • 22. ‘Will You live?’: Thoreau's Philosophical Letters - Michael Jonik
  • 23. ‘Frederick Douglass, the Freeman’ and ‘Frederick Bailey, the Slave’: Private versus Public Acts and Arts of Letter-Writing in Frederick Douglass's Pre-Civil-War Correspondence - Celeste-Marie Bernier
  • 24. Old Master Letters and Letters from the Old World: Julia Griffiths and the Uses of Correspondence in Frederick Douglass's Newspapers - Sarah Meer
  • 25. Letters from ‘Linda Brent’: Harriet Jacobs and the Work of Emancipation - Fionnghuala Sweeney
  • 26. Abraham Lincoln: The Man through His Letters - Robert Bray
  • 27. Between Science and Aesthetics: The Letters of William James - Martin Halliwell
  • 28. ‘My Dear Dr.’: American Women and Nineteenth-Century Scientific Correspondence - Tina Gianquitto
  • 29. ‘A Chain of Correspondence’: Social Activism and Civic Values in the Letters of Lydia Sigourney - Elizabeth A. Petrino
  • 30. A Fighting Platform: Charlotte Perkins Gilman's Epistles - Judith A. Allen
  • 31. ‘The Stamp of Truth’: Historiographical Dissent and Its Limits in the Letters of Jared Sparks - Eileen Ka-May Cheng
  • 32. Defenses and Masks and Poses in Henry Adams’ Letters - John C. Orr
  • Part IV: Literary Culture
  • 33. The Letters of Charles Brockden Brown: Epistolary Performance and New Paths for Scholarship - Philip Barnard
  • 34. Publishing and Public Affairs in the Correspondence of James Fenimore Cooper - Lance Schachterle
  • 35. The Transatlantic Village: The Rise and Fall of the Epistolary Friendship of Catharine Maria Sedgwick and Mary Russell Mitford - Melissa J. Homestead
  • 36. The Literary Professional and the Country Gentleman: The Letters of Edgar Allan Poe and Philip Pendleton Cooke - Kevin J. Hayes
  • 37. Melville's Flummery - Wyn Kelley
  • 38. The Epistolary Romance and Rivalry of Sophia and Nathaniel Hawthorne - Patricia Dunlavy Valenti
  • 39. Co-Responding with Walt Whitman - Ed Folsom
  • 40. ‘Rare Sparkles of Light’: Intimacy and Distance in Emily Dickinson's Letters to Thomas Wentworth Higginson - Linda Freedman
  • 41. ‘Soul Friends’: Harriet Beecher Stowe and Lady Byron in Correspondence - Beth L. Lueck
  • 42. Louisa May Alcott's Family Post Box - Judie Newman
  • 43. Profanities, Indecencies, and Theologies: Mark Twain's Letters to Joseph Twichell, William Dean Howells, and Henry Rogers - Peter Messent
  • 44. Charles W. Chesnutt's Letters: ‘The Vaguely Defined Line Where Races Meet’ - Maria Orban
  • 45. Sarah Orne Jewett's Foreign Correspondence - Mark Storey
  • 46. ‘Too Intimate to Publish, Too Rare to Suppress’: Henry James in His Letters - Michael Anesko
  • 47. ‘Ill Correspondent’: Stephen Crane's Trouble with Letters - John Fagg
  • Notes on Contributors