Handbook of Theories of Aging

Editor: Bengtson, Vern L.
Publication Year: 2016
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

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ISBN: 978-0-82-612942-0
Category: Health & Medicine - Health
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Table of Contents

This state-of-the-art handbook will keep researchers and practitioners in gerontology abreast of the newest theories and models of aging. The chapters in the third edition place a strong emphasis on the future of theory development, assessing the current state of theories and providing a roadmap for how theory can shape research, and vice versa, in years to come.

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Table of Contents

  • About the Authors
  • Contributors
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • 1. Theories of Aging: Developments Within and Across Disciplinary Boundaries - Bengtson Vern L. and Settersten Richard A., Jr.
  • 2. Concepts and Theories of Age and Aging - Settersten Richard A., Jr., and Godlewski Bethany
  • Part I. STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS: PERSONAL PERSPECTIVES ON THEORY DEVELOPMENT IN AGING: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants in Gerontology - Settersten Richard A., Jr.
  • Preface
  • 3. Unlike Aging, Longevity Is Sexually Determined - Hayflick Leonard
  • 4. The Psychology of Aging - Schaie K. Warner
  • 5. How Theories of Aging Became Social: Emergence of the Sociology of Aging - Bengtson Vern L.
  • 6. Social Movements and Social Knowledges: Gerontological Theory in Research, Policy, and Practice - Estes Carroll L. with DiCarlo Nicholas R.
  • PART II. BIOLOGICAL THEORIES AND CONCEPTS: Advances in Biological Theories of Aging - Kennedy Brian K.
  • Preface
  • 7. Evolutionary Theory and Aging - Arbuthnott Devin, Promislow Daniel E. L., and Moorad Jacob A.
  • 8. Inflammation and Aging - Xu Ming and Kirkland James L.
  • 9. Theories of Stem Cell Aging - Sousa-Victor Pedro, Neves Joana, and Jasper Heinrich
  • 10. Proteostasis and Aging - Kaeberlein Matt
  • PART III. PSYCHOLOGICAL THEORIES AND CONCEPTS: Advances in Psychological Theories of Aging - Smith Jacqui
  • Preface
  • 11. Theories of Emotional Well-Being and Aging - Charles Susan T. and Hong Joanna
  • 12. Emotion–Cognition Links in Aging: Theories and Evidence - Ngo Nhi, Sands Molly, and Isaacowitz Derek M.
  • 13. Theories of Social Support in Health and Aging - Uchino Bert N., Ong Anthony D., Queen Tara L., and Kent de Grey Robert G.
  • 14. Age Stereotypes’ Influence on Health: Stereotype Embodiment Theory - Meisner Brad A. and Levy Becca R.
  • 15. Terminal Decline of Function - Hülür Gizem, Ram Nilam, and Gerstorf Denis
  • PART IV. SOCIAL SCIENCE THEORIES AND CONCEPTS: Advances in Social Science Theories of Aging - Settersten Richard A., Jr.
  • Preface
  • 16. Theories of Work and Retirement: Culture, Trust, and the Social Contract - Hardy Melissa and Reyes Adriana M.
  • 17. Families and Aging: Toward an Interdisciplinary Family-Level Approach - Blieszner Rosemary and Voorpostel Marieke
  • 18. Theories of Social Connectedness and Aging - Wong Jaclyn S. and Waite Linda J.
  • 19. Long, Broad, and Deep: Theoretical Approaches in Aging and Inequality - O'Rand Angela M.
  • 20. The Interpretive Perspective on Aging - Marshall Victor W., Martin-Matthews Anne, and McMullin Julie Ann
  • PART V. POLICY, INTERVENTION, AND PRACTICE THEORIES AND CONCEPTS: Advances in Theory-Based Policy and Interventions - Morrow-Howell Nancy
  • Preface
  • 21. Aging in Place - Scharlach Andrew E. and Moore Keith Diaz
  • 22. Theories That Guide Consumer-Directed/Person-Centered Initiatives in Policy and Practice - Hooyman Nancy R., Mahoney Kevin J., and Sciegaj Mark
  • 23. Theories Guiding Support Services for Family Caregivers - Montgomery Rhonda J. V., Kwak Jung, and Kosloski Karl D.
  • 24. Theoretical Foundations for Designing and Implementing Health Promotion Programs - Hughes Susan L., Stolte Elske, and Smith-Ray Renae L.
  • 25. Theories of the Politics and Policies of Aging - Hudson Robert B.
  • 26. Theories of Help-Seeking Behavior: Understanding Community Service Use by Older Adults - Wacker Robbyn R. and Roberto Karen A.
  • PART VI. TRANSDISCIPLINARY PERSPECTIVES ON THEORY DEVELOPMENT IN AGING: Advances in Transdisciplinary Theories of Aging - Bengtson Vern L.
  • Preface
  • 27. Successful Aging - Rowe John W. and Cosco Theodore D.
  • 28. Coping, Optimal Aging, and Resilience in a Sociocultural Context - Aldwin Carolyn M. and Igarashi Heidi
  • 29. Religion, Spirituality, and Aging - Coleman Peter G., Schröder-Butterfill Elisabeth, and Spreadbury John H.
  • 30. Theories of Wisdom and Aging - Ardelt Monika and Oh Hunhui
  • 31. Theories of Environmental Gerontology: Old and New Avenues for Person–Environmental Views of Aging - Wahl Hans-Werner and Oswald Frank
  • 32. Theoretical Perspectives on Biodemography of Aging and Longevity - Gavrilov Leonid A. and Gavrilova Natalia S.
  • 33. The Multiplicity of Aging: Lessons for Theory and Conceptual Development From Longitudinal Studies - Spini Dario, Jopp Daniela S., Pin Stéphanie, and Stringhini Silvia
  • 34. The Past as Prognosis: A Prismatic History of Theories of Aging - Achenbaum W. Andrew
  • 35. Prospects for Future Theory Development in Aging - Settersten Richard A., Jr., and Bengtson Vern L.