The Psych 101 Series: Psychology of Love 101

Editor/Author Sternberg, Karin
Publication Year: 2013
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

Price: Core Collection Only
ISBN: 978-0-82-610935-4
Category: Psychology
Image Count: 7
Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

This incisive text provides a comprehensive tour of both classic and contemporary theories and research on the how and why of human love. In addition to presenting the major biological, social, and cultural theories that have been developed on this topic, the book looks at what research has shown us about such essential issues as basic attraction, the life course of relationships, how personality and environment affect love, and how therapeutic interventions can sometimes improve relationships.

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Table of Contents

  • About the Author
  • Preface
  • Chapter 1 Introduction: The Nature of Love
  • Chapter 2 Love From a Biological Perspective
  • Chapter 3 Are There Different Kinds of Love? Taxonomic Approaches
  • Chapter 4 Cultural Theories of Love
  • Chapter 5 A Primer on Methods: Constructing a Love Scale
  • Chapter 6 Interpersonal Attraction
  • Chapter 7 Stages of Relationships: How Relationships Are Formed, Maintained, and Ended
  • Chapter 8 Online Dating
  • Chapter 9 Love and Personality
  • Chapter 10 Relationship Challenges: Questions and Answers
  • References