Hormones, Brain and Behavior

Editors: Pfaff, Donald W. and Joels, Marian
Publication Year: 2016
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology

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ISBN: 978-0-12-803592-4
Category: Science - Biology
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Table of Contents

Updated and substantially restructured version of the authoritative reference on hormonally-mediated behaviors in insects, amphibians, fish, rodents, and more.

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Table of Contents

  • Editorial Board
  • Preface of the First Edition
  • Hormonal Effects on Specific Behaviors, on Global CNS States, and on Human Disease. An Introduction to the Second Edition
  • Hormonal Effects on Specific Behaviors, on Global CNS States, and on Human Disease. An Introduction to the Third Edition
  • 1.01 Male Sexual Behavior - Elaine M Hull and Gabriela Rodríguez-Manzo
  • 1.02 Female Sexual Behavior in Rodents, Lagomorphs, and Goats - Oscar González-Flores, Kurt L Hoffman, José A Delgadillo, Matthieu Keller, and Raúl G Paredes
  • 1.03 Parental Behavior - G González-Mariscal, M Caba, K L Hoffman, and A I Melo
  • 1.04 The Neurobiology of Social Affiliation and Pair Bonding - C S Carter and E B Keverne
  • 1.05 Hormones and the Development and Expression of Aggressive Behavior - Brian C Trainor, Cheryl L Sisk, and Randy J Nelson
  • 1.06 Food Intake and Its Control by Signaling Molecules - Francisco Vázquez-Cuevas, Raúl Aguilar-Roblero, Elvira Arellanes-Licea, Yazmín Macotela, Olivia Vázquez-Martínez, Iván Villanueva, and Mauricio Díaz-Muñoz
  • 1.07 Body Fluid Homeostasis - Eric G Krause and Annette D de Kloet
  • 1.08 Stress and Opioid Systems - Ryszard Przewlocki and Osborne F X Almeida
  • 1.09 Social Stress: Concepts, Assumptions, and Animal Models - Sally P Mendoza
  • 1.10 Communication by Chemical Signals: Physiological Mechanisms, Ontogeny and Learning, Function, Evolution, and Cognition - M H Ferkin, J delBarco-Trillo, and A Petrulis
  • 1.11 The Medial Amygdala, Hormones, Pheromones, Social Behavior Network, and Mating Behavior - Aras Petrulis, Jeannie M Fiber, and Jennifer M Swann
  • 1.12 Circadian Regulation of Endocrine Functions - Matthew P Butler, Ilia Karatsoreos, Lance J Kriegsfeld, and Rae Silver
  • 1.13 Mammalian Seasonal Rhythms: Behavior and Neuroendocrine Substrates - Tyler J Stevenson, Brian J Prendergast, and Randy J Nelson
  • 1.14 Sex Steroids, Learning and Memory - S E Nielsen and A Y Herrera
  • 1.15 Adrenal Stress Hormone Effects on Memory - Benno Roozendaal and Erno J Hermans
  • 1.16 Ovarian Hormones and Prefrontal Cortex-Related Cognition - Nicole J Gervais, Wayne G Brake, and Agnès Lacreuse
  • 1.17 Behavioral and Neuroendocrine Indicators of Well-being in Farm and Laboratory Mammals - Gabriela González-Mariscal, Anne Sisto Burt, and Raymond Nowak
  • 2.01 Neuroendocrinology of Social Behavior in Teleost Fish - David Gonçalves, Ana S Félix, and Rui F Oliveira
  • 2.02 Social Regulation of Sex: How the Brain Controls Reproductive Circuits - Russell D Fernald
  • 2.03 Socially Controlled Sex Change in Fishes - John Godwin and Melissa Lamm
  • 2.04 Neural, Hormonal, and Genetic Mechanisms of Alternative Reproductive Tactics: Vocal Fish as Model Systems - Ni Y Feng and Andrew H Bass
  • 2.05 Weakly Electric Fish: Behavior, Neurobiology, and Neuroendocrinology - Kent D Dunlap, Ana C Silva, G Troy Smith, and Harold H Zakon
  • 2.06 Neuroendocrine Control of Social Behavior in Frogs - Walter Wilczynski
  • 2.07 The Vertebrate Brain Stem as the Primary Site of Behavior Command: Insights from an Amphibian - Emma Coddington
  • 2.08 Hormones and Vocal Systems: Insights from Xenopus - Erik Zornik and Darcy B Kelley
  • 2.09 Endocrinology of Complex Life Cycles: Amphibians - Robert J Denver
  • 2.10 Hormones, Brain, and Behavior in Reptiles - David Kabelik and David Crews
  • 2.11 Neuroendocrine Regulation of Reproductive Behavior in Birds - Gregory F Ball and Jacques Balthazart
  • 2.12 Neural and Hormonal Control of Birdsong - Barney A Schlinger and Eliot A Brenowitz
  • 2.13 Rapid Effects of Estrogens on Avian Brain and Social Behavior - L Remage-Healey, S A Heimovics, K K Soma, and C A Cornil
  • 2.14 The Function of Behavior as Assessed by Phenotypic Engineering with Testosterone - Nicole M Gerlach and Ellen D Ketterson
  • 2.15 Ecophysiological Studies of HormoneeBehavior Relations in Birds: Future Challenges in a Changing World - John C Wingfield
  • 2.16 Actions of Developmental Hormones in Adult Social Insects - Susan E Fahrbach, Ashton M Trawinski, and Rodrigo A Velarde
  • 2.17 Diverse Functions of Insect Biogenic Amines as Neurotransmitters, Neuromodulators, and Neurohormones - Wendi S Neckameyer and Sandra M Leal
  • 2.18 Regulation of Honeybee Worker (Apis mellifera) Life Histories by Vitellogenin - Gyan P Harwood, Kate E Ihle, Heli Salmela (nee Havukainen), and Gro V Amdam
  • 2.19 Endocrine Influences on Insect Societies - A R Hamilton, H Shpigler, G Bloch, D E Wheeler, and G E Robinson
  • 2.20 Hormonal Regulation of Behavioral and Phenotypic Plasticity in Bumblebees - Abraham Hefetz and Christina M Grozinger
  • 2.21 Stressed Out Insects II. Physiology, Behavior, and Neuroendocrine Circuits Mediating Stress Responses - Erik C Johnson
  • 3.01 Membrane-Initiated Effects of Estradiol in the Central Nervous System - Oline K Rønnekleiv and Martin J Kelly
  • 3.02 Estrogen Regulation of Neurotransmitter and Growth Factor Signaling in the Brain - A M Etgen and L M Garcia-Segura
  • 3.03 Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms in Neural and Hormonal Controls over Female Reproductive Behaviors - Lee-Ming Kow, A W Lee, Carolyn Klinge, Margaret Warner, Jan-Ake Gustafsson, and D W Pfaff
  • 3.04 Epigenetics of Glucocorticoid Action - Karen R Mifsud, Sylvia D Carter, Astrid C E Linthorst, and Johannes M H M Reul
  • 3.05 Androgen Regulation of Neural Circuit Activity: Molecules and Mechanisms - Jaroslava Durdiaková and Peter Celec
  • 3.06 Molecular Aspects of Thyroid Hormone-Regulated Behavior - Grant W Anderson and Cary N Mariash
  • 3.07 Corticosteroid Actions on Electrical Activity in the Limbic Brain - M Joëls, R A Sarabdjitsingh, and H Karst
  • 3.08 Genomic Aspects of Corticosteroid Action in the Brain - Lisa T C M van Weert and Onno C Meijer
  • 3.09 Aldosterone Action on Brain and Behavior - Harald Murck
  • 3.10 Mechanism of Progesterone Action in the Brain - Ignacio Camacho-Arroyo, Valeria Hansberg-Pastor, Edgar Ricardo Vázquez-Martínez, and Marco Cerbón
  • 3.11 Progesterone: Synthesis, Metabolism, Mechanism of Action, and Effects in the Nervous System - Michael Schumacher, Xiaoyan Zhu, and Rachida Guennoun
  • 3.12 Neuroactive Steroids and the GABAA Receptor - S S Smith and H Shen
  • 3.13 Oxytocin - Larry J Young and Hans H Zingg
  • 3.14 Vasopressin: Roles in Modulating Social Behaviors - Sarah K Williams Avram and Adi Cymerblit-Sabba
  • 3.15 The Cell Biology of Oxytocin and Vasopressin Cells - Jeffrey G Tasker, Daniel L Voisin, and William E Armstrong
  • 3.16 Electrophysiological and Molecular Properties of the Oxytocin- and Vasopressin-Secreting Systems in Mammals - Gary S Bhumbra, Richard E J Dyball, Yoichi Ueta, and Hiroshi Yamashita
  • 3.17 The Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone and Its Receptor - Lothar Jennes, Alfredo Ulloa-Aguirre, Jo Ann Janovick, and P Michael Conn
  • 3.18 Neurophysiology of Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Neurons - Catherine A Christian
  • 3.19 Action of CRF/Urocortin Peptides - Jan M Deussing, Andrey E Ryabinin, Alfredo Zuniga, and Tamas Kozicz
  • 3.20 The Brain Renin – Angiotensin System - Annette D de Kloet and Eric G Krause
  • 4.01 The Gonadal Axis: A Life Perspective - Ilpo T Huhtaniemi, Sasha Howard, Leo Dunkel, and Richard A Anderson
  • 4.02 Disorders of Sex Development in Males: Molecular Genetics, Epigenetics, Gender Identity, and Cognition - Yuan-Shan Zhu and Julianne L Imperato-McGinley
  • 4.03 Genetic Defects of Female Sexual Differentiation - Martine Cools, Hedi L Claahsen-van der Grinten, Elfride De Baere, Nina Callens, and Arianne B Dessens
  • 4.04 Hypothalamic–Pituitary–Adrenal Axis: Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia - Vickie Pasterski and Ieuan Hughes
  • 4.05 Sexual Orientation in Men and Women - L J Gooren and W Byne
  • 4.06 Gender Identity Variants - Heino F L Meyer-Bahlburg and Wylie C Hembree
  • 4.07 Hypothalamic–Pituitary–Thyroid Axis - Russell T Joffe
  • 4.08 Glucocorticoids and Programming of the Fetal Brain - Rebecca M Reynolds and Jonathan R Seckl
  • 4.09 Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder - Henry J Orff and Barbara L Parry
  • 4.10 Mood and Anxiety Disorders in the Context of Fertility Treatments - I Fried-Zaig, Y Joskowicz, and M Bloch
  • 4.11 Thyroid Hormone Replacement - V Eligar, P N Taylor, O E Okosieme, and C M Dayan
  • 4.12 Glucocorticoid Replacement in Man - Georgina M Russell, Kristian Løvås, and Stafford Lightman
  • 4.13 Stress and Anxiety Disorders - C V Chen, S A George, and I Liberzon
  • 4.14 Neuroendocrine Aspects of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder - Heather N Bader and Rachel Yehuda
  • 4.15 Growth Hormone and Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I: Effects on the Brain - Zvi Laron
  • 4.16 Aging and Alzheimer's Disease - Shireen Sindi, Anna Rosenberg, Robert-Paul Juster, and Sonia J Lupien
  • 4.17 Health-Related Quality of Life and Behavior in Patients with Both Pituitary and Hypothalamic Diseases - Iris Crespo and Susan M Webb
  • 4.18 Eating and Feeding Disorders - Madhusmita Misra and Kamryn T Eddy
  • 4.19 Obesity and Appetite: Central Control Mechanisms - Tamas L Horvath
  • 4.20 Alcohol Abuse: Endocrine Concomitants - P Bortoletto, E W Rosenthal, and E S Ginsburg
  • 4.21 Endocrinological Effects of Drugs of Abuse - Brian Reed and Mary Jeanne Kreek
  • 4.22 Cognitive Dysfunction in Diabetes Mellitus - G J Biessels and C M Ryan
  • 4.23 Sex Differences in Autoimmune Diseases - R Voskuhl and Taia T Wang
  • 5.01 Sexual Differentiation of the Brain: A Fresh Look at Mode, Mechanisms, and Meaning - Margaret M McCarthy, Geert J De Vries, and Nancy G Forger
  • 5.02 Sex Differences in the Age of Genetics - Arthur P Arnold
  • 5.03 Epigenetic Contribution to Sex Differences in Brain and Behavior - Anthony P Auger and Margaret M McCarthy
  • 5.04 Environmental Endocrine Disruption of Brain and Behavior - H B Patisaul, A C Gore, and D Crews
  • 5.05 Sex Differences in and Hormone Effects on Mammalian Pheromonal Communication - James A Cherry and Michael J Baum
  • 5.06 Parental and Early Developmental Stress Impact on Neurodevelopmental and Neuropsychiatric Disorders - B M Nugent, J C Chan, E Jašarević, and T L Bale
  • 5.07 Early-Life Experiences: Enduring Behavioral, Neurological, and Endocrinological Consequences - Russell D Romeo, Akaysha C Tang, and Regina M Sullivan
  • 5.08 Thyroid Hormones and Brain Development - Juan Bernal
  • 5.09 Sexual Differentiation of Brain and Behavior in Birds - Jacques Balthazart, Arthur P Arnold, and Elizabeth Adkins-Regan
  • 5.10 Sexual Differentiation of Behavior in Nonhuman Primates - Kim Wallen
  • 5.11 Gonadal Hormones and Sexual Differentiation of Human Brain and Behavior - M Hines
  • 5.12 Sexual Identity and Sexual Orientation - Laura Castellanos-Cruz, Ai-Min Bao, and Dick F Swaab
  • 5.13 Gonadal Hormonal Influences on the Adolescent Brain and Trajectories of Behavioral Development - Kalynn M Schulz and Cheryl L Sisk
  • 5.14 Neuroendocrine Regulation of Puberty - Ei Terasawa and Jon E Levine
  • 5.15 Human Puberty: Physiology, Progression, and Genetic Regulation of Variation in Onset - B A Kaminski and M R Palmert
  • 5.16 Hormone Regulation of Neurogenesis Across the Lifespan - P Duarte-Guterman, S Yagi, J R Epp, S Brummelte, S R Wainwright, C K Barha, C Chow, J M Barker, and Liisa A M Galea
  • 5.17 Effects of Sex Steroids on Damaged Neural Systems - Donald G Stein
  • 5.18 Effects of Stress Throughout the Lifespan on the Brain and Behavior - C Nasca, E Davis, B Bigio, C Sandi, and B S McEwen
  • 5.19 Reproductive Aging of Neuroendocrine Systems - Roberta Diaz Brinton