Comprehensive Materials Finishing

Editor: Hashmi, Saleem
Publication Year: 2016
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology

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Category: Science - Physics
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Table of Contents

This interdisciplinary work brings together all known research in materials finishing, allowing users to become familiar with both theory and applications.

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Table of Contents

  • Editor-in-chief
  • Volume Editors
  • Preface
  • Permission Acknowledgments
  • VOLUME 1: Finish Machining and Net-Shape Forming
  • Introduction to Finish Machining and Net-Shape Forming
  • Conventional Finish Machining
  • 1.1 Factors Affecting Surface Roughness in Finish Turning - M.M. Ratnam
  • 1.2 Effect of Cutting Variables on Boring Process: A Review - S.A. Lawal, M.B. Ndaliman, K.C. Bala, S.S. Lawal
  • 1.3 Finish Machining of Hardened Steel - S.K. Choudhury, S. Chinchanikar
  • 1.4 Review of Gear Finishing Processes - N.K. Jain, A.C. Petare
  • 1.5 Robotic Polishing and Deburring - Fengfeng Jeff Xi, Tianyan Chen, Shuai Guo
  • 1.6 Precision Grinding, Lapping, Polishing, and Post-Processing of Optical Glass - Yaguo Li, Qinghua Zhang, Jian Wang, Qiao Xu, Hui Ye
  • Advances in Finish Machining
  • 1.7 Techniques to Improve EDM Capabilities: A Review - H. Marashi, A.A.D. Sarhan, I. Maher,, M. Sayuti
  • 1.8 Natural Fiber-Reinforced Composites: Types, Development, Manufacturing Process, and Measurement - S.M. Sapuan, K.F. Tamrin, Y. Nukman, Y.A. El-Shekeil, M.S.A. Hussin, S.N.A. Aziz
  • 1.9 Effect of Electrical Discharge Energy on White Layer Thickness of WEDM Process - I. Maher, A.A.D. Sarhan, H. Marashi
  • 1.10 Micro-EDM Drilling of Tungsten Carbide Using Microelectrode with High Aspect Ratio to Improve MRR, EWR, and Hole Quality - M. Hourmand, A.A.D. Sarhan, M.Y. Noordin, M. Sayuti
  • 1.11 Micromachining - M.Y. Ali, W.N.P. Hung
  • 1.12 Laser Machining Processes - B.S. Yilbas
  • 1.13 ELID Grinding and EDM for Finish Machining - T. Saleh, R. Bahar
  • Finishing Process Using Net Forming
  • 1.14 Laser Peening of Metallic Materials - S. Gencalp Irizalp, N. Saklakoglu
  • 1.15 Micro Plastic Part Filling Capabilities through Simulation and Experiment: A Case Study on Micro Gear Shape - M. Azuddin, Z. Taha, I.A. Choudhury
  • 1.16 Net-Shape Microfabrication Technique by Micrometal Powder Injection Molding - A.A. Abdullahi, N. Nahar, M. Azuddin, I.A. Choudhury
  • 1.17 Review of Miniature Gear Manufacturing - N.K Jain, S.K. Chaubey
  • VOLUME 2: Surface and Heat Treatment Processes
  • 2.1 Fundamentals of Heat Treating Metals and Alloys - M.K. Banerjee
  • 2.2 Hardenability of Steel - A.K. Bhargava, M.K. Banerjee
  • 2.3 Carburizing: A Method of Case Hardening of Steel - M.M.A. Bepari
  • 2.4 Surface Hardening by Gas Nitriding - K. Farokhzadeh, A. Edrisy
  • 2.5 Laser Beam Processing for Surface Modifications - B.S. Yilbas
  • 2.6 Surface Induction Hardening - J. Barglik, A. Smalcerz
  • 2.7 Recent Advances in Mechanical Surface Treatment - S. Ismail, Q. Ahsan, A.S.M.A. Haseeb
  • 2.8 Heat Treatment of Commercial Steels for Engineering Applications - M.K. Banerjee
  • 2.9 Heat Treatment of Tool Steels - R.A. Mesquita, C.A. Barbosa, A.R. Machado
  • 2.10 Heat Treatment of Cast Irons - I. Chakrabarty
  • 2.11 Thermal Treatment for Strengthening Titanium Alloys - A. Sinha, S. Sanyal, N.R. Bandyopadhyay
  • 2.12 Heat Treatment of Aluminum Alloys - H.M.M.A. Rashed, A.K.M. Bazlur Rashid
  • 2.13 Solutionizing and Age Hardening of Aluminum Alloys - G. Quan, L. Ren, M. Zhou
  • 2.14 Heat-Treating Copper and Nickel Alloys - A.K. Bhargava, M.K. Banerjee
  • 2.15 Cryogenic Treatment of Engineering Materials - T. Slatter, R. Thornton
  • VOLUME 3: Surface Coating Processes
  • Introduction to Surface Coating Processes
  • 3.1 Electroless Plating of Pd Binary and Ternary Alloys and Surface Characteristics for Application in Hydrogen Separation - A.M. Tarditi, M.L. Bosko, L.M. Cornaglia
  • 3.2 Tuning of the Microstructure and Surface Topography of Hot-Dip Galvanized Coatings - S.M.A. Shibli, R. Manu
  • 3.3 Surface Finish Coatings - P. Sahoo, S.K. Das, J. Paulo Davim
  • 3.4 Residual Stresses in Thermal Spray Coating - A.F.M. Arif, K.S. Al-Athel, J. Mostaghimi
  • 3.5 Laser Texturing of Materials and Surface Hydrophobicity - B.S. Yilbas
  • 3.6 Surface Texture Properties of Co–Ni Alloys Formed with Unipolar and Bipolar Plating - J. Vazquez-Arenas, I. Romero-Ibarra, R.H. Lara, F.S. Sosa-Rodríguez
  • 3.7 HVOF Coating of Nickel Based Alloys: Surface and Mechanical Characteristics - B.S. Yilbas
  • 3.8 Laser-Based 3D Printing and Surface Texturing - A. Selimis, M. Farsari
  • 3.9 Hydrophobicity and Surface Finish - A. Owais, M. Khaled, B.S. Yilbas
  • 3.10 Atomizers and Finish Properties of Surface Coatings - R. Ray, P. Henshaw
  • 3.11 Gas Nitriding of H13 Tool Steel Used for Extrusion Dies: Numerical and Experimental Investigation - S.S. Akhtar, A.F.M. Arif, B.S. Yilbas
  • 3.12 Hot-Dip Galvanizing Process - F. Ozturk, Z. Evis, S. Kilic
  • 3.13 Finishing and Post-Treatment of Thermal Spray Coatings - M.M. Verdian
  • 3.14 High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Spraying and Surface Finish - H. Singh, M. Kaur, N. Bala
  • 3.15 Electroless Plating as Surface Finishing in Electronic Packaging - M.A. Azmah Hanim
  • 3.16 Hard Coatings on Cutting Tools and Surface Finish - H. Caliskan, P. Panjan, C. Kurbanoglu
  • 3.17 Topological Evaluation of Surfaces in Relation to Surface Finish - P. Demircioglu
  • 3.18 Evaluation of Surface Finish Quality Using Computer Vision Techniques - I. Bogrekci, P. Demircioglu
  • 3.19 Effect of Surface Roughness on Wetting Properties - H. Mojiri, M. Aliofkhazraei
  • 3.20 Surface Preparation and Adhesion Tests of Coatings - M. Jokar, M. Aliofkhazraei
  • 3.21 Powder Metallurgical Processing of NiTi Using Spark Plasma Sintering - K. McNamara, J. Butler, A.A. Gandhi, S.A.M. Tofail
  • 3.22 Spark Plasma Sintering of Lead-Free Ferroelectric Ceramic Layers - M. Karimi-Jafari, K. Kowal, E. Ul-Haq, S.A.M. Tofail
  • 3.23 Electrochemical Processing and Surface Finish - N.K. Jain, S. Pathak